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Welcome To My Blog And The Wonderful World Of Internet Marketing

My name is Andy Black and I have been involved with internet marketing since 2007.  When I first discovered the wonders of the internet I spent a year familiarizing myself with html and SEO.  I was fascinated with how you could publish content on a global platform and reach a huge audience by manipulating search engines such as Yahoo, Alta Vista and Google.

During this time of experimenting and learning I setup TWO different ecommerce websites that targeted TWO seperate niches.  I used my knowledge to rank both of these sites for top keywords which brought in daily traffic and sales.  Although it wasn’t enough to retire on, it let me know that it IS possible to make money online so all I had to do was dig deeper and learn more.

I soon discovered that in order to build custom websites that offered real functionality I needed to learn a serverside language so started to teach myself PHP and mySQL.  This was an interesting journey although very “frustrating” at times.

As my knowledge and experience with SEO grew I realised that I could develop my own systems that could help me with my SEO and content creation efforts.  This led me to build my first application which was Article Writer Pro.  I developed the first version over a couple of months and then ranked that site at the top of Google for terms such as article creator, article writing software and article creation software.  This for me was where my internet marketing career started to take off as I started to gain new customers each day via Google.

I soon got the “creative” bug and was never short of ideas so quickly got to work on new applications that I added to my product portfolio.

Although I found a certain level of success in my online business things really heated up in May 2012 when I met fellow market Simon Greenhalgh.  Over the months that followed I integrated into new circles and met marketers from all over the world.  This had a huger impact on my business and since then have launched eight software products with many in the pipeline and have sold thousands of copies.

I continue to grow, learn and move forwards with my own personal goals and aspirations and will hopefully help many marketers along the way.

In between creating products and growing my business I love to share my thoughts, views and case studies on my blog.

I hope that you find the information in here beneficial.


Andy Black



  1. Brad says:

    Been nice to see some posts on how to do SEO right these days. I’m terrified of linkbuilding, social media is a complicated nightmare, and my sites are falling off the page results. Any ideas would be welcome.


  2. Herb says:

    I am planning on writing a ebook and putting it on Jvzoo. I will be writing a number of questions and am wondering if you could answer them. Think of it as a type of email interview where your answers would go into my ebook. Will this be possible? I am a student and so do not have alot of money but will add you in the credits in the ebook.

    Kind Regards,


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Herb,

    Providing I have the time I’d gladly answer a few questions. I’m currently working on a few new software projects at the minute but if I can squeeze in some time then no worries at all.




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