Using Gig Gladiator To Find The Newest, Most Active Pages To Get Traffic And Backlinks From

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to write a quick blog post and create a short demo video for you with regards to the email I sent out yesterday.  There has been some confusion about the software as the sales copy focuses quite a bit on “Fiverr” instead of the “traffic and backlinks” part of it which is what I was telling all my subscribers about.

Some of my subscribers emailed me to let me know I “might” have sent them the wrong link ot because the software the link pointed to was about “Fiverr”.  Completely understand where they were coming from as I should have been more clear.  However, the software is the correct one so I wanted to create a short demo video for you showing you how I would use the software.

“How To Drive Traffic, Build Backlinks & Increase Social Activity”



comment on.  This is GREAT for getting some “hot” active backlinks and even better for getting direct traffic from.

TIP: Many of the news type sites use Facebook comments on their news articles.  These sites can get hundreds or even thousands of readers per day reading the latest news articles and snippets.  If you leave a comment not only does that increase your SOCIAL FOOTPRINT it can also drive traffic back to your Facebook profile.. and back to your sites.  Just make sure you leave a VALUABLE comment.

It’s also great for building up your Google Authorship.

This desktop software is currently only $15 so it is well worth it in my opinion.

Just put it to good use!

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  1. Goran says:

    Thanks Andy,

    I still don’t see what this software can give which you cant’t get from a Google alert in a RSS-reader?

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Goran,

    Yeah sure, I understand what you are saying. I prefer to have something like this in a desktop tool so I have the flexibilty and options there and then. I also know that the developer is adding a few new features to the software which will give you some more data to work with when deciding which URLs to work with.

    I guess it depends on what you prefer to work with. It’s also given me some of my own ideas (so watch this space).


    Andy Reply:

    Also, Goran. I guess when you factor in the Fiverr feature… if you use Fiverr then you are also getting the benefits there. It’s quite good for extracting relevant Gigs and then sorting them using different criteria. It’s just anohter plus point of the software.


  2. Len says:

    Hi Andy, not quite sure how you get to these sites to post on. Do you double click the link in the software or do you have to save them and then copy and paste into a browser?

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Len,

    You export it using the “Export” function and then visit from those links. I believe a new version is being released soon though with clickable links.