How To Get Quality Links From Forums

Ok, so for quite a while now forum profile links have been dead in the water.  They had been abused for a long time and Google turned down the heat on them which rendered their ranking power useless…. and rightly so.  The truth is though that it is still very easy to get quality forum profile links from forums.

First of all, let’s take a look at why forum profile links got killed off

When someone created dozens or even hundreds of forum accounts in order to get a link from their profile page what they were essentially building was a “thin content” page with little to no content on it.  When you think that this was done in huge volumes for some forums it was bordering on “duplicate content” because a forum would have hundreds of pages that were near enough idential except for a username and a backlink.

Lack of activity and internal links

These types of forum profiles were very easy to identify as “poor quality” pages because…

A) They “mostly” had zero unique or valuable content on them.

B) They had no social activity on the forum.

C) There were very VERY few other pages within the forum linking back to the profile page due to lack of posts.

This was also VERY easy for the forums to identify as spamming as 99.9% of these accounts had ZERO posts… and usually had a backlink or multiple backlinks on the profile page.

So, How Do You Use Forums To Increase Your Google Rankings?

The concept is quite easy.  You find “relevant” forums that have a fair number of indexed pages in Google and that have a “decent” Pagerank.  You then create your account and complete your profile.  Make sure you right a good “About Me” section and  it unique and good quality.  At this stage you do not even need to add a link to you site.

Then you search for “highly relevant” posts that have the same topic as your website.  If your site is themed around video marketing then search for posts related to “video marketing”.  Then join in the discussion but add some value.  Value can often just be a question… so that another user can answer you.  It might be an opinion or a tip.  Anything you like as long as it is on topic and not just a “Nice forum!” type of comment.

Leave a comment on a recent post, then also leave a comment on an older “relevant” thread that has some age and PR.  You can even comment that this is an older thread but you wanted to contribute something.. or ask a question.

You may also want to create a thread yourself which others will then likely comment on.

Ok, So What Has Happened Here?

We’ve gone from having an “orphaned” profile page that had literally no internal links to it… to a content rich profile page that has a number of “highly relevant” topical threads linking to it.  Your username on most forum platforms will link (dofollow) directly to your profile page.  The more posts you make on a forum, the more internal links you’ll get to your profile page.

What You Need To Do

So, create an account on a number of relevant forums and make 2-3 posts per day on each of them.  Within a week you will have a number of forum profile links that will add weight to your rankings.

A handful of forum accounts at a time and a handful of posts per day.  Focus on these for a week or two and then move onto a NEW set.

Google focuses highly on quality and content.  They are also focusing more on more on the author and “expert” status… ie – Google Authorship.  That is why this type of link building holds weight.  It not only builds some links to your sites, it also creates topical activity around those links which shows Google that you are an active “expert” or author within your niche.

TIP: Some forums allow you to add links in your “signature”.  Signatures appear directly udnerneath each and every posts you make in a forum.  Do not link back to the same domain name that you are adding to your profiles.  Rather than having multiple links from each forum you only want to have one and that wants to be on your profile page.  All your internal links from your posts will be pushing relevance and juice to your profile page which in turn will add value to your “profile” link.

Signatures on busy forums can bring lots of traffic so you can add description text and link… just not to the particular site you are targeting.  Point them to a squeeze page or something on a seperate domain.  That way you still gain the traffic without disrupting your SEO campaign.

Adding This To Your Google Authorship

Google Authorship is something Google is leaning more and mroe towards.  Rather that looking at just individual sites and pages they are looking more closely at the authors behind those sites and pages.  By linking all your profiles to your Google+ account under the “Other Profiles” section you are building up your authorship status which wil help to increase your overal rankings.


Keep Relevant And Retain Quality

Just remember during the process that you need to stick with super relevant forums and topics and threads within those forums.  You want to target the threads and discussions that are linked closely to your target keyword(s).

I hope that you got some benefit from this.  Tomorrow I’m going to be talking about tiered linking so keep an eye out for my email.

To your success!



  1. Hello young Andy:

    As well as using a number of sources to get back links, I do use Traffic Travis, have had this from Mark now for about 5 years, and I have the latest too.

    Well that bit of kit tells me where my links come from ..

    So young man yes, forum links are good.

    I get a good strong link from the warrior forum alone, so I agree with you.

    Colin Jeffrey

  2. Vivian says:

    Thanks, Andy. This is great information, as always. I liked what the commenter said about Traffic Travis, too. I have been thinking about getting that software.

  3. Useful post that makes a lot of sense!

    I had stopped commenting on forums but will definitely start again. What I like about your technique is that the moderators will be very happy as it is not about spamming links on threads. No extra links needed!

  4. Kent Chen says:

    Awesome post Andy! I do agree, there are many reputable forums out there that you can get a ton of good links, the only thing is that it takes a bit of effort and time to build them. I don’t believe in spamming forums because it just doesn’t work that way.

  5. Excellent post Andy. I’ve just started using some forum posts this past week again and your tips on best way to post are handy. Need to go correct a few of my links though since it sounds like I don’t need to put in signature if I read correctly, that e’re basically using our posts to help our profile page gain some juice.

  6. Michael Rodd says:

    Thanks Andy, this kind of information is like gold.

    Keep up the great work buddy !