NEWS: Forthcoming SEO Software Subscription Service

First of all I would like to thank all of those that commented on my last blog post regarding the software subscription service.  I had got some good feedback and have decided to proceed with this service.  Some of the software applications have already been developed and are currently being tested in-house.  Others are in development or in the queue for development.

For those people who missed my last email / blog post… I am refering to a new subscription service that I am going to launch soon which will allow people to access ALL of my products and future products for a LOW cost monthly fee of $17… with ZERO upfront purchase costs.  All systems, products and applications can be accessed and used for as long as the person stays subscribed to the service.  As soon as someone subscribes and pays their first $17 they will get instant access to the service and will be able to download ANY of the software applications and gain entry to the members only area.

First batch of software applications and products to be included within the subscription service:

Product Range

The products shown above will be the first applications to be made available via the subscription service.  Others applications will be developed on a continuous basis and will be released via the site which I am planning to have live within about 4 weeks.  Subscribers will also have access to the private forum, the content nework and future videos and case studies.

Content Network NEWS (Feedback Required):

One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘Is it possible to submit pre-spun content to the network?’.  The answer was always ‘no’ as I didn’t want poorly spun content to be published within the network.  Up to now the content has always been published via Article Writer Pro v2.0 which means the content always reads well, resulting in a good indexing rate in Google.  However, this does mean that in order to submit to the network you must complete a project which can take anything from 1 – 2 hours.

I am now considering adding the ability to submit spun content (an article with spin syntax) to the network.  This will make it much more appealing to some and will also speed up the process of adding articles and backlinks to the network.  There will be a quality control process implemented though to prevent poorly spun content from getting through.  This quality control process will be operated by my company and not the site owners.  This will ensure fast approval and that only quality spun content gets through.  A system will be in place to ensure that the spun content also passes a uniqueness threshold… similar to what is already in place with the current system.

I am also going to integrate the content network with the service so that ‘X’ amount of published articles get driven through the indexing service which should result in an even higher indexing rate… plus it should psuh some extra weight to members own backlinks.

It would be great to hear your views on these new content network features.  Do you think it will be a good idea to implement this or not? Please comment below.

If you have any questions or would like to expres your views or oppinions on my new subscription service, then please comment below.  I do really appreciate the feedback.

To your success!

Andy Black


  1. Dick says:


    I’ve never had a problem submitting spun articles to various article submission sites. I use The Best Spinner.

    Also ezArticleLinks uses spun articles and offers a service to spin your article for $3.00

  2. Hi,

    I have heard nothing but great feedback about and have been considering a membership there myself.

    Will this be included in the $17 a month membership fee, or will there be an additional cost?

    What will be the daily limit of URL’s submitted per account?

    What if you already have an existing account with, can you just add your account info into the content network?

    The biggest problem with using any kind of backlinking strategy is getting your backlinks indexed in Google.

    If they are not indexed, they don’t do you any good, right?

    So I think integrating the with the content network makes a lot of sense as long as the price point is reasonable.


    How to SEO Reply:

    Surely you have to pay for backlinksindexer and the integration will be via API I suppose.

    However, I think it is an excellent idea too 😉

    By the way, AR2 is a great network but due to the high resctriction I wasn’t able to submit much content since it takes an amount of time that I don’t have, I’m in since beginning and continuing renewing it.. but new feature to submit spun (but decent) articles is a plus.


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Mat.. Yes, it would need to be paid for BUT I would take the hit rather than it being an additional cost to my sibscribers. And yes, I would use the API to send the published URLs through to the indexing service.

    Thanka for staying subscribed. Some other products will be available to you shortly so I’m sure you will get plenty of value from it.


    Bellimbusto Reply:

    Any news about? I’d like to use more AWP2 network as for now I’m just staying subscribed 😛

    I’d like to use it much often with some well spinned articles, AWP2 is damn cool but it takes too much time for me to prepare articles, thats my only problem, amazing potential that actually I cannot enjoy 🙁


    Andy Reply:

    Hi, I’ve just sent out a mail regarding this. The service will hopefully be live within 7 – 10 working days.


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Scott. Yes, the indexing service for the content network will be included in the subscription price. The idea behind this service is to keep adding value. I don’t really want to be adding ‘additional options’ which subscribers will have to pay for. If I can include it within the service then I will do so.


  3. I almost forget.

    I think adding the abiltiy to use spun syntax in your articles with a editorial process to weed out the crap, is a great idea.

    If a site starts to look like a “splog” Google won’t give it much authority (if any), and the backlinks won’t be worth much at all.


  4. Mark says:

    Hi Andy

    Yeah, I think it sounds good. I’ll be signing up as soon as you give us a sign up link!

    Can you give us any clues as to what you have planned for the future products your going to be adding?

