Article Writer Pro Upgrade Coming Soon

Within the next two months Article Writer Pro will be upgraded with new features and functionality.  The system is now over a year old and with other article spinners and creation tools sprouting up left, right and center I thought it was about time I improved the system for my members.

As many of you will know, last year I added the content research feature which allows you to enter some keywords so the system can scour the web and extract relevant blocks of information for you to add to your projects for editing.  When used correctly, this is a powerful addition.

I have outlined a few ideas which I’m going to look at implementing shortly.  I will add to this post with new feature ideas as and when I have them.  For now, here are some of the new features which I’ll be looking at developing:

New Features

  • The ability to save your newly created articles to your account.  This will allow you to create multiple articles and retrieve them ‘quickly’ as and when required.
  • Mass produce articles.  Instead of creating just one ‘unique’ article at a time, the system will be able to create a larger number of articles in one go and save them automatically to your account.
  • Instantly produce spin ready syntax content which will allow you to plug your projects into third party software and article distribution systems.  Basically, create your projects without using those ugly spin brackets and downpipes and then click a button to convert your projects into spin syntax content.  Simply copy and paste it into other systems to create hundreds of articles.
  • Improved find and replace function.  The code for this function will be completely rewritten to be more efficient and flexible.
  • Instantly check the SEO strength of any newly created article by breaking the article down into words, removing all ‘stop’ words and then seeing the placement and density of the remaining words (keywords).
  • I will be looking to integrate a ‘synonym’ database and spell check system if it’s possible to integrate within the current system.
  • After the first upgrade I will be looking at creating an article distribution network so you’ll be able to create a project and then click a button to create and submit an article to ‘EACH’ of the article sites.  This will be great for gaining backlinks.
  • When I first developed Article Writer Pro I had the vision of creating a shared user database.  This was not implemented.  I will be looking at adding new funtionality to the system where you can paste in an article and use a ‘growing’ shared database of keywords and phrases to spin multiple versions of articles.


New Feature Ideas Will Be Added Here – So Please Check Back Regularly:

  • I forgot to mention upon posting that I will also be adding a feature that will allow all members to create sub-accounts which will allow ‘outsoucers’ to login and add content / variations to a specific project.  You will be able to limit access by selecting whether they can only add content to an area of your account OR whether they can add, edit and delete from a specific area of your account.  This feature will be great if like many others, you prefer to farm out this work and get others to do it for you.

I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas of how I can make Article Writer Pro better.  If you have any feature ideas of your own that you’d like to see implemented, please feel free to leave a comment below.  I will be looking at improving this system the best I possibly can for my members and future members so any ideas would be much appreciated.

Some of my Article Writer Pro members may not be aware of this, but ALL of my Article Writer Pro members will be getting full lifetime membership to Link Abyss for FREE.  This is my one way link building system that has been in development for a long time.  I apologise for the delay as the goal posts have been moved a few times.  However, this system is nearly complete and will be going live to ALL my Article Writer Pro members next month!  If we all add to the system we can ALL get some great backlinks.  Videos and instructions will be available to you all and the system is VERY easy to use.  95% of this system is just about clicking your mouse.  It’s that simple.

Don’t forget, I’d love to hear your feature ideas!

To your success!

Andy Black


  1. Great news about the Article Writer Pro Upgrade. Hope you can simplify the synonym process so it doesn’t take so long to add the various components.
    Suggestion: make the finished spun article formatted with paragraphs instead of dumping one big lump of text that has to be edited.

    *** Note from Andy ***

    I’ll add this to the list.

    One other suggestion: when making videos, be aware of your nervous habit of moving the yellow Camtasia cursor herky jerky fashion as you talk. It drives people nuts. Move the cursor when you must. Otherwise keep your hand off the mouse. Please!!!

    *** Note from Andy ***

    Haha.. OK. I wasn’t aware of it. I’m not great at making screen videos anyway but I’ll try and stop doing that.

    Appreciate your upgrade plans.

    Terry Eisenberg

  2. Thanks Andy,
    looking forward to the upgrade!

  3. Michael says:

    Hi Andy, great news. I was already thinking of suggesting a tool which allows with just a few clicks to submit articles to all article directorys. If this would work then also for foreign languages a eg. German it would be a unique product on the web. Even better, if one can order articles ready written to this system an automatically submitted, each one unique. In addition to that an stereoid account setup system with different names and also solving th ip problems would be the highend. Looking forward of where awp is getting. All the best Michael

  4. Mike D says:

    Great news Andy! I’m looking forward to the enhancements. I love the idea of allowing outsourcers to login! I hope you make the content text area’s bigger, hard to see all the info at a glance without scrolling. I would also like the ability to have nested spinning

    Looking forward to Link Abyss as well

    Take Care!


