Keyword Digger Pro Available This Sunday (17th Feb ’13)

Hey Guys,

Since Christmas I’ve been developing my best software to date and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be impressed with it.

This Will Blow Your Mind…

It’s called Keyword Digger Pro and it allows you to find easy to “rank” keywords and then gathers lots of relevant content for those keywords for you to research ideas… or use to curate.

Other keyword tools basically find keywords and gives you an indication on how easy it will be to rank for those keywords.  Keyword Digger Pro goes one step further and extracts content from the web in the form of relevant articles, questions and answers, videos and Amazon products (with your affiliate link embedded).

Researching content is one of the most time consuming aspects of building niche blogs.  You have to search through articles, watch videos and do lots of tedious stuff.  My new software completely “removes this headache” from the equation.

Here are some screenshots to give you a sneak peak of what the software does.  Read the res of the post though as this gets MUCH better…

The software takes you through the whole process with just a few clicks.  From finding “easy to rank” keywords through to gathering relevant content that you can use.

Great For Video Marketers Too

The software also tells you if any Youtube videos rank for your keyword… and if they do it will tell you how many views the video has and also ALL of the tags they have used so you can get an indication on what they have optimized their video for.  Even Youtube doesn’t display that information! 🙂

It Gets Better…

On Sunday the buyers will have the option to upgrade to “Keyword Curator Pro”.  This upgraded version does everything that Keyword Digger Pro does plus much more…

Keyword Curator Pro takes the software to a new level and allows you to quickly curate the retrieved content and publish it directly to ANY of your blogs ALL from within the software.

I’ve been playing around with this version and I can tell you… it is truly awesome… even though I am biased.

All from within the software you can…

  • Find, sort and filter keywords and export them to a txt file with “one” click.
  • Quickly analyze any chosen keyword to uncover how EASY it would be to rank fo.
  • Quickly gather LOTS of relevant content from multiple sources with a single “click”.
  • Quickly select the best content to curate and publish it under a specific category on ANY blog.

All within a few minutes… and ALL from within the software.  You can add as many blogs to Keyword Curator Pro as you like.

This REALLY does take keyword research to a whole new level and will help you to populate “monetized” niche blogs in no time… and with extreme EASE.

Look out for my email this Sunday at around 11am EST.  Alternatively, bookmark this page and come back to it at 11am EST on Sunday and you will see a button on here that will take you straight to the sales page.

Have a great weekend!

Andy Black


  1. Tavis says:

    Looks pretty cool Andy. Looking forward to the release and wishing you all the best for your launch! I’ll be all over it.


  2. Chris says:

    When is that little wonder coming out? Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. John Reed says:

    Hi Andy,
    I couldn’t resist this one, and it looks a great combo. I had a look at your upsells and as I already got the Resurrector Plug In that was mentioned in the ad I took the Sleuth as well. Now I have to justify my building up the software I wanted by producing results!!
    John Reed, York, UK