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Mark,

    Most of the initial products are developed around research, content, website and link analysis etc but I am open for suggestions from subscribers. There will be a section in the private forum which will purely for suggestion app ideas. Small and large. It has been suggested in anothe comment that I look into auto responders so that is a strong possibility.


  5. Grateful Al says:

    I’m in for sure, Andy. It’s time to ramp things up and you have got it going on to do just that. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I see from the previous post you’ll be adding an affiliate program for us too. I can see all this paying for itself rather quickly.
    Just hope the learning curves don’t overwhelm this old boy.

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Al, thanks for your comments. There shouldn’t be any great learning curve for ‘most’ of the new apps as I have kept them simple and tightly focused for that reason. Many of them will perform one or two functions… although useful functions. Some applications will be multi-functional though but I’ll make sure documentation or videos are included.


  6. Jesse says:

    Tools look great, although I have many of them in other standalone tools I’ve already purchased. My question about your subscription service however is regarding those who have already purchased your products AND are currently paying the $17 monthly subscription. Less than 2 months ago I purchased Article Writer Pro for $47 + $17 monthly, as well as Easy Article Rewriter for $27. I’m not sure how equitable it is to give people the same access to tools for only $17/month, when I (and others) paid for both the software and monthly $17 subscription. What do you think…?

    Andy Reply:

    H Jesse, I have given some thought to this previously. The difference is that those who have purchased actually own lifetime access / owndership of the products. Subscribers will get access to everything but only fo as long as they stay subscribed. The two products you have bought will always be yours even if you decide to cancel your subscription.


    Jesse Reply:

    Thx for the reply Andy, this seems fair enough to me.

  7. Wow Andy, really excited that you’ve decided to move forward!
    My big concern is that only quality spun articles are allowed through the network. I personally feel there is so much trash being cirulated on the net just for the sake of getting SEO rankings that the entire content of the web in general has been reduced to a joke.
    It would be fantastic to be able to be a part of an organization that is working reduce, if not eliminate, the garbage that is being posted on the web and if I am reading you properly that is a goal you are striving for. So provided that the spun articles are indeed of quality I’m all in, otherwise I’d rather you not release that as an option at all — if people are too lazy rewrite a quality article then maybe they shouldn’t be writing articles to begin with.

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Liz,

    I agree completely. That is why I haven’t added this feature previously. If I did implement this feature for the network then ALL spun submissions would need to read very well otherwise they would get rejected.


  8. Markusson says:

    I’m ready to sign up, where’s the buy now link?

    Andy Reply:

    The service will be up and running within 4 weeks although current subscribers to my content network will probably gain access to the products shortly… whilst other areas of this service are being developed.


  9. Len says:

    Hi Andy, sounds good, look forward to see the launch.


  10. Harry says:

    Mr. Black,
    Thank you for your informational emails. One area that I think is very important will be :”An Autoresponder”. Surely, with all the various members going to and also already have joined the various groups, there would be enough of some kind of Bargaining power that perhaps you could utilise to help most of us.
    Thank You. Regards Harry Deitch (Sydney,Australia).

    Andy Reply:

    Hey Harry… It’s funny you should say that because I have previously thought about developing an autoresponder. I use my own custom autoresponder with my dedicated server and that works very well although it is old now and is basic as far as functionality is concerned.

    I would be more than happy to develop a good one which could include click-thru tracking and that also allowed emails to be scheduled similar to other services such as Aweber. This would need some thought but I think this would be beneficial to most subscribers and would add further value to the service. Thanks for the suggestion. I have noted that one down!


  11. Jesse says:

    I’m with Liz on this, and agree 100% with what she said about the quality of spun articles. We already have the so-called “Best Spinner” and other “article spinners” that are fully capable of generating tons of unreadable cr*p. I’m really not in favor of another one.

    One thing that drew me to Article Writer Pro over other rewriters is that it can turn out very high quality variations that – I believe – will stand tall in the Google Panda era. If you decide to implement this feature, make the editorial standards strict, weed out the bad stuff before it gets publised, and I’ll be for it. Otherwise, no.

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Jesse, yes… the editorial step would mean that submissions that didn’t read well would not get through to the network.


  12. John says:

    Not a great fan of article spinning software. There are no shortcuts to a article your customer is going want to read and find out more.
    This seems a great idea not sure I would use all the software, but what I would use will be a good help.



  13. Davd says:

    its a great idea! The only one i wouldn’t use is the spinner, as i only have unique, unspun articles for my website and any other sources i use, but all the others would be a great idea. 17 dollars seems a very fair deal

  14. Bobby says:

    When do you plan on launching this service? I’m ready to sign-up…

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Bobby, I am hoping to have the service up and running within about 7 – 10 working days. The service will go live with 10 applications but I will be adding more shortly after. I also have a few web applications planned which will be accessible via the subscription service admin panel.


  15. Bobby says:

    Andy, where are you my friend? 🙂

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Bobby, I have replied to your other comment now.