Best Tags For Youtube – My Own Powerful Formula

Today I wanted to do TWO things…

1) Share an AWESOME video ranking tip with you that is working great for me

2) Tell you about a really nice Youtube video curation theme that is available from today

First off, my cool video ranking tip so let’s get started!

Among the many things I do within my online business, running small tests and case studies in the background is one of them.  Recently I’ve been testing different strategies out for ranking Youtube videos.  I’ve got a ton of tests ahead of me yet but one strategy that I’m seeing significant results with is related to “video tags”.  Although video tags are not publicly visible on the published video pages they are hidden within the source code and are used by Youtube and Google.

A Common Mistake That Marketers Make With Video Tags

Many marketers create tags that are TOO related to their target keyword.  To the extent where duplication and over optimization comes into play.  Here is just one example of what I’m referring to…

EXAMPLE:  electric dog collar review, electric dog collar reviews, best electric dog collar review, best review for electric dog collar review.

I’ve discovered that using tags as a way to target more “specific keywords” is the wrong way to go about it.  Instead, the best way to use tags is to utilize them to create an overall theme. This means choosing tags that relate to your target keyword but aren’t always in direct relation to your target keyword.

Confused? Ok, even those last few sentences confused me.  What I’m referring to here is to create tags that relate to other niche specific areas such as related brands, experts, sub topics etc.  This paints an overall picture which gives Youtube and Google a better indication that your video IS about your chosen target keyword.

Here’s a little graphic I just whipped up in Photoshop to illustrate the KEY areas you need to focus on with regards to tags.

best tags to use for youtube videos

Let’s Break Each Area Down

Target Keyword

These are tags (keywords) that are directly related to your target keyword.  A quick and easy way to get tag ideas is to use Googles “instant suggestions” on the Google search page.  Simply enter your target keyword and see which suggestions it gives you.  Let’s say that our target keyword is “Dog Training leads” we would possibly use these 3 tags…


In order to get more ideas you can re-search after adding an asterix * to the start of your target keyword.  Like this…


Broad Keyword

These are tags that are related to the main broad niche.  In this case the keyword will be “dog training”.  Here is another example of the tags we will use for this…

Finding broad youtube tags for ranking your video

Brand Keyword

In order to create a nice theme around your keyword it’s good to include tags that relate to BRANDS.  Brands that produce and sell products that are related to your target keyword.  In this example it will be brands related to “dog training leads”.  To do this you simply enter your target keyword into Google and then click on the shopping link towards the top of the page.  Google will then present you with a TON of products related to your keyword and on the left hand side you will see a section containing “BRANDS”.  Click on the show more link and it will expand in order to show you all the brands related to your keyword.

Youtube tags related to brands


Take a selection of these brand names and add them to your tags list.

Expert Keyword

To really crank up the relevance of your keyword we will want to include tags related to one or more EXPERTS within the field of your niche.  Again, in this example it will be “dog training”.  So, we need to go and find dog training experts.  To do this we use a simple search string in Google…

finding relevant tags for youtube videos

This forces Google to return BBC News articles that include the exact wording: dog training expert.  This will generally have a name either before or directly after.  You do not have to use BBC News website.  You can use any large news type website.

If we take a closer look at the first result Google returned to us, the name is “Zak George”.  If we take that name and enter that into Google you will instantly see that this person IS a dog training expert and that Google is already highly aware of him.

Creating Relevance Is KEY

In order to get your videos ranking from the very start we have to let Google know that our video is relevant.  This is why we use the above techniques to create a DIVERSE range of tags that dig DEEP into our niche.  We include specific keywords, broad keywords, brand keywords and keywords related to experts within the field.

Using Googles Vast Power (Against Them)

Google will know that EVERY single tag that we use within our video listing is RELATED to “dog training”.  They will have hundreds or even thousands of indexed content pages about our included experts – With a network of external sites and pages linking in and enforcing that.  They will have thousands of indexed pages that review the brands and products.  Add to that the thousands of indexed pages that display content around all of our other broad tags.

These tags will create a topical picture and we all know that a picture paints a thousand words right? 🙂

Our aim it to have Google see our THEME like this…

Themed youtube tags

I hope that you have learned something from this blog post and apply this tip to your OWN Youtube videos.

Before you leave and whilst I have your attention

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I hope that you have enjoyed the FREE content within this blog post.  I will be sharing more “RANKING” tips with you soon so stay tuned and keep an eye open for my emails.

To your success!

Andy Black


  1. great tips their mate and fantastic product, I always use a unique tag first because what that does is bring my videos up in the sidebar of YouTube and helps to get my other videos viewed and I syndicate my videos on to a service called rebelmouse. have a great day, Thanks

  2. Erdal says:

    Great! Thank You!

  3. Barry Lewis says:

    Awesome information Andy keep that information coming.

  4. Evan Jensen says:

    Thanks for the tips on tags Andy.
    Your information is always helpful and gives a new twist on how to keep the Google crawlers happy.

  5. Kim says:

    Andy, I’m a newbie at all of this. I get the idea of the diversification of tags, but where do I insert all these tag keywords? In the description of what the Youtube video is about? Can you show me an example of a video with the different target, brand, broad and expert tags in it? I don’t understand where the tags get typed in.

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Kim, thanks for your comment. I was going to include that in my post but was running out of time. When you upload and publish a video to Youtube there is a TAGS section below the title and description fields. That is where you enter each tag.

    If you want me to add a screenshot to the post then let me know and I’ll do that asap.


  6. Barry says:

    Great Youtube tip, Andy! Thanks!!! Just a quick question about your bonus offer for purchasing the “Easy Auto Tube” software via your affiliate link above. How do I access your bonuses?

    Andy Reply:

    Thanks Barry. I discovered there was an issue with the bonuses as the ZIPs were empty (0 bytes). I have new ones now so just uploading them and theywill be added to JVZoo shortly. You would see a link to download the bonuses in JVZoo. If there were any issues then my support desk URL is:


  7. Ken says:

    Looks good, but appears to be “missing” some way to –
    put clickable links
    re-directs into videos


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Ken, that has nothing to do with the points I’ve made within this video. That is about conversions. My blog post is purely to offer a tip for increasing your ranking.

    Thanks for your comment anyway.

  8. Greg says:

    Great post Andy. Very informative and very kind of you to share. I will be implementing this ASAP.

  9. Ken says:

    Hi Andy,

    Should have phrased that differently –
    any plans to add those features down the road?


    It really does look awesome.

  10. Roger says:

    Great post – and I love the image to show how we want google to see our theme. I am a big fan of YouTube for my businesses and have just started up a completely new channel for our new website.

    Starting from scratch is good fun and a real challenge – Previously I have had a big subscriber base to help me rank videos but without using this immediate traffic it is much harder.

    thanks again.