Three Simple Steps To Success

Three Simple Steps To SuccessWith us entering a brand new month tomorrow and with the essence of summer really starting to kick in I thought it would be a great opportunity to write a blog post to hopefully instill some “inspiration” and give you some food for thought.

I wanted to share with you the basic principles that I apply each and every day to grow my business and achieve the levels of success that I have so far achieved.  These same basic principles have taken me from ZERO to earning well into 5 figures each month… and if you are not there already then you can be if you choose to.

The truth is that the difference between successful people and those who tred water can be summed up in just THREE words and these are “Mindset”, “Focus” and “Action”.  When you apply all three of these you have every chance of succeeding in whatever you do.


Having the wrong mindset will prevent you from ever succeeding.  You can either have a winners mindset… or a LOSERS mindset.  This all comes down to the “belief” you have in yourself.  If you truly believe that something is not possible, or that a “goal” is unattainable then you are doomed to fail from the very start.  People who succeed believe in themselves and believe that anything is possible and more importantly – Attainable!

It’s simply a choice.  Are you a winner or a loser?  Choose to be a winner and move forwards knowing that you have the same chance of success as anybody else.


A big stumbling block many people come across is having a lack of “focus”.  People spread themselves too thinly and flip between different tasks, projects and ideas, and find that they can’t see the woods for the tree’s.  To make progress you need to focus on one or two projects maximum.  Too many projects will dilute your progress which in turn will make you lose focus.  You can’t succeed at anything if you don’t have focus.

Choose a project and give that project your full attention… and more importantly, see it through to the end.


If you’re like most marketers then I’m sure you have experienced the dreaded “procrastination”.  The art of sitting on your computer checking stats, watching funny videos on Youtube and spending 50% of your time on Facebook.  This is the biggest KILLER of your success and it WILL destroy your focus.  Close Facebook, get off Youtube and forget about your stats that you actually just checked an hour ago.  None of that stuff will grow your business or increase your bank balance.

Taking action is the KEY to success.  Whatever your goal is, it will require a number of small steps and tasks to see your goal come to fruition.  It’s not rocket science it is FACT.

Here is what I do every single day.  When you switch on your machine and are ready to work write down just THREE tasks that are part of your “project”.  This might be to design some graphics, create a short report or maybe even to record a couple of tutorial videos.  Whatever they are “write them down” and make sure that ALL of those three tasks are complete and ticked off by the end of the day.

What Will This Achieve?

Progress!  It will guarantee to bring you closer to your goal and see your project completed.  By ensuring that a minimum of THREE tasks are completed each day you are ensuring that 15 tasks are completed within YOUR week (Monday – Friday).  Just think of the progress you will make by simply applying that one simple concept.

When you apply this concept you will find that you will go that extra step and complete additional tasks each day and everything else is a bonus.

When a builder builds a house he doesn’t sit and stare at the plans all day (procrastinate).  No, he looks at this one project and then tackles it “one step at a time”.  He digs the foundations.  He lays bricks, he adds dry lining, flooring and everything else he needs to do in order to complete the “house”.

So remember, just take ACTION!

Want To Know What else Helps Me Each Day?

Going for an early morning walk!  I get ready each morning and take my dog on a 30 minute walk.  I walk along a beck near my house and then right around my estate.  Doing this has a few benefits.  The first being it gives me that FEEL GOOD factor.  I get fresh air that wakes me up and it also kickstarts my body with energy which sets me up for the day.

The second benefit of doing this is to get ideas.  Honestly, you’d be surprised at how many ideas you get for tackling your “tasks” whilst out walking.  I have spent hours on a programming issue… pulling my hair out and shouting obscenities – Only to come up with the solution during a dog walk shortly after.

When you remove yourself from your work for a short time you are allowing your mind to run free which will attract a ton of ideas, solutions and inspiration.  I swear by it!

After your walk you will be refreshed, energized and ready to absorb yourself into your project.

Here is a photo that I took only this morning during my dog walk…

Honestly, it is a great activity to do before starting your online work.

So, Remember Those Three Successful Words

Mindset, Focus and Action.  Applying them in your daily business will lead you on the pathway to success.  You are a winner.  Remember that!

I hope you enjoyed todays post.  It would be great to hear your views, thoughts and tips on being successful so please feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Thank you Andy for sharing your thoughts. Your sharp ideas and great suggestions help drive home the point to find our place of where we want to be in order to be the success we want to be. We dream it, think about it, begin it, but often we aren’t be present in it. It’s the small steps to focus on the journey to go where we aspire ourselves to be.

