Do Your Backlinks Exist?

I have stressed many times that creating a profile page or adding a backlink somewhere is not always enough.  If the page containing your backlink does NOT get indexed OR if the site owner removes your links or maybe even applies the nofollow tag then your backlinks will not count.  This means you have potentially wasted time and money.

I thought I’d whip this quick blog post up to show you the importance of checking your profile pages and also checking to see if they are indexed.  Now you can do this manually, which is time consuming, or you can do this using some kind of software.  For this example, I have used both my own apps, Profile Link Checker (New) and Index Checker.

What is the difference between the two apps?

Profile Link Checker checks each URL to see if it contains my backlinks.  It will tell me whether they are dofollow or nofollow and will also display some other useful data.  Index Checker will then take the VALID dofollow URLs and check to see if they are indexed in Google.  For those that have bought Index Checker, this app now returns completely accurate data.  The only issue you MAY see if you overuse it in any one day is a temporary block.  Profile Link Checker does not get blocked at all as it doesn’t query Google!

Mini case study using 15 URLs

For this small case study I took a list of 15 pofile page URLs that my outsourcer did for me a good few months ago.  You can though process a much higher number than this.  This is just to keep it quick and simple.  I pasted these 15  URLs into Profile Link Checker and ran the app so that it looked for backlinks pointing to a promotional website of mine.  The app returned only returned 6 valid profile pages that were both live and included dofollow links to my site.  This means that the others either had the nofollow attribute applied, were simply not present, or they have been removed or hidden behind a login.  Just having this information to hand enables us to not waste any time on the invalid links and just focus on the valid dofollow links.

Checking the indexing status of the dofollow URLs

What I did then was copy and paste the 6 valid URLs into Index Checker.  The app processed the URLs and shown that ONLY 1 of the profile pages was indexed in Google.  1 out of 15 URLs!  Not good.  How many profile pages do you create each month?  How many do you waste your time on bookmarking and such like, not knowing whether they are still valid or include your dofollow links.

What we need to do is weed out the bad URLs and then check to see which of the GOOD URLs are not indexed in Google.  Then simply make sure Google indexes those pages by bookmarking them and placing the links on high traffic pages, even if it’s just temporary.

The more profile pages you get indexed, the more VALID backlinks you’ll have pointing to your sites.  In the long term this will result in increased rankings and more online income.  So instead of wasting time on invalid pages, or links that don’t exist, spend your time on something more productive.

Results showing only 6 valid dofollow profile pages

(Profile Link Checker)

Profile Link Checker


Results showing only ONE indexed profile page

(Index Checker)

Index Checker


Index Checker Only $7Profile Link Checker Only $17


  1. i like the way you have used both products to check on whether the backlinks on a page (on a site) are of any use or not … the idea of checking whether the links page is indexed at google is brilliant and certainly is ‘where the rubber meets the road’

    personally, i have a gripe with google about its over-emphasis on backlinks as it is not a fair system

    great reading and software … keep it up



  2. Viton says:

    Well thought out presentation on probably the most important subject in SEO, BACKLINKS. This was done with a difference however, you laid out your case, then introduced the tools to prove it. All the better that the tools happened to be yours! I’ve got one of the two mentioned, and will be getting the profile page checker today! Thanks for your insights…

  3. Mindy says:

    Now I’m worried. I’ve checked through whatever tools I can find, but it looks like I may have missed a few steps and wasted lots of time. Thank you for opening my eyes…

  4. steve says:

    I have a question for you. I like the idea of the profile checker and have been using the index checker to check if the profiles have been indexed. I have a problem. I have been using Angela High pr list and I have some sites that I have done everything to to try and get those indexed and nothing. Can you give me some ideas on how to get them indexed. I posted them on active sites, bookmarked them and more and still no indexing. I mean I have many that are not getting indexed.
    Please help me out. I am going to get the profile checker.

