How To Obtain Dofollow Links From Blogs

Many of you will know what blog commenting is and at some point have probably tried it.  For those of you who don’t know, it is basically where you leave comments on other peoples blogs which relates to a specific post that they have published.  In the last couple of years, people have cottoned onto blog commenting and realised their power with regards to obtaining one way links.  This spurred on plugin creators and WordPress themselves to create a plugin that automatically makes ALL comment links nofollow.  What this essentially means is that none of these blogs will pass page rank to your website which won’t help much in terms of SEO.

So what does this mean? Well it means that you will simply have to look harder to find dofollow blogs that are suited to your niche.  How do you do this you ask? Simple, use a FREE tool such as Fast Blog Finder.

Fast Blog Finder is free to download, although it is a cut down version.  Not in terms of features but in the amount of results that it retrieves for you.  This tool will quickly find you all the relevant ‘dofollow’ blogs and put them into a sortable list also including various useful data.  This is a fantastic tool that will not only reduce the time for finding these blogs, but will also help you increase your backlinks and traffic.

The important thing to remember here though is NOT to spam these blogs.  There are a few simple rules that I stick to when blog commenting that usually ensures that my comments get approved.  These are listed below…….

  1. Always read the blog post before commenting.  This will give you the general idea of what the topic is about and enable you to write a comment.
  2. NEVER write one line comments.  Always write a useful or meaningful comment that RELATES to the blog post.  One liners will be seen as spam and will likely get deleted, meaning no backlink!
  3. NEVER include a link of any kind in the comment itself.  This usually stands out as blatent self promotion.  Instead, use the Name section as your keyword anchor text.  For example, I may put something like, Andy from Article Creator.  This includes my keywords but doesn’t come across too spammy.  Links within the comment can also get flagged as spam automatically.
  4. ALWAYS check what other people have used in place of their name.  If the links are ALL names, chances are that the blog owner has altered them before approving.  If however, some of these name links do not include a name, only keywords such as ‘Internet Marketing Guide’ etc, then just use your keyword phrase and leave out your name.  Other people have obviously been able to do this without it being flagged so it’s highly likely you could do it as well.
  5. Try and include a relevant keyword or two that relates to your anchor link.  Again, don ‘t make this look spammy, just include it in your substantial, and meaningful comment.
  6. At the end of your comment, sometimes leave a personal comment to the blog owner.  Something like, ‘Great info by the way, it sounds like you know your stuff regarding XXXXXXXX!’  Blog owners will like to showcase other people comments like this as it will highlight them within their specific field as an ‘expert’.

Watch the video below to see what Fast Blog Finder is all about.

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