Make Some Serious SEO Waves In 2013 [Plus Get My Bonuses]

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Hey Guys,

A quick heads up to let you know that Andy Fletcher (DigiResults) is launching a killer SEO product tomorrow that can help you with your rankings throughout 2013.

So, What is it?

It is a kick-ass collection of SEO training and case studies that hold NOTHING back. They have revealed stuff that no-one else is brave enough to show – you will not only learn how to rank sites step by step, but you’ll be shown the actual sites that are being ranked this way and the actual niches they’re in. This stuff is real, verifiable and LIVE!  It’s not just a case of “This works!”… They show you proof with real life examples.

How much will this cost?

A measly $7.  Yes, that is all.  For just $7 you are going to receive this training along with the case studies so it is real good value.

I want to be as transparent as possible here though and tell you about two products that you will be offered after you purchase the $7 course.

The first product you will be offered is a collection of professional, advanced video training that will let you look over their shoulder as they ranks sites, so you can see the whole process they’ll be using to take your own sites to #1.  This will well and truly compliment the $7 course and if you like to learn by “video” then this will be worth picking up.  The cost for that course is $37.  Again, I’m just tryig to be as transparent as possible for you so you know what is in store before hand.

Ok, regarding the last offer…

Don’t let anyone tell you backlinks are dead. They’re still the #1 way to get top spot in Google… but only if you’re building the right ones. The last product offered is a new, innovative sofware tool.  This software doesn’t just build them the right way and in quantity… it also lets you manage your backlinks for every site, so you can give each one the exact footprint Google’s looking for.

It’s premium-grade software and will be offered via two options.  Either $37 per month or a special one-time fee of $297.  Now before you think to yourself…”That is a lot of money”, try and think of the benefits.  An online business is “just that”… A business.  If you’re investing in your business you are investing in your future.. and yourself.  Of course the one-time fee would be the better option here and anyone who opts for that will receivea special bonus deal from myself.

Please keep reading as I’m going to tell you about the bonuses I will be offering.

For anyone who buys the $7 course via my link tomorrow will receive three cool WordPress Plugins.  These plugins can help you re-direct visitors when they leave your site, encourage them to opt-in to your newsletter or mailing list…. and even monetize your blog by turning specific keywords and text throughout your site into hyperlinks that can point to “anything”.  On top of those plugins you will also receive FULL resell rights along with sales page and thank you page etc so that you can also add these to your sites and funnels to make yourself more money.

For those that see the huge benefits of the video course as well as the one-time software offer.  You will receive the follow from me…

  • A choice of THREE of my current software applications.  Any of them!
  • You will also get my next THREE software applications for FREE… prior to anyone else accessing them.

Note: I am launching an AWESOME keyword / content software tool on 17th February… so you would also get a copy of that “early”.

Doors Open – Click HERE

To your success!

Andy Black

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