Update For Adsense Case Study

It’s been quite a while now since I updated anyone regarding my custom site builder script and my experiment so I thought I’d just tell you how it’s been going.

Right, since making my last blog post regarding this experiment I’ve literally done nothing with it. The reasons for this is that I got caught up in other projects (Link Abyss & Easy Article Rewriter Pro) and I also wanted to let the ‘auto’ sites bed into Google and get a little age behind them, even if it was just a few months.

For those not familiar with my project please read the first post in this category. Basically I developed a site building script that allows me to copy and paste in a number of keyword phrases relating to ANY niche I want. The script will then basically find me a relevant article, videos, and useful links etc for each and every keyword phrase. Upon retrieval it will then instantly build the web page making this process fully automated. I wanted to see how Google viewed a website that contained ONLY duplicate content but content that was pulled from various sources. Of course, with the end goal of making money via Adsense or any other form of monetization.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of months or so now and from day one Google crawled the pages within the site and has cached them (see screenshot). This means the pages are within Googles index. For the wedding site, at first my keyword ‘free wedding information’ ranked at no.5. After a few days this keyword dropped into oblivion but is now back on page 1 sitting firmly at no.4. This is with ZERO link building. The only link building I done was a couple of bookmarks to get the site indexed.

I haven’t checked stats and positions for the Cabbage Soup Diet site but I’m pretty sure at the minute it isn’t performing or bringing in much traffic. On the other hand, the wedding site is receiving organic traffic from Google (see screenshot). So the pages are indexed in Google and people are finding the site / pages via Google. This could be interesting. The traffic isn’t a great deal at all yet, BUT with some link building I wonder how much more traffic could be generated?!?

When I first ran the script I added a handful of pages per day for a few days, and no pages have been added since. Maybe if I setup a cron job (scheduled processing of scripts on the server) to add a few pages per day this might also increase traffic and rankings?!

As for the Adsense earnings, so far it has been very little. I think it’s only generated a few clicks. Also, the average time on the site is pretty low. ie – 15 seconds average although some have been on there for 2 – 5 minutes. Both of those are not great results, BUT if the design was improved, and a few tweaks were made here and there then maybe those figures could be increased.

So, what I’d like feedback from you guys (and gals) is… do you think using a script like this could essentially earn money in the long term. Do you think it would be possible to target specific (maybe easy) niches and auto build complete sites with just a few clicks here and there, and eventually earn regular income from them?

A lot of work would need to be done in order to perfect such a system, but does it have scope?? Please feel free to leave a comment below. It would be good to hear your views.

I have included a few screenshots below for you to look at. A future update will be posted when I decide how to process with this experiment, and when I have time to do so.

Ranked 4th

Ranked No.4 on Google

Cached Pages

Cached Pages in Google

Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic from Google


  1. Andy Eaton says:

    excellent results, but why not target a difficult niche and see how it performs. I’m only just into my niche building sites and have a few keyword rich domains and they are straight into the top 10. so maybe its to do with the keyword in the domain. what are your ideas about this? thanks

    Gordon Reply:


    Think Andy is right, I mean with my own system for blogs it’s not difficult to rank for niche sites, it would be interesting to see a more competitive keyword string rank high.



  2. Mike Boulton says:

    Hi Andy this seems very interesting. Do you want any beta testers. I have a niche keyword that I would like to try it on. I will also create backlinks and social bookmarking for it , to see how it does.

    Email me if you are interested.

  3. Kay says:

    Andy, I have had some success doing this, but mine was not nearly as automated as yours. I think your script would very helpful.

    I believe in making websites valuable, not just filled with junk, but if a site brings together info from all over the web like your does, that can be helpful for many people that don’t have the time or resources to search all over the Internet for the info they want.

  4. Andy, how can we get a copy of this script?

  5. Bruce says:

    Hi Andy,

    Very interesting – I guess we’re all looking for that magic “press the button, do nothing more, and watch the money roll in” facility.

    The acid test will of course be when you seriously try to monetise.

    I don’t know if you follow the “Lost Ball in High Weeds” blog (http://lostballinhighweeds.com/), or that of Griz (http://makemoneyforbeginners.blogspot.com/2010/04/making-money-online-in-2010-facelift.html). Both have commented recently on how Google is cracking down on MFA sites; Blogger has apparently closed down a great many Blogspots with Adsense on them.

    If you’ve got the time and energy, I’d love to see you take this further – but it might prove to be a rocky road.

  6. Greg says:

    That crazy and awesome at same time. When are you going to release this custom site builder script to the public…

  7. Warren says:

    Thanks for sharing that info. I’ve used an automatic builder several times with mainly poor results. After looking at your site (the wedding site), mine are similar but not as wide. They can only go to 25 pages I believe. I to have not done any link building. I just built them and posted them a left them. I’ve always wondered if a little TLC would get them to $1.00 a day it would be worth it. One site has “site map” as home page
    blender.beehavenonline.info/ and another site has an article for home page
    aromatherapy.beessite.com/ I like the looks of the article page best but the search engines are supposed to like the site map best. What do I know???
    Thanks for the info.

