How To Map Out a Complete “High Ranking” Website and Get It Ranked

Today I want to illustrate to you a simple way in which to build a “high ranking” website and then get it ranked in Google.  The trick to creating overall high rankings isn’t just down to building backlinks and social shares.  It is also down to creating a powerful semantic theme throughout your site.

What do I mean by this?  I’m referring to having ALL your sites categories, pages and content all semantically themed and “related” to each other.  For example, if you wanted to have a site that ranked for “dog training” related keywords then your site would have posts about “dog training whistles”, “obedience”, “basic commands”, “train and reward” etc.

This would create an overall theme that would in fact tell Google that your site was about “dog training”.

If you do not plan out and build a site in this manner and solely rely on backlinks and offpage SEO then you will have problems.

Using Aladdin and Keyword Spinner Together To EXPLODE Your Rankings

Yesterday I told you about a brand new “Drag and Drop” style backlink building software called “Aladdin” that has just became available.  Today I want to show you how this can be used along with my special BONUS “Keyword Spinner” in order to map out a semantically themed site and then get it ranked.  (Note: You will get Keyword Spinner FREE when you invest in Aladdin via my link).

Keyword Spinner’s Content Map Feature

Website content map and structureMy Keyword Spinner software has a very unique feature called “Content Map Feature”.  It basically takes your keyword and then taps into Google in order to find the best category names and post titles to build a site with – In the eyes of Google themselves!

Once you have your map outlined all you have to do is setup your blog and categories based on the provided map.  Then create posts based on the provided “Post Titles”.

Watch the Short 4 minute video below to see how quick and easy uncovering your content map is.

So, Let’s Break This Down Into a Complete Process

Step 1: Create Your Content Map

This will give you a clear plan of what categories you will be including within your site and also the posts that will be published under EACH of those categories.

Step 2: Creating Your Content

You have a number of options available to you with regards to creating your post content.

First of all you will need an article.  This wants to be anything from 500 words upwards.  Keep the article highly focused on the “Post Title” and do not stray too much from that topic.

You can choose to:

  • Write the article yourself
  • Rewrite the article (sentence by sentence is VERY easy)
  • Outsource the articles (Can cost anything from $5+)

I also recommend making each post media rich by adding a relevant image (with descriptive alt tag) and also a Youtube video.  If you do not have your OWN suitable videos choose a highly rated one that has lots of views and positive votes and that is super relevant to the topic of your post.  This will keep engagement high and people on your post for longer.

Google owns Youtube and it likes to send it’s users to places that include their videos.  Plus video is booming right now and is a preferred way in which to digest content.

Step 3: Get The Site Indexed and On Google’s Radar

As this will be a new site with new content, first bookmark the site URL and some of the post URLs on StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit.

This will help the site to get picked up by Google and indexed.

Then it’s good to get a little “Social Love” so post the site URL on Facebook and ask for peoples opinions and feedback in terms of the “Sites Design” etc.  This will get people commenting and “Liking” your post.  Even possibly sharing your post.  It all sends good vibes to Google.

Step 4: Slowly Build Backlinks

Note the word “Slowly”.  When publishing a brand new site with new content it is important to not go overboard with backlinks.  Slow and steady wins EVERY time.  However, you do need to build backlinks and do this consistently.

tiered backlinksThis is where “Aladdin” comes in.  Aladdin is the SEO software I have been telling you about this last couple of days that uses a “Drag and Drop” technology to build complete backlink campaigns.

The really cool element with this is that you can visually build multiple tiered backlinks, syndicate content and choose the authority platforms that you want to include.

If you have your OWN PBN’s or WordPress sites too then you can also add them into the software.  It will then post to those sites for you.

Pro Tip:  When building semantically themed websites it is a good idea to build backlinks to your homepage, category URLS and posts.  This spreads your links across the whole site and the power of those “Category” backlinks can filter through to your posts.

Ready To Apply This Strategy?

Right now you can pick up a heavily discounted copy of Aladdin and also get a free bonus copy of my “Keyword Spinner” software.

This will give you everything you need to start applying the strategy above.  You can EVEN use Keyword Spinner to find yourself a good exact match domain name.

If you haven’t already got Aladdin and Keyword Spinner but would like to take advantage of this whilst they are available then click on the button below.

Keyword Spinner has been uploaded to Warrior Plus and is there waiting for you.  If for some reason you cannot see it in your customer area then please submit a ticket to my support desk HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed the content and whatever you decide with regards to investing in Aladdin… You can still apply the strategy above when building your niche / affiliate sites.

To your success

Andy Black

Andy Black SEO


  1. Jason Yesser says:

    Great article Andy! This is becoming a popular strategy nowadays with the latest google updates, but I have a question for you. What does Aladdin do differently than Social Link Machine 2.0 and since I already got SLMv2.0 from you, would I honestly need both?

    Andy Reply:

    Good question. First of all Social Link Machine v2.0 is WordPress only whilst with Aladdin you can build links to any site, URL or even videos. You can also add your own WordPress sites and PBN’s. To be honest, I’m a great believer in utilizing good tools if ones become available. You can never have enough “providing” you have a use for them and that you do in fact apply them to your campaigns. With Aladdin you can also add multiple tiers and you have good control in terms of designing your backlink campaign. Like anything though, it’s purely down to you. If you feel you have enough or are already getting the results you are looking for then “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” springs to mind. Likewise, if it is just going to be gathering digital dust then there is no point in investing in it. Hope that helps.

  2. John says:

    Hi Andy,

    I purchased Aladdin a few weeks ago via your affiliate link and also of course got Keyword Spinner.
    Haven’t had a chance to use it till today and I entered my paypal email to activate but it does accept it.

    I have the perfect use for it right now so could you let me know what to do from here please.


    John Bennetts

    Andy Reply:

    Hey John, you don’t use your own PP email to activate the software. Go back to the bonus access page and you will see an activation email JUST above the software download button. That will unlock the software for you.

    Very best regards