Understanding SEO And The Linkbuilding Mindset

As we move well into 2013 SEO is changing in a big way.  Not in a bad way, just a BIG way.

You see, once you get into the right mindset with regards to SEO it’s fairly easy to identify the right types of links to get for your websites.  I’m going to discuss these types of links in this article.  These are the “crem-de-le-crem” of backlinks but they do not fit within “any” specific category.

Let Me Explain

Let’s start with a metaphore.  Imagine there is a huge highstreet store and at the front there are large double electronic doors that open up… right outside a busy stretch of the high street.  Now let’s imagine there is a smaller door located on the side of the building that opens up into a small courtyard area where there are a few small “quiet” shops.


Now let’s relate this to the online world.  We have a large store (which is our website) and two doorways that are in fact backlinks.  The main doors (a great backlink) at the front have LOTS of people walking past all the time (this is our traffic) and due to this busy “location” we get a number of these people (website visitors) come into our store (our website) to take a look around and “hopefully” buy something.

Whilst the smaller door (an inferior backlink) is located on the side of the store where there are only a few people walking past each hour.  A handful each day “might” pop into the store.

Which backlink would you think Google values the most?  Of course, it’s the one that brings in the most trafic to our site! And when you think about it… it makes perfect sense.

Google Analytics

After Google Panda and Penguin hit last year lots of people became scared and paranoid about Google Analytics. Some people were removing Analytics from their sites to keep Google out as much as possible.  Is that a good move?  Well, if you have spammy sites that offer very little to no value then yes, probably.  If however you add fresh, quality content to your sites and have a steady flow of traffic coming through then why on earth would you want Google not to know about it?

If you have a good, solid website that has great content and engages your readers so they spend at least a few minutes average on your site then it’s a really wise move to have Google Analytics installed on your site so Google can see what a great resource your site is.

Target High Traffic Pages That Offer Good Value

So, in order to build high quality links you need to create high quality links that will “naturally” receive traffic from the page itself.  When Google see’s traffic coming through a specific backlink… and if those visitors spend a little time on your site… or maybe even navigate your site then that backlink will be worth MUCH more and Google will also send you traffic by increasing your rankings.

Don’t Build Links For Search Engines, Build Them For Humans

Here’s just a couple of ideas of where to get high traffic “backlinks”…

Comments On Busy Blogs

Find relevant blogs to your niche that get’s a lot of traffic.  Questions to ask yourself… Do they have a HIGH Alexa ranking.  This isn’t always a great indicator but it can sometimes give you an idea of how busy the site it.  Social signals… Check some of their “recent” blog posts.  Do you see dozens of Facebook Likes (look for the FB button).  Do they have lots of Tweets (Twitter button).  If a blog post that is only a week or two old has 65 Facebook Likes and “25 Tweets” then you can assume that lots of trafic had hit that page recently.  Subscribe to that blog or take a note of it.  Everytime the author creates a new blog post head straight over and leave a “VALUABLE” comment.  That comment will link back to your website and if you show your expertise in your comment some of those visitors will click through to your link to see “what you are about”.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be one of the best sources of “todays best link building”.  All you need to do is find “busy blogs” that are relevant to your niche that “offer” guest blogging.  There are tons of these.  Even if you find some blogs that don’t advertise this then just shoot them an email.. you may be surprised!

Often bloggers (like myself) have a huge number of subscribers.  When a new post is published on their blog there are sometimes hundreds, if not thosuands of “interested people” that get notified about the new blog post.  This can cause a barrage of traffic to your blog post.  Not only does this create exposue, you will also get a number of these people read your article and click through to your website… each time adding more weight to your backlink.

Forget Spammy Links

People have said that blog commenting is dead.  That is only true if you add spammy, spun comments to “unmoderated” blogs that have poor content.  The reason is simple…. NOBODY visits these blogs posts.  Nobody spends more than a couple of seconds on these blogs posts… and most certainly nobody clicks through one of those spammy links.  That’s why it is SO easy for Google to identify these spammy blogs, the content on them.. and the cacky links that breed all over them.

RULE 1:  All you need to do is focus on building links on quality, fresh, “high traffic” pages and make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your site.

RULE 2: Make sure your links point to “relevant”, good quality content.  You want your visitors to spend time on your site.  Plenty of Good, relevant content will ensure that happens.  This will lead to a low bounce rate and high “time on site” which will give strong indications to Google that your webpage is both quality and “relevant”.

That’s pretty much it for today.  I was going to make this a fairly short blog post but I got carried away.

I really hope you got some value from this and have a clear direction of where to go with your SEO.

If you have any questions, or would like to share your views or tips with the rest of us, please do leave a comment below.

Let’s keep on keeping on!

Andy Black




Onsite Tycoon

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Keyword Digger Pro & Keyword Curator Pro

I’m in the middle of updating these two software applications right now.  The first update will include “social signals” data in the analyze feature such as Facebook Shares and Tweets.  I’ll be sending this first update out in the next few days but I will be adding lots more to this software so another update will follow soon.  I just wanted to get a new version out to all of my users.

New Software Tools In The Pipeline

A quick heads up to let you know that I have a couple of really cool software tools in the pipeline so watch this space.  I can’t share any details yet but I’m sure you’re going to love ’em!


  1. Hi Andy,

    very intresting stuff. thanks.

    your software onsite tycoon support only english, or german too?

    saludos, Thomas

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for your comment. Onsite Tycoon only uses the English language unfortunately. It would be too much work to create a version in different languages as it referrs to a built in “stop word” list and uses “English” sources. Sorry about that.


  2. Hi Andy,

    you are missing an increasing market. Many Germans just started caring for SEO and Google ranking success.

    I would be highly interested in a German version and even be willing to support you creating it.

    Best regards

  3. Len says:

    Hey Andy, thanks for that info above, got the new update for Onsite Tycoon. If you would like me to beta test this new software just let me know, I have done it before for you. You have my email. Cheers mate. Len

  4. Leon Wagner says:

    Just set up a new Amazon site. Do you think it is difficult to find authority blogs an Kit?
    I seem to have a problem finding blogs that are not trying to sell you something, other than news site ZNet etc

  5. Kent Chen says:

    You are right on building links for humans, the old ways of building links are history in fact it could even get you banned from the Google index for months. Recently I had a website that was recovered from the recent aftermath… boy was that a tough one!

    Andy Reply:

    Yes Kent. When links were first invented and used on the web it was purely to act as a vessel for users to go from one web page to another, whether it was on thesame site or to another site.

    That’s why social signals hold weight now with regards to rankings because social activity is “human” traffic and intervention. If people treat traditional backlinks in the same way then you’re giving Google what they really want… which are links that serve a real purpose and direct users to real quality content.