  8. Warren says:

    BTW, Sorry for not remembering to Thank You for your “Free” Easy Article Re-Writer. That is the best thing sense sliced bread. I like it better than any of the “spinner” type re-writers. It’s just so easy when you break it down to sentences.
    Thanks again.

    *** Note from Andy ***

    You’re welcome Warren. I am actually about to launch a software version of Easy Article Rewriter which has more features, allows you to work on multiple articles, analyze articles for SEO strength, keyword density, prominence and placement, as well as offering live stats and uniqueness between sentences. If you’re interested, this will be launched early July if not before. It is going into testing as it’s now in alpha. I might be looking for some beta testers. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me.

    Warren Reply:

    I’m interested in the beta testing job.
    I would also ask that you some how add a feature that would give you the ability to add another sentence or two to make it spin worthy. That way I could re-write two sentences and the software would spin it when I push the go button. What do you think of that? PM me if you would like.

    *** Note from Andy ***

    Thanks for the response Warren. I was thinking about doing that BUT after releasing this application we will be working on a new software spinner. It will work differently to others out there, and will not use {|} etc. I really want the software verison of Easy Article Rewriter to specifically target ‘rewriting website content’ and one-off articles as that is what it’s designed to help with. The new software version will be great for that and will allow users to whip up quality sites in no time with completely unique content. The next software will be purely for article spinning and we are looking to add a touch of real AI into it to. At the initial level though it will be human controlled so you’ll fully control the quality. I know there is one particular spinner out there right now that is very good but this new software will approach the whole spinning concept from a new level. Anyway, that is why I’ve steered away from adding that functionality. I won’t rule it out though!

    Warren Reply:

    I’m disappointed but understand your answer. I’m evaluating a spinner now that is towted as being the “best” but I would give it a 4 on a 10 scale because you still have to go back and redo it after you spin the article. Maybe after you have used it for a long time you would get used to it but my first time with it was not impressive.
    What I was thinking of with EAW was a button that would change the sentence slots from 1 under each sentence to 2 or 3. Then you would write the sentence to your approval then instead of spinning words you would be spinning sentences. I would like a push button that would write the perfect article but that won’t happen in my lifetime.
    Thanks for the discussion. I’ll be looking for the notice to beta test for you.

  9. Dave says:

    Way to go Andy! Are you planing to sell these scripts or maybe a membership site? Whats your plan for all of this?It seems i may be going back to school to learn how to program some software as this very interesting. I can see where this would benefit a lot of us.

  10. Daniel Tan says:

    Good job Andy!

    I have few tests using similar method as well and they work pretty well if you can mix the sources of the content and not from just one source.

    Now it is all about sustainability 🙂

    Good luck!


  11. I wish I had the programming skills to create such a script, because it certainly would make money. Your only task would be to find the keywords. And maybe that could be scripted. Tweak it, it would be worth the time.

  12. Hi Andy, I admire your work and your candid accounts of progress – no fluff, no covering up the reality. This is what we (me) want much more of! It comes as a breath of fresh air, actually, it really does!

    My only concern would be that the content is sufficiently good. Is it readable – syntax good? Does it all make sense and does it actually add value to the internet as a whole?

    Let’s face it, we are all trying to make some money online and if there is a tool that works and works well, then all the better for it! But in my opinion, as long as this means no real detriment to over-all quality of what we as content producers (or IM’s or SEO’s or name it what you will) are indeed producing, then I for one would be in favour of the auto content production tool!

    By the way, I gave you a nice backlink the other week from a Warrior Forum thread that I have going – I was recommending your website for excellent quality content. Is WF do-follow or non? I can’t remember. Old age, huh?

    Keep up the good work Andy!
    Kind regards

  13. Chuck says:

    Sounds good. If you make it so it can be monetized by just putting in affiliate ID’s for Clickbank, Ebay, Amazon, etc, it would be about perfect. Waiting with bated breath.

  14. Shane says:

    Hey Andy,

    This is definetely a good idea. You should however let the domain age and then you will be able to see the real results. If you keep letting the site build you could be on to a winner. You should maybe add into the script, a translation from english to spanish to english etc.

    If you look at WPmage these type of sites definitely work, its all about really building them up more and more.

