ViberSpy – Record Your Visitors Browser Sessions [Plus Bonus]

Hey there,

Ok, I really wanted to tell you about a plugin that is being launched tomorrow (finally!).  I’ve been waiting for this for about two months now and I have only just go hold of a copy today so wanted to shoot a video for you which shows you EXACTLY what this plugin does.

In a nutshell… it let’s you RECORD the exact movements of your website visitors when they visit your site.. It’s like being their EYES literally.  It’s awesome and has so many benefits it’s unreal.

It’s excellent for affiliate blogs, squeeze pages and sales pages.  Anything!

You can watch how your visitors view your content and navigate through your site in real-time (a video).  This let’s you see which areas on your pages are HOTSPOTS so that you can place “call to actions” near them… such as buy buttons, banners, Adsense Ads… affiliate links etc.

You can also use it to see which areas of your pages need strengthening… such as headlines… video placement etc.

Anyway, grab a coffe and watch my demo video, you’ll be blown away by this…

The plugin will be available tomorrow and unlike a similar online service this is just a one-off payment.  NO monthly subscription… just a low cost one-time fee.

I’m going to be offering a cool bonus for this so be sure to keep an eye out for my email tomorrow.  It goes live tomorrow (Thursday 16th May at 1pm EST).

Until then.

Andy Black

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