Brand NEW CrowdSearch Me Technology Taps Into One Of 2015’s BIGGEST Ranking Factors and SURGES Your Ranking

Today I want to share with you a brand new ranking system that allows you to take advantage of a ranking factor that Google is placing a lot of weight on.  It taps into something called user search behavior, clickthru rate and dwell time.

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Here Are 3 Case Studies To Highlight
Just How Powerful CrowdSearch Is

Case Study #1

This site is relatively new and has had no other SEO carried out on it other than using CrowdSearch Me.

After starting a CrowdSearch campaign the rankings danced around for a few days before gaining significant gains pushing the site on page 1 of Google.

crowdsearch case study 1

Case Study #2

This next case study is a review from an active member of the Warrior Forum.  He achieved some very good results using CrowdSearch and you will be able to see below how his rank went from #54 to #8 in a very short period of time.

What’s interesting about this is that the site in question is a UK site which shows just how veratile this technology is when it comes to improving the rank of different websites that target different locations.

crowdsearch case study 2

Case Study #3

This particular campaign is for an SEO expert that is both well known and respected.  This campaign done very well because it is for an SEO keyword that holds a lot of value.

Because of this ranking boost from #32 to #2 this particular site is not generating lots of quality leads EACH day rather than the couple of leads it was producing each month previously.

crowdsearch case study 3

CrowdSearch Is LIVE


I don’t have to keep stressing just how powerful this is.  I think the results above speak for themselves.  Utilizing CrowdSearch Me on top of your existing SEO strategies will give you the best chance of achieving top rankings and keeping those rankings.  As you know having top rankings will mean consistent traffic, more leads and passive sales.

An Opportunity To Lock Into LOW Pricing EVERY Month

When CrowdSearch goes live tomorrow (Tuesday 6th) at 11am EST you will be able to buy a number of credits for a very affordable investment.  In fact you will have multiple package options to suit your budget.  From as low as just $7.

However, after investing in one of the packages you will have the option to LOCK into that package monthly meaning you will get the same number of credits each and EVERY month.  Of course you will be able to cancel at any time and you will not get charged after the front end purchase until 30 days time.

What’s great about this too is that any unused credits just keep adding up each month so you NEVER lose credits.


If you want a clear advantage over your competitors and decide to get access to CrowdSearch then you will receive a special bonus package from me.  I’ll release more details about this tomorrow when it goes live.

Keep an eye out for my email tomorrow at around 11am EST time and be sure to jump on this as once it closes it will never be available for these prices again.

See you then!

Andy Black

Andy Black SEO


  1. Teo says:

    Tried the service and its fine long term….

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I want to try this for a local Real Estate broker website. Count me in.