Get Your Articles Indexed Within Hours

It’s common knowledge that most internet marketers and webmasters submit articles in order to gain exposure and build relevant backlinks to their websites.  The mistake that many make though is they submit them and then forget about them.  This is an easy way of doing things but if you are submitting your articles in order to build backlinks and gain more traffic via longtailed organic searches then you need to ensure that these articles get indexed.  Until your articles are indexed your backlinks will hold ZERO value as Google will not know about them.

Some article directories such as Ezinearticles are not a problem lately as newly submitted articles are getting picked up quickly by Google at present.  With some other article directories though, this isn’t always the case.  Through my experience I have found that some directories do not get crawled thoroughly on a regular basis.  This means that your articles may take weeks to get indexed and sometimes they may not get indexed at all.  This is where you sometimes need to intervene to make sure your articles get crawled and indexed at super speed.

Some people do this by adding there article urls to popular social bookmarking sites.  This worked pretty good as these popular sites get crawled constantly by Google in order to find new pages.  The problem is though that many of these sites have banned many article directory domains.

The best method that I personally use and have done for some time now is to add your article urls to your signature link on a popular forum.  This is a temporary link which I remove the next day.  To give you an example – I currently have over 500 posts within an active forum.  A forum that usually has over 1,000 members on at any one time making posts and starting new threads.  Due to the level of activity within this forum Google will crawl it constantly.  I simply add my links, generally about two urls.  What I do then is make a few posts in busy or new threads.  New or busy threeads are hot topics so Google will crawl them regularly.  This will mean that it will pick up your added urls, assess them and then index them.  Basically, as soon as I add my article urls to my signature, over 500 posts will instantly be updated with the new links which means Google only has to stumble on one of those 500+ posts in order to pick the new links up.

I have used this method for months and ALL my new articles and pages with my backlinks on get picked up and indexed within hours.

When you add a link to your signature using BBcode, which is usually the standard for forums, just put something like ‘1’ for the anchor text.  As this will be for indexing purposes only, you won’t want these links to stand out like a sore thumb otherwise they may detract from your more important signature links.

Here is an example of the code you’d need to use…


Why not give it a try yourself!

To your success!

Andy Black


  1. Alan Katz says:

    Andy, great article. I just learned something new and will give it a try. Keep the valuable information coming.

  2. Kim says:

    And remember –any noobs reading this…make sure you are leaving a comment of value at these forums!! Your posts will be deleted if the posts is…”Hi, I’m new”, or “Thanks for the link”…stuff like that. Leave something of value to other readers please!

    *** Note from Andy ***

    My post is referring to signature links rather than posts but Kim is right. Dead end comments in forums are not good and people get annoyed so it won;t do you any favours. There are MANY more advantages to writing valuable and informative posts rather than writing something short and pointless in order to increase your post count. Forums are a VERY valuable tool when it comes to internet marketing!

  3. Jon says:

    Hi Andy – Just joined and been playing with Article Writer (thanks for making it available!). Quick question, are their any article-submitter tools/software that you would recommend? I’ve been looking at the free-trial version of Jetspinner, not sure yet whether it’s worth the fees

    Thanks, Jon

    *** Note from Andy ***

    Hi Jon, I haven’t actually tried Jetspinner (Jetsubmitter) but I do have a couple of others. To be honest, for a while now I just submit to a modest group of article directories manually. The ones I have though are Article Post Robot. This one isn’t cheap but it is very automated. You have to register an account with the article directories within the software and create a pen name. You only have to do this once though. You can then set the software to completely respin your titles, resource boxes and article as it submits. You need to make sure your spun articles are error free though otherwise they may not get accepted. You can then set a time limit and just click on ‘Start Robot’. The software does everything else for you.

    Another one I have is Brad Callens Article Submitter. I have the gold version but there is a free version too which has less directories but has the same functionality. With this you set up as many titles, resource boxes etc as you want and when you click on an article directory from the list it pre-populates all the data for you ready to submit. The list is organised by alexa or PR and it keeps a log of where you’ve submitted to.

    I’d recommend downloading a free one first and see how you get on from there. The one thing I will stress to you though is that you really want to make sure that your article titles are unique. Article titles not only generate initial interest, they also hold weight within the search engines so make sure your keywords are in there. Preferably towards the start of the title!

  4. James Spacey says:

    Andy – that’s a really clever way of getting the bots to your article fast. I’ve been relying on social bookmarking mostly and you’re right that some of the social network’s don’t like article urls. To get around this I always redirect to my articles from another url and that looks better too – ie rather than

  5. Bernie says:

    Hi Andy,

    Interesting approach, I will give that a go.

    I usually don’t have an issue getting articles indexed, but it is always good to learn new techniques.

    Another approach might be to send a tweet on twitter that contains your article link.