An Overview Of Common Traffic Sources – Where Do You Get Your Traffic From?

msn-with-bars-02Today I wanted to reach out to you and ask you a question…  “Where do you get your traffic from?”

I’m not necessarily wanting you to expose your traffic secrets, but rather tell me which traffic sources you like to use and “why”.  And more importantly, what kind of success you get from them.

It would be great if you could leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  However, in the meantime I wanted to give you a brief overview of some of the most popular traffic sources that marketers are using right now.

Popular Traffic Sources

#1: SEO

I thought it was only right that I mention SEO first.  I have had lots of success with SEO over the years although this “FREE” source of traffic to some has become more elusive over the last 2 years due to a number of Google updates such as Panda and Penguin.  SEO however is still a valid source of traffic and with the traffic being organic / FREE it makes it even better.  The downside to SEO though is that it can sometimes be time consuming or there is “no certainty” as things can change quickly.  If you keep on the “white hat” side of the fence though you should be golden.

#2:  Infographics

Infographics are becoming more popular because they tend to go viral.  An infographic is a nicely designed graphic that illustrates some factual statistics.  The graphical side to this makes the information easy to digest and fun to view.  These are great for sharing on viral image sites and platforms such as Facebook.

#3: Memes

If you’re not sure what a meme is I can almost guarantee you have seen lots of them, and probably chuckled at them too.  A meme is a photo that includes an often “whitty” tagline.  The tagline compliments the image and creates a visual joke.  These get shared like wildfire on social platforms and if you get creative enough they can bring floods of traffic to your site… or help with brand awareness.

#4: Youtube and Other Video Sites

Youtube is the worlds 2nd largest search engine and is owned by Google.  It is growing at an alarming rate and with the introduction of “smart phones” in recent years, video is the “in thing”.  Youtube and other video upload sites can bring a massive audience to your products, services and brand.  If you’re not using video as part of your internet marketing strategy then you need to have a re-think.

#5: Forum Advertising and Signature Links

Believe it or not, forums are still great sources of traffic.  If you want to get direct traffic from your signature links then you have to put the time into creating quality threads and leaving quality replies.  If you share your expertise and come across as an expert then people will want to know more about you and are more likely to click on your signature link.  Niche forums are also great places to advertise your products by taking advantage of their banner space.  There is a cost to this, however depending on the forum you may be able to arrange a “trial deal” where you can advertise on the forum for FREE and instead use the forum owners affiliate link so you both earn instantly from any potential sales.  If you don’t ask you will never know!

#6: PPC (aka Pay Per Click)

Paid traffic can be one of the best forms of traffic when you get “good” at it.  It’s great because it is instant but you need to be careful not to burn through your budget before you know what you are doing.  PPC requires some testing and it’s always best to test with small amounts of money first.  Once your sales are converting and you have a good ROI (return on investment) you can scale it up and earn instant money.

#7: Facebook Ads

With Facebook having such a HUGE audience it makes sense to utilise the site for advertising.  What makes Facebook so great is the fact that you can target demographics.  For example if you are selling a wedding service in your local region you can target ads at women who are engaged and that live within a certain radius of your town.  There is lots of data available to you and it’s easy to find your demographic and get your ads running.  Again, with this being a paid traffic source the traffic is instant once your ads get approved which is usually within an hour or two at the most (weekends can take longer).  Tip – Start with small budgets of $5 – $10, create around 4-5 ads variations and target an audience of 1 million people or more.  If you can achieve a CTR (click through rate) of around 1%+ then your cost per click will come down.

#8: Retargeting

Retargeting is where you target ads at people who have landed on your web site or product page but have left without following your “call to action”…  ie – buy a product, opt in to your mailing list etc.  The ads follow your visitors around on Facebook and other sites and are effective in bringing people back to your site.  It’s also a cheap source of traffic and one of the most effective.

The retargeting platform I use is Perfect Audience which only takes minutes to setup.  If you are not currently using retargeting then I urge you to.  You can get a special $70 FREE TRIAL HERE when you sign up which is better than the standard $60 that they offer.

#9: Media Buys

Media buys can be a good source of traffic and can often be the cheapest source of traffic (other than FREE).  The definition of a media buy is:  “The purchase of advertising from a media company such as a television station, newspaper, magazine, blog or website. The price of the media buy depends on the specifics of the advertising campaign”.

#10: Email List

Email marketing is probably the best source of traffic if you provide value and build a relationship with your subscribers.  If you aren’t building a list of subscribers then you really should be.  No matter what you are doing or offering online.  Build up your audience starting today!

Keep An Eye Out For New Opportunities

The examples I gave you above are just some of the traffic strategies available to you.  The nature of the internet and technology means that there are new opportunities arrising all the time.  Look out for these and take advantage of them before they get saturated.

What Traffic Sources Do You Utilize?

I’d be interested to hear what traffic sources you use and which ones you have had success with.  Do you get most of your traffic from SEO, PPC or a different source?  Please leave a comment below.  I’ll be looking out for your answers and I’m looking forward to see what most of you use in todays “internet”.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day and reading my blog post!

Until next time

Andy Black

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  1. PAUL says:

    Right on point, Facebook ads is a great way to go if you are not too stuck with free traffic ideology. Paid Traffic is big…

    Thanks Man

  2. To date, I have stayed away from Facebook because I believed people being social would not take well to money grabbing posts. I guess that is changing and I need to get into the 90’s. :>)

  3. jd says:


    I am not sure whether I agree or disagree with your point as there is no such thing as “free traffic”. Whatever generates that traffic is paid for somehow. Whether that payment is cash or work it still costs.

    Even if that traffic is acquired by onsite SEO, article marketing or ads it all costs. It becomes more of a question of ROI than anything else.

  4. Daryl says:

    This year I’m increasing my carbon footprint on YouTube…

  5. Very interesting and timely post. As I am about to expand my traffic sources, you have given me a good framework. Thanks for the info

  6. Ron says:

    Good post on traffic sources Andy. A comment on Mark’s comment.I agree to Marks comment; ” I believed people being social would not take well to money grabbing posts.” You bet, who likes a pesky salesman, right? And as far as regular Facebook goes, you do need to tread lightly when it comes to posting anything related to your biz or a sales pitch. Remember, to better succeed on Facebook, don’t preach or sell; it’s all about “engagement” with your fan base. They will know when you are generally interested in THEIR needs and not your wallet. Take a look at B2B Facebook, the Facebook business page.

  7. Kevin Lyle says:

    I am really just starting to build my Amazon Empire and my traffic is starting to build but I want more! Just like anyone else out there. To date I try to do my best with SEO, Article Marketing, Link Building but my weakness is getting into the social networking sites and creating an email list. I had started doing that but I did not keep it up.

    So for 2014 I aim to change and to religiously and efficiently use my time and efforts in building more of a targeted list for each of my niches. So Here Goes:)

  8. Nice post Andy, not to sure I like 1 and 5 any more though as Google’s Guidelines have been stepped up some previously with the turn of 2014 there last update at the end of december is really killing low structured sites and I know in turn Google wants more people to turn to paid advertising than leaving trails of linked keywords….

    For SEO now for WP I am looking more at creating paged content and leaving posts for trivial stuff and rants, I think it is about time I started writing on me blogs.

    The rest I could not agree with more.