A Simple Technique On How To Approach Local SEO

I get asked questions about local SEO from time to time so wanted to create a video for you that shows a simple tip on how to approach local SEO.

The video isn’t so much about ranking for local SEO but instead how to discover hot niches and keywords for a “specific geographical” area, town or city.  It basically reverses the usual way of thinking when people do their keyword research when trying to dominate local searches.

Watch My Video Below To Discover A Simple Tip

(At the start of the video I explain the “real” difference between broad, phrase and exact match searches.  If you already know this then feel free to jump ahead to 4 minutes 35 seconds where I share my tip on uncovering local SEO niches…

Hope you enjoy(ed) the video.  There will be more to come! Before you leave this page though I just want to point out that my bonus package for SEO Omega will only be available for a few more days before it is removed.  I know lots of your have jumped onboard and are loving the SEO Omega course but if you are one of those that are sat on the fence and haven’t yet got a copy… then you only have a few days to do so.  I have also added a 4th bonus (see below)…

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One comment

  1. Chris Rivait says:

    Thanks for the tip, Andy. I’ve always typed in the niche and then the three biggest cities in my area. This makes a lot more sense.