A Quick Overview Of Authority Blog Finder

Hi Guys,

I created a short video for you showing you how to use my Authority Blog Finder software.  This software is extremely easy to use and is great for quickly finding quality blogs to leave comments on in order to gain backlinks.

If you haven’t already downloaded the software yet, you can do so HERE.  You are also free to give this software away yourself.

It would be great to hear any feedback you have so please do feel free to leave a comment.

Just a quick heads up for you.  There is a new guest blogging software application being released tomorrow (Friday).  I haven’t had a close look at it yet but will be doing so tonight.  If I think it is a good product I will email details to my subscribers tomorrow.

I’m going away for a few days this Saturday but on my return I will be emailing you a pretty interesting case study where I will illustrate to you how I have manage to rank ALL my articles above ALL other ‘competing’ articles… and it doesn’t involve backlinks or social signals.  I will also explain the benefits of this system and how it can help your online business.  This new system is also Google Penguin proof and will never cause issues with Google 🙂

To your success!

Andy Black

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  1. Maz says:

    This is an awesome software to find authority blogs. Loving it! Thanks.