How To Profit From Googles Most Recent Algorithm Update

Did you know that when Google rolls out a big algorithm update there is a HUGE opportunity to earn money?

The last major update that Google rolled out resulted in over a Billion dollars changing hands.  When Google makes a change millions of websites are effected almost instantly and businesses start to lose money fast.

When a business loses it’s website traffic it is desperate for a solution.  A fix.  Someone to come along and put it right.  Well, today I want to explain to you Google’s most recent algorithm change which is being touted as “Mobilegeddon”.

What is Mobilegeddon?

As more and more people use their mobile to browse the web Google is now placing more emphasis on mobile traffic than they are desktop.  Or at least balancing it up!

Their new algorithm which started to roll out on 21st April ’15 increases the rankings of sites that are mobile friendly and sends them more TRAFFIC than those sites that are not mobile friendly.

This is resulting in LOTS of businesses all over the world panicking about their decreasing traffic.  Small businesses, medium sized businesses and even large businesses are left with a problem.

How To Make Money With This Algorithm Update

Well, this is the easy part particularly if you are an offliner and have offline clients.  There are LOTS of businesses that will have been hit with this latest Google update and all you need to do is find these businesses and offer to FIX the problem.

Imagine being able to…

  • Find the businesses with effected sites (not mobile friendly)
  • Instantly find out the issues and know what to change in order to fix it
  • Create an instant report that contain ALL the fixes.

If you offered this service how much money do you think you could make right now?

Here’s How You Can Offer This Service

There is a BRAND new application that has just been released by my personal friends Simon Warner and Steve Benn.  I have met up with these guys lots of times in the UK, Europe and even the US and the system they are releasing tomorrow is SUPER smart.

It is called Cloud Prospect Machine and it will…

  • Create targeted lists of vulnerable websites in any niche and region
  • Create detailed reports highlighting weaknesses unique to each site
  • Profile system delivers niche specific pitch emails

In other words, the software finds you the right people, gets them to ask you for help – and gets you the deal.

It’s a win – win as they get the help they need and the required info to FIX their site.

Watch The Video Below To LEARN More About Cloud Prospect Machine

If you are interested in jumping on this opportunity and earning some very easy money whilst helping out businesses in need then click the button below.


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To your success

Andy Black



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