    *** Note from Andy ***

    Hi Steve,

    The first thing you need to think about is what does each profile contain. Does it have the same bio text? Do you only have links and no bio text? Are you completing any other available fields within each profile. If you use bio text but are just using the same block of text within each one then those may get filtered out by Google. I’m currently getting a few hundred profiles built for me for a few of my sites to test this theory. In fact… I’ve just had a batch done for one ofmy sites and I have jumped from no.86 in Google to no.18 within a couple of days. Google has obviously seen some of these links for this to happen although I have recently changed some onpage elements as well to strengthen this keyword. I’ll be monitoring this ranking over the next few weeks.

    As far as getting profiles indexed, I’m testing a few things at the minute so I’ll have more information on this subject shortly. I’ll also be looking at developing a system that helps with the indexing of such pages.

  5. steve says:

    I do it exactly the way angela tells you to do it. No more no less. And those are the links that will not get indexed. Don’t get me wrong, some, I would say 1/2 get indexed, but it is a lot of time and or money for just half those links. Not as easy as it is made out to be for sure. So any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have even tried the google slingshot method, which I have found has not helped at all, even though they say it does.
    Was just hoping that you could give me something to try to get those profiles that are not getting indexed to do something different on them that may work. Why would some of the links get filtered by google as you mention above. They are on different domains with different urls? Don’t understand that completely.

    *** Note from Andy ***

    Steve, I have a ‘popular’ blog post which you can read which explains the best way in which to create profilepages. Basically, if you have a site that has 2,000 member profile pages AND those members have not added a unique bio or supplied other info, all that will be different between all those profiles are the ‘links’. Google will see most of these pages as duplicate pages offering little value. If on the other hand you add a good bio and complete other fields you are providing Google with some content that isn’t on the other 1,999 profile pages. Give your profile page som unique content and it is far more likely to get indexed onces Google crawls it.

  6. Steve1943 says:

    Have you done any research to find out how many of the NOFOLLOW links are indexed?

    There are evidence based arguments that the NOFOLLW/DOFOLLOW distinction is way overvalued.

    a) Most engines except Google disregard it for indexing purposes

    b) Google still values ALL inbound links in its authority/link-love calculations.

    Admittedly, a link’s weighting will vary per the authority of the “referring” page plus the anchor text’s relevance to the text of the “destination” page.

    But, I’ve never heard any suggestion that the indexing instructions for the referring page are relevant or taken into account in the authority calculation at the destination page.

    So if your target page is already indexed, NOFOLLOW is probably irrelevant or inconsequential………?

  7. steve says:

    I was running the index checker and this page came up as not indexed:
    but yet when I use the Site:http… it shows that the this page is indexed. What is going on with the program???? Usually would show the page with a check mark, but I got an x using the program

    *** Note from Andy ***

    Hi Steve, I just ran it through Index Checker at my end and that URL shows a tick. The cache date is 25th Feb so it will just be a delay with data centres that’s all. Try it again. If you don’t see a tick you will do shortly once the data centres all get up to date. The way in which the app is designed it will always give correct data. This has been tested thoroughly with hundreds of URLs and manually checked.

  8. DJ Morris says:

    Andy, I love all your products…I am going over to get the index checker now, but I have been using your article writing, profile link checker, and seo toolbox….I have some profiles with 3-4 links on there, but you have 2 on all yours….is more than 2 too much? Thanks for all your great products!

    *** Note from Andy ***

    Thanks for your nice comments. Glad you like them! I have just replied to your email.

  9. Martin Smith says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog via Angela’s backlinks and your youTube channel. My question is quite simple, like you have already suggested, I always try to ensure that my profiles are as unique as possible. I also follow Angela (and Paul’s) advice to the letter when building profile links. BUT, for all the links that DON’T get cached by Google, exactly what methods can I used to ensure they are cached?

    I’d really appreciate a list if you have one. If not, perhaps we could have a quick chat either via email (you have my address) or over the phone. I’m based in Bristol so just down the road!


  10. Rick Laberon says:

    Thanks I have been looking for something like profile link checker for A while. Just picked up A copy.

  11. Andrew says:


    In your June 2, 2009 post “Get your articles indexed within hours”, you highlight a great way to get pages with backlinks indexed faster.

    Can you give us some examples of popular forums that Google frequently crawls?

    Thanks in advance for your insight!