A Unique Method To Obtain High Quality Backlinks And Referral Traffic

We all know the traditional methods of obtaining backlinks and traffic. Some are more effective than others, and some hold little value at all, particularly since recent Google updates.

Well, I wanted to share with you a unique technique that you can apply yourself in order to obtain REAL ‘quality’ backlinks and qualified referred traffic. By qualified I mean targetted visitors who have already learned a little about you and want to learn more.

Give to receive…

This technique involves creating a simple product and giving other sites RIGHTS to give this ebook away to their site visitors and subscribers. With one condition though. That you can have a quality backlink from their site. This can be in the form of a contextual dofollow backlink from within a content rich blog post (NOT a comment link), or even a true homepage link (NOT a sitewide link).

A simple product that most people can create is a short ebook or report. For example, if you are in the weight loss niche you could write a 6 – 12 page ebook highlighting simple ways to strip body fat, or tips on the best times of day to carry out simple exercises to burn calories. If you are in the dog training niche you could write a short report on the best methods of getting your dog to stop barking, or to stop jumping up.

The main factor here is to create a quality report that reads well, provides answers, and is hopefully ‘above average in content’. It needs to look pleasing to the eye graphically and wants to be an attractive read. It might take you an hour to write, it might take you a few hours to write, but once you have completed it you will have a product that you can use as some serious link building bait.

After creating the ebook or report you need to find a list of quality blogs that are ‘reputable’ and stand out within your niche. When choosing sites look at the style of the blog. Is it graphically pleasing? Does the content read well or have a personal style to it? Are they ACTIVELY adding new posts to the blog and more importantly, do they have a following (do many people comment)?

On top of that look at the Google pagerank of the site itself and maybe also a few of the post URLs themselves so see if they have PR. You may have a software tool that can do this? (My URLXtractor software does this.. but there will be others and you may already own one).

Once you have your list, draft a short message (See if you can find the blog owners name from the posts or comments) and inform them that you have just created a brand new quality report or ecover that shows people how to XXXX, or contains great information on XXXX. Ask them if they would like rights to give it away via their blog to their readers, and all you would like in exchange is a dofollow backlink from their blog. You can elaberate further, for example a contextual link within a published review or an article on their blog.

You may choose to brand it for them so that it ties in with their site content. It is also up to you whether you retain your author name within the document, or whether you require that a link is left within the document so that you can gain from some referred traffic.

So, what does the blog gain from?

The blog owner has a new ‘ready made’ pre-branded ebook or report that looks professional and contains some great content that they are able to give away to their site visitors and email subscribers. A product that they can use to attract new subscribers via their website.

What do you benefit from?

You can benefit from a valuable backlink from a non-spammy blog. A number of these types of link will make a difference. You can also obtain a constant flow of traffic if you also have a link at the end of the ebook content as readers may want to learn more about yourself due to the input you have added. Rememebr, the backlink on this ‘busy’ blog will not only offer you ranking juice but also direct traffic from the blog itself.

But doesn’t this sound like a lot of work for a backlink?

The trick here is to offer the rights for your NEW ebook to a small number of blog owners. Not too many otherwise the interest MAY be less. Four or five blogs will make it exclusive enough whilst keeping a fair ratio between your pre-effort and benefits. A handful of REAL backlinks and a steady flow of traffic is well worth the time spent on creating a short but quality ebook.

Remember, a link to your website could be within the ebook that these blogs will be actively distributing on your behalf. Bringing in traffic and building your authority within your niche! A win win situation. If you do not include yor author name, link to your site or any of your own branding you may choose to offer this deal to a larger number of blog owners meaning MORE one way, relevant backlinks.

Then if this works for you… rinse and repeat!  You won’t get a reply from all of the blog owners, but like a lot of things, it is a number game.  Keep sending out your proposal and you should see some nice results.

I hope that this blog post has given you some ideas and shown you that there are unique ways in which to build quality backlinks and obtain traffic. You just need to conjure them up and then put them into action. Afterall… taking action is key here!

It would be great to hear your views on this method, so please feel free to leave a comment.

To your success!

Andy Black

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