  5. Andy,
    Article Writer Pro is a great tool, that is easy to use and has saved me countless hours of time.

    I do have one suggestion. It would be nice if the machine could enumerate each article it creates, and give each article a specific alpha-numeric number. The reason for this is, if I created a certain number of articles during an initial use of the creator. It is difficult to know exactly where I left off.

    Presently, I make 20 folders, and stuff them with the spun articles. However, if the system bookmarked each article and gave it a specific reference, it would be much easier to continue using the machine again, and not have to figure out, where to begin.

    Thank you for this fantastic tool.
    Just one usage of it payed for itself.
    Ivars Elksnis

    *** Note from Andy ***

    Hi Ivars, thanks for the comments. It would be straight forward enough to implement a counter for each content block but these are pulled from random so it wouldn’t give you any more control over which blocks were pulled from your account. You do though get to choose the topic folders for each article. The problem with adding a counter to those though is that you can keep adding new blocks and variations to any topic so it always has fresh content in it. This will make it pointless to add a counter to each topic as it can be forever changing. That is the beauty of this system. You can just keep building and building. The sky is the limit. Is this what you were meaning?

  6. Lesley says:

    Hi Andy

    I have been using Article Pro for a few months now and its great. However, just one suggestion – it would be great if you could get it where you didn’t have to click word by word to change the article but if you could click a button and the article could be converted with new words. Don’t know if it is possible or not. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the great product Andy


    *** Note from Andy ***

    Hi Lesley, thanks for the comments. Not quite sure what you mean though, ‘word by word’? Are you talking about the project building stage or the actual article creation stage?

  7. Tom says:

    Looking forward to the updates.


  8. John Thomson says:

    Hi Andy,
    I have only just started using your product so it’s early days for me to comment and I don’t want to appear to be wingeing but I did find it annoying that when adding content, after each addition I had to reset the category from the dropdown every time. I think this happens in other places as well.

    ** Note from Andy ***

    Hi John, no worries. I shall include that within the update and if I can implement that change sooner I will.

    Thanks Andy

  9. hi Andy
    i have not purchased your article writer pro yet but am giving it careful cosideration but a question

    The atricles data base are these used to draw the basic content from which we write the articles or is the conent new content searched out from the search enginess etc
    many thanks
    peter mcgrath

    ** Note from Andy **

    Hi Peter, Article Writer Pro extracs relevant blocks of content from the web based on keywords that you enter. You then tweak, edit and upload to your projects with a click of your mouse. You then need to add variations for your sentences before you can spin.

    Please note that I am upgrading Article Writer Pro soon with new features. I’m also working on an algorithm that can rewrite your content on the fly using a specific technique. The upgraded AWP will be available to existing members too.

  10. John Thomson says:

    Hi Andy,
    I have had a chance to use AWP now. I think the concept is very good although I am finding difficulty using it to write an article for spinning where an argument is being developed. I don’t think that there is a simple solution to that. Two additional feature that I would like to see is firstly the ability to move content already created in one topic to another topic and secondly the ability to update spun content. Also a small point; navigation leaves a bit to be desired, for instance some back buttons would be good to go back to exactly where you came from.

    ** Note from Andy **

    Thanks for your feedback John. Article Writer Pro won’t just be getting upgraded with new features. I plan on going through the whole site and improving every aspect of it. This will include the existing features, graphics, and navigation among other things. When I move onto this project I will be working solidly on it until it’s completion. Once complete I will be replacing the existing system with the new system. I will be sending updates out regarding this with a final update letting you know the date in which the new system will be in place. I may even be adding a bit of AI into this new system although I’ll be going fully into that with some future spinning software I’ll be working on with a friend. Thanks for bearing with me though.

  11. Bea says:

    Hey Andy,
    Tried to watch the video on the article writer pro site, and its missing, thought you would like to know, was looking forward to the tutorial..

  12. susan says:

    wow, Andy,
    What have I been missing by not checking in regularly? lol, really need to make more of an effort to keep up to date!


  13. Arnold says:

    Hey Andy
    Just bought the AWP two days ago and I am going over the manual and videos. So far I love the idea and I am really looking forward to make some money in a bunch of niches. Recently I joined a Membership Program that helps members to develop their own products etc. I have a few good niches to launch, but preparing my first ebook for a niche product and soon will have to have a great amount of articles with good ranking. I am really looking forward to using AWP and other of your software soon. QUESTION: If the other software is free for members, how do I acquire it.

    Have a great day!!!

  14. Fran Kizer says:

    Hey, Andy, excited about trying your new software. I am a fan of some of your past products. Question: if I try your full 7 day trial, will I still qualify for the discount at the end of the test even though the special price is over earlier on Wed?