How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Today I want to share something with you that is very exciting.  Something that I have been “giddy” about for the last week or so and have been looking forward to reveal to you.

It is something that WILL convert more of your website visitors into sales and customers and that is also something that your competitors will be very unlikely to be using.

What I’m referring to is something that is in fact responsible for some of my early “internet marketing” success back in 2008.

Please bear with me and read of all of this post.  Trust me, you will thank me for it.

The TWO Ingredients For Online Sales

When it comes to generating sales online it always boils down to TWO things.  These are TRAFFIC and CONVERSION.

Without traffic we can’t make sales or gain customers and without converting our traffic from visitors to “buyers” we can’t make sales or gain customers.

Both are VITAL in order to become successful online.

I often teach people how to drive traffic using SEO, Youtube or paid traffic but I don’t always emphasize the importance of converting your traffic to get REAL results.

The kind of results that will give you “more” than a full time income and a means to leave your job (if you have a day job that is).

Today I would like to tell you a little story about some early success I had back in 2008.  I discovered internet marketing and fell in LOVE with the web.  I was fascinated with ranking pages and getting FREE traffic to my sites.

One of the first sites I built was an e-commerce store that sold hair extensions and accessories.  I used drop shipping to fulfill the orders so I only bought the stock myself once I had taken an order for it.

I used SEO to drive traffic and was ranked on page 1 for my main keywords plus lots of secondary keywords and product names.  It wasn’t long before I was getting 1-5 orders per day and it soon turned into a “little business”.

The Turning Point

I soon discovered that it wasn’t just a case of getting traffic to your sites, it was also about getting those visitors to take action in order to make sales.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get, if no one is following through with your “Call To Action” then it is pointless.

It dawned on me that this scenario was a little bit like having a shop window and people looking in whilst walking past.  If someone was on hand to answer questions and offer help “there and then” some of those visitors would come in and make a purchase.


I done a little digging around and invested in a “Live Chat” script that I could add to my e-commerce site.  This means that any website visitors could type a quick message into a chat box and I could respond instantly.

By adding this live chat script I converted FAR more sales whenever I was online and was available to answer questions and offer help.

Without having this kind of technology running on our sites we are relying purely on our content, site layout and “Call to action” buttons to do the work.  It’s amazing at how many people would take that next step and place an order if they have “a little extra” info right there and then.

Rather than hoping that a visitor buys, opts in with their email or even calls or emails you… You can essentially “CLOSE” these sales and actions by interacting with them there and then.

Once they leave your site they are likely to go to one of your competitors sites and we don’t want that.  By connecting with them one-2-one and helping them out they are more likely to buy from you.

It plain works! and this is the reason I have been quietly excited this last week as there is a brand NEW live chat system launching this week that blows my old chat script out of the water.

Cutting Edge LIVE Chat Technology

In just a couple of days from now a new live chat system will be available that is very easy to use, very powerful and that offers lots of really useful features.

I got hold of a pre-launch copy of this software and I’ve been using it the last couple of days and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!

You can see people land on your site and pages and you can literally follow them around your site.

You can see when they are scrolling or clicking their mouse, typing on their keyboard and much more.

The most powerful aspect of this software is by far the ability to popup a chat window on their screen and “Start a conversation with them”.  This means you can interact with ANY website visitor at any point.

This will allow you to help your visitors out and “Close” more sales.

This will work perfectly if you sell products or services.  Imagine if you offered web design or “SEO” services and you could literally reach out to potential customers whilst they are on your site?

How many more orders do you think you would be able to get?  I’ll tell you how many… LOTS!

The best part is… none of your competitors will be using this technology giving you a clear advantage.  You can even customize various chat boxes so they look exactly how you want them to look.

Honestly, I cannot stress how awesome this is.  There are too many features for me to list right now in this blog post as it is becoming a little long winded but tomorrow I’m going to put together ALL the information you will need, giving you a sneak preview.

Here is an example of what the chat graphic can look like on your site, but again you can design and customize these to look like anything you want.


You can have this set to ANY size and location on your screen.  Here is an example of what the chat box can look like when you invite a visitor to chat.

Again, there are lots of different styling options and you an even display the conversation in “Speech Bubbles”.

This system consists of a line of code (script tag) that you add to your website footer or any specific page that you want to add the Chat Box to… and a cross-platform desktop software (Windows and Mac).  You then use the software to manage ALL of your chats and options.  It’s very cool.

Anyway, today I just wanted to stress the importance of converting your visitors rather than seeing 99.5% of them come and go without taking any form of action.

This is a solution and a very good one at that.

Keep your eyes peeled for my email tomorrow (Monday) as I’m going to put together a page for you that will include lots more information about this software including a video or two.

When this product goes LIVE I’m going to be offering a couple of really useful bonuses to those that buy through my link.  These bonuses will help you get the most from using this chat system and will get you well on your way with using it and converting more sales.

If you have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment below.  I would love to hear your initial feedback about this.

Until then

Andy Black

Andy Black SEO


  1. George says:

    Hi,Andy! Definitely interested in everything you say and offer.I agree with you about the efficiency but so far it was the price and some other technical issues that made me restrain from installing one.Waiting for your further information.Thanks for everything!
    Best regards:

  2. Ted B says:

    My concern is how well it would work with Offline businesses… in that who is going to monitor their site 24/7 to be able to interact with a visitor.
    During business hours will they have to put an employee on it, versus an automated response system.
    Perhaps it can notify you by Phone when they land on your Site, and then interact/chat using a cell phone. And a round robin feature, so who ever picks up first does the chatting, and the next visitor goes to another employee’s cell phone, etc.

    Andy Reply:

    Hey Ted,

    The chat facility is there to be used whenever you or an employee is around to be able to chat with potential customers. It can be disabled and enabled at any time. The software runs on your PC or Mac and “pings” a notification (sound) when someone wants to talk with you or even lands on your site. These options can be completely customized to suit your own needs. Part of my bonus will include tips and guidance on the best way to use this.

    Best regards


  3. Carol Waite says:

    I am very interested in obtaining a chat for my site; actually I have 3 different sites and am wondering if it is possible to put it on all three. How much are these chats going to sell for?

    Andy Reply:

    Hey Carol,

    Thanks for your comment. The Pro version on the main sales page will be $47 and that allows you to use it on 3 different websites with unlimited users. I’m trying to find out today whether there will be an earlybird offer or not.