How To Generate Long Term Set and Forget Traffic

For another 48hrs I’m going to be offering my latest software tool “Disqus Site Finder v2.0” as a BONUS for those that invest in the new “Interlink Express” SEO plugin via my link.  Lots of people have already taken me up on this offer, however I wanted to provide you with a more indepth look at how you can use this software to generate long term traffic.  Real targeted traffic from other relevant sites and pages.

I’m first going to cover the basic concepts surounding the software and then I’ll show you a stategy that you can use to setup these “traffic hotspots” yourself.

So, What Is Disqus Site Finder v2.0?

It is a simple software tool that will help you uncover authoritive, active pages that are likely to be receiving regular traffic from both Google and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  The software will take your target keyword and will return ranked pages where discussions are taking place around that keyword.  The software will also show you the Google PR along with the number of Facebook Shares, Tweets and Google+1’s.

Why Is This Data Useful?

Ok, let’s first take a look at Page Rank.  By commenting and leaving a link on a web page that has PR you are engaging with a site that has some authority in the eyes of Google.  Associating with such sites (especially in the same niche) shows your OWN site in a good light with Google.  If a site or page has Page Rank it also means that other sites are linking to it which means potentially more natural traffic coming to that page.

Now let’s look at Facebook Shares and Tweets.  These are what we call social signals and act as direct links that can send MORE traffic to the page in question.  A page that has a number of Facebook Shares and Tweets means it has likely been / is likely receving viral traffic from interested parties.  Social signals is also a big ranking factor these days and pages that get natural social shares tend to rank higher in the search engines.

Finally let’s look at Google+1’s.  These are kind of “upvotes” and the more of these a page or site gets the more favourably Google will look at it.  It’s kind of like a “thumbsup, this is good!” type vote.

Example Results From Disqus Site Finder v2.0

traffic software screenshot 1

seo software screenshot

Above you will see some great results and pages that have both authority and receive traffic.

You can then export the results from within the software and save them as a CSV file to your local machine.  You can then quickly sort and filter your results leaving only the best pages to start commenting on.

software results

How Do I Use This Software To Drive Long Term Traffic?

Well, the software helps you to find the best places to comment on whilst the “technique” I’m going to outline below illustrates how you drive the traffic.

The first thing we need to be clear on here is that there is a big difference between spam comments and comments that deliver value.  Spam comments offer no benefit to anyone and that isn’t what this post is about.

There are a few basic principles I use when commenting on someone elses blog or website so I will list them below…

#1 – Write a substantial comment – NOT just one sentence

It’s very hard to NOT get your comment approved when you take a minute to write a lengthy comment.  By spending just one minute you can deliver value and site owners or authors find it hard to disapprove a comment when it is clear a real person has spent time writing it for “their” site.  Let’s face it, we ALL love it when REAL people spend time to comment on our blogs.  It adds value to the authors site and also helps with their own rankings and engagement.  It’s easy to write one or two smallish paragraphs in just a minute and that published comment has the potential to deliver traffic to your site for weeks, months or even years.

#2 – Refer to the authors name and be recognised as a REAL person

Most blog posts or articles reveal the “authors name”.  Start your comment off by referring to the person you are trying to connect with and the person who has the authority to approve YOUR comment.  For example, “Hey John, you made some great points about XXXXX and the one inparticular that I liked was XXXXX…..”

As soon as they see your comment it will instantly rule you out as a spammer.  Spammers use software to blast out thin generic comments and NEVER start off in such a personalised way.

#3 – Start your comment off by referring to the content in their post

If they shared tips on video marketing then give your opinions on some of the content they shared.  If you liked some points inparticular then TELL them.  Everyone likes a little ego boost once in a while and if you genuinally praise them in your comment they WILL want other people to see it.

#4 – Drop your URL / link inside your comment AFTER #3

Now this is the important part… and the part that will bring you traffic.  After you have connected with the author and have referred to parts of his post content it’s time to offer something of value to their visitors.

Let’s say your target keyword is related to “youtube marketing” and the authors post is related to video marketing and ranking Youtube videos.  You could record a short but useful screencast where you share some of your OWN tips on ranking Youtube videos.  You could post that on a squeeze page or on your blog and then link to that page.  Angle this is such as way where you are A) Asking permission to share your OWN tips with their visitors  B) Wanting to also “chip in” with some tips that their visitors will find useful.

First off, spammers NEVER ask permission to drop links onto peoples sites so you are again setting yourself aside from being a spammer.  By saying something like “John, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with your visitors but the tips I want to share with you have helped me with XXX….”.

Secondly, by approving your comment the author will be seen by their visitors and readership as “sharing other cool resources” that manifested via their content.  People LOVE to share cool stuff right? Again, it’s another little ego boost for them.

You don’t have to create a video if you don’t want to.  You could write a short report (just 4-5 pages) and offer it via a squeeze page.  Or simply add a “lightbox popup” that shows a few seconds after a visitor lands on your page.  This way you can collect leads and build your OWN mailing list.  You can literally apply a ton of different tactics to this!

#5 – Add MORE to your comment after dropping your URL

This is an important part and can even be just one or two more sentences.  Spammers drop their links and add nothing else to it.  After you have dropped your URL / link, add another few sentences.  This shows again that you are a real person and it takes the focus away from the link.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the MORE value and expertise you give in your comment… the MORE traffic you will receive as more people will click your link.  This is REAL long term traffic that can deliver daily with no other input from you.  So, it’s more than worth your while to spend a little extra time adding value.  It WILL pay off with dividends.

Bear in mind that the URLs you drop in your comments are in direct sight of any visitors that the page receives.  They are your CALL TO ACTION and bring in multiple times more traffic that what standard “Name Anchor Text” can bring.

Here Is An Example Of What YOUR Comment Could Look Like

Hey John, you made some excellent points there regarding Youtube rankings and getting more views for your videos.  I particularly liked the tip about the annotations as they are a great way to get more traffic to the rest of your videos.

I also do very well with ranking videos and one strategy I’m seeing great results with is regarding Youtube Tags.  You’ll probably be aware that Youtube no longer show these publicly on their video pages but there is still a way that you can access these.  The process is a little too much to outline in here but if you don’t mind me sharing a video I made I pretty much cover the whole ranking strategy in that.  I think it would be very beneficial to your visitors.  If that’s ok, anyone who wants to see this strategy can watch the video here…  It’s only a short video but showcases some pretty neat stuff regarding ranking Youtube videos.

Another point you made that I couldn’t agree more with is getting the video title right.  That’s vital if you want to rank videos on the first page.  Keep up the good work!


By writing comments that are structured like the example above you are…

  1. Creating rapport with the author
  2. Adding value
  3. Building authority in your niche and with their visitors
  4. Creating long term traffic hotspots that can bring daily traffic

I hope you have got some value from this post.  I have held nothing back… It REALLY is as simple as that.

If You Haven’t Got This Software – And Want It…

If you want a BONUS copy of my software in order to find really good traffic hotspots for you to comment on then you have until Monday 14th to do so.

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To your success

Andy Black

Andy Black SEO

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