Piggyback Popular Sites and Gain Traffic

In yesterdays blog post I explained a traffic generating technique that is very effective at bringing in daily targeted traffic to your sites.

Or in fact, to any webpage you like.  If you didn’t read that post then you can “read it here”.

Today I wanted to delve into the benefits of using this traffic strategy and explain some key advantages of applying it.

Just to re-cap the strategy as QUICKLY as I can for you…

To find active, popular authority pages relevant to your niche that you can engage with and leave comments on using a specific step by step process”

This strategy when done right will bring in daily traffic for months and even years to come.  However, today I am going to focus on the key benefits.

There are THREE core areas that you can capitalize on here so I am going to break these down for you.

#1:  Google Rankings

Ranking your own sites, pages and content can sometimes be hard and time consuming.  You don’t have to worry about that so much when you can access traffic from pages that are already ranked.  By leaving a “strategic comment” (although valuable comment!) on a high ranking page you are gaining access to THEIR rankings and visitors.

Let authority sites do the grunt work and simply piggyback their ranking success and traffic whilst adding some value to their page.

#2:  Social Shares

Similar to capitalizing on their rankings you can also gain from their social traffic.  Popular authority sites usually have a BIG audience and have strategically placed “Social Share” buttons throughout their content.  This means that LOTS of people share their pages on Facebook, Twitter and many other social platforms.  This often results in a RUSH of viral traffic within a small period of time.

The trick with this is to find active authority sites themed around your niche that publish content regularly.  Look out for NEW posts and when they go LIVE, leave a valuable well thought out comment following my simple steps and sit back as the traffic floods in.  New posts are the best for gaining this added social exposure although social sharing can occur any time so you will get traffic for months to come.

#3:  Mailing List and Subscriber Traffic

Big sites that “actively” collect leads (email addresses) tend to have a large subscriber base.  Most of these sites send an email to ALL of their subscribers every time they publish a new post on their site.  What happens then is hundreds to thousands of “interested” visitors come flooding over to their site over the following few days.

This is why it is highly beneficial to get in early and leave your valuable comment shortly after they have published their post.

Ready To Start Racking Up Some LONG-TERM Traffic?

This is called content marketing and is one of the best ways to grow your audience and traffic.  It is what ALL the big sites and companies do.  Marketing through content!

Yesterday I told you about a NEW desktop software I was launching (PC and Mac) called TrafficAid.  This software tool will help you get the best possible results from this strategy.  It will help you pin point the best sites and pages whether they are blogs, forums, answer sites etc.

The “SEO” Effect

I have kept the focus of this strategy away from SEO and instead about traffic.  One of the best results ultimately though will likely be an increase in rankings.  The reason for this is that Google will see real traffic coming in from multiple “trusted” sites and engaging with your content.  This sends a HUGE signal to Google.  A secondary benefit to this is that it will help your other SEO efferts too.

If you haven’t taken a look at TrafficAid yet or are interested in picking up a discounted “EarlyBird” copy then you can do so by clicking the link below…

>> Take a Look at TrafficAid HERE

It’s a great tool and a solid EVERGREEN strategy.

If you didn’t see my “Strategy Video” From yesterday then you can watch it below too.

Hope you enjoyed the content!

Andy Black

Andy Black SEO


  1. Tylor says:

    Hey Andy, Great information as always! I think it’s great that adding real value to websites is new school SEO. No reason that we have to make the web a worse place to rank websites. I think local citations are also a great way to add value while also building links.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing but people can come on over to my agency site if they want to check their citation profile for themselves or their clients==> http://seattlewebworks.com/

    Thanks for all the great SEO training. It has really helped out my business a lot!

    Andy Reply:

    I love the way you have “kind of” applied my strategy on my own blog 🙂 So, had to approve it. Tip though.. try adding a bit more value in the comment itself. Share a tip, an angle or an opinion that makes people think.

  2. Nnamdi says:

    I find this topic and traffic method interesting. I had used posting comments on authority sites to good effect in the past.

    I think I will try it again and see what the results will be.