Finding The Right Type Of Keywords For Ranking Youtube Videos

Today I wanted to share with you a simple method of finding the RIGHT type of keywords for ranking Youtube videos.  Yes, there is actually a type of keyword that is easier to rank videos for and I’m going to explain to you what these are 🙂

First let’s take a few seconds to think about what “videos” are.  They are a form of media that make it incredibly EASY to visually showcase or demonstate something.  In fact, in many cases there is no better way to “learn or discover” something than simply watching a video… and BOTH Youtube and Google know that.

Why Do Some Keywords Show Youtube Videos On 1st Page Of Google and Others Don’t?

There are TWO reasons for this.  The first reason is the level of competition.  Some keywords might show results that have real strong, targeted content and that is backed up with a ton of backlinks.  However, the second and “main” reason for this is the TYPE of keyword being searched for.

Let’s Look At Some Examples

If we take the keyword “tennis” and enter that in Google we will see that there are no Youtube videos on the first page on Google.


In fact, Google thinks that their users are MORE likely to be looking for news related to tennis than “video content”… Hence them ranking a news article in 1st place.

Now let’s take the keyword “how to play tennis” and enter that into Google.

how to play tennis

You will notice that Google have placed a Youtube video in 3rd place on page 1 of their results.  The key difference here are the words “how to“.

When you add the words “How to” to a generic keyword it turns that keyword into what I call an “instructional keyword”.  A keyword where the user is likely looking for instructions or directions relating to something.  In this case, playing tennis!

In most cases it is easier to watch someone demonstate something than it is learning from textual content.  Particularly if it involves physical movement such as sports, cooking, building bonfires… and many MANY other things.  Google know this and as a result SHOW Youtube video content in their results for such keywords.

The great news for you is… lots of marketers aren’t aware of this and try to rank their videos for the WRONG keywords.  This leaves a huge gap for you to jump in and start taking out some of these page 1 spots 🙂

Let’s Take a Look at a Few More Examples

Let’s do another search but this time use the keyword “how to play piano”.

how to play piano

Google have decided that “Video” would be perfect for their top spot on page 1.  It will vary from keyword to keyword with how many videos they choose to show on their first page of results.  Sometimes it may be jst one or two and other times it will be far more.

Here’s another keyword…. “how to do a bmx jump”.

how to do a bmx jump

With this keyword there probably isn’t any suitable “written” content that can demonstate the answer as well as video… Hence TWO Youtube videos being ranked at the top and also videos from another authority video site (VideoJug) ranked further down the page.

Ready To Expose Some GREAT Keywords For Ranking In Youtube?

Ok, let’s get to it!  If you enter the keyword “how to play piano” into Google they will instantly display some “longtail” versions of that keyword.  These are suggestions taken from their data pool that a user is MOST likely to type into that seach field.  So these are REAL keywords that are being searched for in Google… by real people.


In the example above you will see that Google have revealed 9 other keywords that are highly relevant to “how to play the piano”.  Now, let’s take the first suggestion and type “chords” onto the end of our keyword.suggestions2

You will see that Google instantly provide us with a NEW set of suggestions.  These are ALL keywords that get searched for in Google and are all great keywords to rank Youtube videos for.

how to play piano chords by ear

You will see that again Google have ranked video content at the very top of their search results for that “longtail” keyword.  If you notice, that video isn’t REALLY optimized for that keyword either.  It is optimized to a point but it could be improved.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog post and that it has given you a better insight into ranking Youtube videos on page 1 of Google.  Simply choosing the right type of keyword will give you a huge advantage over your competition.

To your success!

Andy Black

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  1. Lance Zimney says:

    Thank you so much for the information Andy. I’m in a competitive chiropractic market & I’m one of the new kids on the block. I’m hoping I can tap into the first page of Google, so local clients can find and utilize my services easier. I’m mainly a referral only practice, but it would be nice to show some web presence, so when they do get that referral they can find me easier & view me as an authority.

    I will give this a try and see how it goes!!


  2. Lance Zimney says:

    Thank you so much for the information Andy. Working on some Youtube videos now!!

  3. Hi Andy,

    I am familiar with the idea of using keywords to optimise video position within the results YouTube displays and, to a certain extent, on Google itself. But I hadn’t really cottoned on to the way Google considers different ‘types of keyword’ as you’ve described here. This is a very useful tip for both my videos and my clients videos.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ron says:

    Great post Andy! Thank you for the time and effort you took to put all that valuable info together.
    Your examples are perfect for fellow marketers needing to get their videos ranked on page one.
    As always you deliver valuable content and for free!
    The best to you,


  5. Ian Pritchard says:

    More more more.

    Great to hear your thinking on this topic. I’ve wondered when someone would put their finger on it AND be ready to share it. Thanks man.

    Seems to me that it’s not just the type of keywords you are going after, but country specific too. Cultural perhaps?

    For example, I can rank videos in the UK and the US for, say, “hometown extension builder”. Not a problem. But, when it comes to ranking in for the same term (with roughly comparable competition levels as far as I can measure) the same optimisation system has the video ranking on the fifth page.

    I don’t know what to do there. Any ideas? Even opinions?

    Useful post Andy. Thanks again.

  6. Glenn Byers says:

    I have been using how to a lot and didn’t even know I was doing something right. Thanks for your help.

  7. Great info Andy! I always say that targeting the right keywords is one of the biggest reasons for successfulful video marketing.

  8. Paul Tipping says:

    Great simple, but very useful, explanation.

  9. Great tip about the ‘how to’ used for getting a video to show up on Google. Thanks for the info, it will really help!

  10. Lindsay says:

    Great tip Andy. So obvious once you point it out but have never thought of it. And love the way you have explained it with screen shots. Made it so easy to follow. Many thanks.

  11. Hi Andy,

    Great info, as always. I will try this later today.
    Only very few people share information like this.


  12. Bryant says:

    Great post Andy, I really needed this guidance for YouTube videos.

  13. Eddie Ujueta says:

    Andy this post has made my eyes open wide and my brain flood in with a million different ideas that I want to use this for now on future videos I’am going to create with this one trick you just gave me. Thanks again Andy for this awesome tip brother. You ROCK!

  14. What a great post Andy. I now need to re-look the tags on all my YouTube videos as I am 99% sure they are not instructional. Thank you for this great tip.

  15. Jenny says:

    Great tip!!

  16. Andy Harris says:

    Andy has some excellent products, I particually love the Tube Tag Extractor, it works a treat.
    Secondly his information on his blog really helped, its a refreshing change from some of the nonesense online
    way to go Andy

  17. Len says:

    Have seen this before Andy, and it is great, I am having so much success with this stagey. Just this morning I used it for a video I just uploaded and “Bam” on first page in a few minutes. Out of 39,000,000 and No 1 for my KW.


    Andy Reply:

    Awesome Len! Keep it up.