  15. Ed says:

    I’ve bought a bunch of domains that I intend to do something with… eventually. Rather than parking them there empty, I’ve wished I had a way to populate them with content that’s relevant, so they could age and gain some traction in Google. I wouldn’t expect to make money off them – I might not even put adsense on them, to avoid being penalized as a made for adsense site. I’d just let them age – because I’ve found that aged domains that have any kind of content really take off when you start adding new good content and beef up the on-page SEO. Ideally, the structure of the site would be such that once I worked on the new better content, the old content could be tucked away without changing the links, so Google would be happy to see new content and not penalize me for the old content disappearing or the sitemap being totally changed.

    So a script like yours would be really useful – I’ve got a lot of domains that I haven’t had time to populate, so they’re not aging gracefully.

  16. Dita says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for sharing this idea with us. Like Mike Boulton above said, if you are looking for beta testers I definitely would be interested too.

    One other note. I am relatively new to IM and recently I have been fortunate to find your easy article writer. I love it. For me it is one of the best tools I found. It id definitely making my IM journey a little easier. Thank you.


  17. rami says:

    Hi Andy,
    sounds very interesting,i would like to test it myself.
    let me know

  18. Maria says:


    I had a try on building WP sites based on plugins and content from Yahoo answers + keyword on the domain; two of them got 1st and 2nd page on google, a lot of pages indexed, but very poor results on monetization. I guess who are willing to buy dont want to read much to find recommendations or solutions.
    It may be useful to build a network, not much work, get aged domains and all that.

  19. Lorraine says:

    I, too, love your Easy Article Rewriter and am looking forward to the software version. I hope I get an emal from you about the launch.

  20. SandyKJ says:

    Yes, I would be VERY interested. What a great idea especially if the cost were kept down. I as well would be very interested in being a beta tester if you are looking for such!!!

  21. I will be eagerly looking forward to the update as content is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for internet marketers.

  22. carl says:

    I had a website with adsense that was a collection of many health articles and books. I got an email from google that they were taking the advertising off of the site because it was duplicate content that was already on the web. On the other hand my site with all original content is doing quite well.

  23. ellen says:

    Hi Andy,

    as I own already a few of your excellent products, I find the idea of the new script very interesting and would like to beta-test it. I would, as said above already, try it for a competitive niche to see what it can do.

    Thanks for sharing this, and let me definitely know!

  24. hi Andy
    first of all thanks fot your free article rewriter have not used it yet but will
    anyway about your automatic website builder sounds real cool but does it leave a digital footprint which may have google delist the site eventually
    Andy whats your views on this matter enjoy your great blog
    peter mcgrath

  25. golf ranges says:

    I have found immense value in aged domains, from a traffic and keyword perspective

  26. Jesse James says:

    It definately sounds like it will be a useful tool for driving to rankings on niche. Thanks for giving us an update.

  27. Jay says:

    Andy thanks for this post. To give you a little background I currently have a few blogs all of them autoblogs on different keywords and all were built using free wordpress plugins having articles, Videos, News, relavant to the keywords. They take me about an hour to setup each one. I focus more on affiliate programs and not adsense just because dealing with googles BS is not worth the pennies they pay. I did in the past have adsense on ten of them and made about a hundred to one fifty a month but with affiliate programs this has gone up to nearly twice that so they do work.
    I pretty much do nothing with them they are as the term says Autoblogs. I think like everything here volume is the key the more blogs the more money. I did spend a few hours building some backlinks to them each has about 250 backlinks. Just wanted to add a little on autoblogging. Thanks

  28. Richard says:

    I definately want to hear more….Richard

  29. mike_sf says:

    I been trying something similar with mediocre results. Google doesn’t seem to mind but traffic is sparse and ad hits are even less. My best sites are the ones where I give out real information vs. regurgitated stuff. I always like to ask myself “would I buy from this site or even click on an ad?”. On most of these lite niche sites the answer is no. I may be jaded because I build niche sites but I’m seeing way too many useless sites and I click away immediately. I think other users do the same thing. Sites have to be credible to sell whether affiliates or just ads. I’m trying some hybrids now that provide original content but also populate with duplicate Q&A and videos to ‘fill out’ the site. We’ll see how that works. That’s my opinion…but I could be wrong.

  30. Matt says:

    Hello Andy,
    First off,couldnt do without EAR, i have quite a few of my articles from your software on some well known article sites.

    Cant say the name,you know why.

    Anyway, if ya need any beta testers, let me know.


  31. Maria says:

    Hi Andy;

    I forgot to mention in my first post that, if you need beta testers, please let me know.


  32. John100 says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’m taking some moment to rest my eyes staring in my screen from SEO activities.

    I would love to be part of your beta testers team. I’m currently using TBS and PAR. I would like to know if you have something better and different to offer.

    Get you scripts going and improve it, I would love to buy it if it’s complete.

    You did a good job with oyu past product, for sure you have something new and great to offer us again.

  33. Terry says:

    Any update on this experiment Andy..and what about the tool?Any plans to sell or show it to us in action?