Find Awesome Keywords With Keyword Suggestion 2.0

One of the best ways to find long tail keywords is by looking at the suggestions that Google openly shows you on their search page.

When you search in Google you are instantly presented with some “suggestions”.  These are keywords that you are MOST likely to type into the search field after you have typed in your first word.  Google will then alter the suggestions LIVE as you type.

Here is an example for the keyword “Google Penguin”…

Google keyword suggestions

What Google has done here is presented me with the most “popular” keywords themed around “Google Pengiun” based on the current trends.  So from this we can see that the most two popular keywords here are “google penguin update” and “google penguin 2.0”.

Google suggestions can often offer MORE long tail type keywords than the Google external keyword tool itself.  You just need to get creative with it.

Digging Deeper Into Your Keywords

So from the search shown above we now know that “google penguin update” is the most commonly searched for keyword for the seed keyword “google penguin”.  What we can do now is dig deeper by typing the word “update” onto the end.

Digging deeper with Google Suggestions

As you can see above Google has now shown us a number of popular longtail keywords themed around “google penguin update”.  These are the type of keywords that are EASY to rank for.

Using Wildcards To Get More Ideas

You can use what are referred to as wildcards.  A wildcard is basically an * symbol and can represent ANY word.

Here is another search example using a wildcard…

Using a wildcard with Google suggestionsAs you can see in the screenshot above, Google have now presented us with some nice longtail keywords all themed around “Google Penguin”.  You can get REALLY creative with this and all of the keywords are ordered by popularity.

Simple Software That Can Do ALL This For You…

The reason why I wanted to talk about this is because I have just got my hands on a really neat keyword tool called “Keyword Suggestion 2.0”.  It allows you to utlize the power of Google suggestions and extracts a TON of longtail keywords that are not only easy to rank for… but also actually searched for in Google.

Before you take a look at the screenshots below I just want to point out that about 2-3 years ago I purchased a similar keyword tool for $47.  The vendor limited sales to 1,000 and then closed off access…

The software I’m going to show you below costs JUST $9.95    and it is packed with more functionality than the one I purchased back then.

Let’s Take A Quick Look At The Software

The interface is very clean looking and the software is very simple and quick to use…

Keyword Suggestion v2.0 review

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You can choose to either enter a keyword plus a wildcard character OR you can use the “Idea Generator” on the left hand side.

The idea generator can help you uncover keword angles that you have never even thought of before.  You then simple choose one of those and the software will quickly collate and display ALL of the relevant suggestions based on that search query.

You can then filter the keywords and save them to your local drive as a TXT or CSV file.

You can also log into your Google account from within the software and get access to further stats for your chosen keyword (as shown above on the right hand side).

Keyword tools are a necessity to building websites and marketing online.  If you want another option for grabbing tons of longtail keywords that you can target and gain easy rankings with them this tool is worth getting.

Remember, it costs less than ten dollors to it is a steal!

Surprise Bonuses From Me

If you decide to snap this up before the offer closes shortly then you’ll also get some suprise bonuses from me if you buy throughmy link.  You will find a link to these on your access page.

Buy Keyword Suggestion v2.0

Only $9.95 Until The Offer Closes Shortly

(Includes BOTH Windows And Mac Versions)

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