    Stay creative – Dave Ramacitti

    Andy Reply:

    Exactly Dave. Taking action means we are turning our ideas into reality and by taking small actionable steps each day we are getting closer to our goals and seeing our “projects” come to fruition.

    It’s too easy in this “internet” type business to convince ourselves that we have been slaving away for hours when in fact we have procrastinated and produced absolutely “nothing” of value.

    Thanks for commenting.

  2. Flora says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for these words of wisdom. Even though I know better (and have done better) I, like so many others, fall victim to the Internet’s bright shiny objects and meaningless lures.

    I find that an early morning walk is a great way to start the day as well. It’s time to for me to get back into that routine. Think I’ll take a photo tomorrow too.

    I appreciate your encouragement.

    Andy Reply:

    Hey Flora, thanks so much for commenting. Yes, it is really easy to fall victim to it. Enjoy your morning walk… It certainly helps you get refreshed for working.

  3. Chad says:

    Great post Andy, some of the points hit a little too close to home for comfort 🙂 It’s encouraging though to know I’m not the only one who has to fight himself with these issues.

    Could I ask you a question? Since I’m a newbie, many of the tasks I need to get done each day are new and I don’t know how long they’re going to take.

    How do you stay productive when one task may take you all day? Do you slog through it letting other tasks fall to the wayside? Or do you accomplish smaller things that may not be as important but you can get more of done?

    I would love your feedback.

    Great post! Thanks again,

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Chad, thanks for commenting!

    With regards to your question just break down your ALL day task into smaller tasks. If it is a large task then instead of 3 tasks ensure that you get that “one” larger task completed. The aim here is to just stay productive. If you do not hit your target but KNOW that you have put in the effort and completed a lot then that is what it is all about. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Ending your day “closer to your goal” than what you were in the morning is what you are striving for.

    Having that “to do list” is vital but tackling it one step at a time is how we make progress. It’s like building a wall… one brick at a time. If we are persistant we will end up with a completed wall.

  4. Karin F says:

    Good stuff. I agree. I miss my a.m. swim, I always got such good ideas while doing my laps.

    Andy Reply:

    Thanks For your comment Karin. Yes I have also found swimming good for letting your ideas flow through your head. Anything activity that doesn’t require much thinking like swimming and walking are great as your mind is free’d up allowing you to approach “problems and obstacles” from a different angle.

  5. Andy Harris says:

    Couldnt agree more Andy, especially with the mind set, every negative had a positive, thats if your prepared to look hard enough.
    Procrastination isnt always a bad thing, as long as its doing something that will have a positive effect on your long term goal, like reading this blog for instance 🙂
    I would like to add one more if you dont mind, and that is networking, surrounding yourself with people with knowledge and positive attitude will only assist you in your ultimate goal, hence why I read your blog.
    all the best ANDY

    Andy Reply:

    I agree about surrounding yourself with like minded, successful people. It’s kind of like the “you are what you eat” analogy. I have been to a couple of internet marketing events here in the UK and it was great to mingle with people who do what I do on all different levels. The common theme with each of these people though was they were all action takers. They took the step to book tickets, accomodation and make their way to the weekend event. From all over the world. Those are the types of people you want to connect with and it’s amazing at some of the relationships and projects that can come to fruition as a result.

    Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  6. Jermaine Poindexter says:

    Thank you so much for this information I really needed this

    Andy Reply:

    You’re welcome! 🙂

  7. Myra Love says:

    Great words of wisdom. I find that I could have the right mindset but if I don’t focus and take action, nothing gets done. And sometimes when I am taking action, without the right mindset or focus, I get nothing worthy done! Funny how that works.

  8. Paul Healey says:

    Amen to that Andy! Shared this post, thanks.

    Andy Reply:

    Hey Paul, thanks! 🙂

  9. Gillian says:


    Thank you! This is superb advice that really works. Today I focused solidly for a ‘timed’ hour and got an amazing amount of important work done without interference from Facebook or anything else. Then short break (5-10 minutes only) – then back for another ‘timed’ hour… and so on. It works.

    I will certainly remember your 3 key words: Mindset, Focus and Action. Thanks again.

    Andy Reply:

    Great to hear Gillian. Yes it does work very well. Those three words counter the three main blockages of success. Remove these blockages and it is a home run… no matter what niche or business you are in.

    Thanks for commenting.