How To Tap Traffic From MILLIONS Of Pages On The Web

Today I want to show you an “Anti-SEO” strategy that allows you to tap into literally millions, if not BILLIONS of pages on the web.  It’s called an anti-SEO strategy because we are not going to be focusing on the “ranking” aspect but rather the TRAFFIC aspect.

You see, most marketers these days focus heavily on top traffic sources such as Google, Youtube and Facebook among other big platforms.  It’s because they offer SO much traffic.

However, most tend to get tunnel vision and forget about the other BILLIONS of pages on the web that can also send you a TON of FREE traffic.  Yes… FREE traffic!

After all, the web is much MUCH bigger than just Google, Youtube and Facebook.

Social Engagement

Let’s talk about social engagement for a second.  Near enough EVERY big authority site on the internet has some kind of commenting / discussion platform built-in.  Why? Because they want to engage with their audience and visitors.

They don’t want to be spammed but they do want people to leave a comment, engage with their content and add value.  Who doesn’t right?

Did you know that lots of website visitors will also read the comments on a webpage and not just the post content?  Especially on an authority website.

Why, you might ask? Because people are A) Curious and nosey with regards to other peoples opinions… and B) They want to find more valuable information which can often be found in comments.  Yep, experts read posts too!

 Ok, So What Is This Strategy You Talk About Andy?

The strategy is themed around leaving “quality” comments on quality sites and tapping into their audience.  By doing this you can leverage their rankings, their social traffic and their visitors.

The strategy isn’t just leaving a comment… It is about adding value, following specific steps and includes DROPPING an actual backlink or URL within the comment.

Resulting in getting it approved EVERY single time.

I have created a FULL video for you that outlines this strategy which you can watch below right now.  You can find relevant, active, authority pages yourself and apply this strategy manually OR you can use a brand NEW software tool that I have launched TODAY that will help you find the best pages on the web.

The pages that will hands down bring you the MOST traffic to your sites DAILY.

Grab a coffee and watch the video below.

Strategy Video

The above video will show you exactly HOW to engage and leave comments where you will…

  • Create rapport
  • Add value
  • Share a resource
  • Attract LOTS of traffic

Once you have watched that video you are ready to start applying this technique and start tapping traffic from places NO-ONE even thinks of… which is the other 95% of the web 🙂

As mentioned above I’m launching TrafficAid with two partners today and this software will help you tremendously in maximizing this strategy.  It’s white hat, long-term and will help you create hundreds of traffic doorways which will result in daily traffic to your sites and content.

If you’re quick you can secure an EARLYBIRD discount.

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If you would like to read my follow up post where I delve into this strategy even further then you can do so HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.  Plenty more to come!

To your success

Andy Black

Andy Black SEO



  1. Debbie says:

    Our understanding is that Traffic Aid researches and helps us find high authority blogs for us to place good comments, hopefully resulting in us gaining back links/new traffic to us. We have not done blog commenting before and this seems time consuming (reading the blogs, commenting,etc).Is there a part of the software that automates All steps of this: finding high authority blogs, creating and placing our comments, etc.? Perhaps we don’t completely understand how this works… Thank you for your feedback

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Debbie, with this particular strategy the worst thing you could possibly do is “automate” it. This method is themed solely around getting traffic by adding real value. It is based on people reading your comments and following your call to action. You can not automate that. The difference with this is that by giving the extra time to follow the strategy 100% you will gain MORE traffic by doing so.

    Don’t get me wrong, in any industry automation is great… but it isn’t suited to everything and this particular strategy isn’t one of them.