Some Simple SEO Tips To Help Improve Your Rankings

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of SEO tips that are easy to implement and can offer you a boost in rankings.  These aren’t “top secret” strategies but rather simple things that people forget about as they don’t understand WHY they can help their sites.

Ok, So Let’s Get Straight To It

Youtube Videos

It’s a known fact that Google loves to rank webpages and blog posts that contain video.  More to the point.. Youtube videos.

Get Brownie Points From Google

Youtube are owned by Google so sites that embed their videos are essentially creating more exposure for Youtube which is something they WANT.

Videos Increase User Experience

More and more people these days like to consume content via video.  Let’s face it, it is easy to kick back with a cup of coffee and watch a video taking in all the content that it offers.  By including video on your sites you are opening up your content to “suit” more people.  This creates a better user experience and guess what.. that is Googles no.1 aim!

Videos Increase Time Spent On YOUR Site

It has been proven by many SEO’s recently that the longer your visitors spend on your site and pages, the higher you will rank.  It is one of the “new age” SEO factors that Google use to determine the relevancy and quality of a web page.  If you embed a quality, relevant video that is “super engaging” on your site then a percentage of your visitors are going to be on your site for much longer.  This will result in sending powerful ranking signals to Google which will help you move up the rankings.  Remember, higher rankings equals more traffic.

Including videos doesn’t even need to be hard.  You can simply choose a popular video from Youtube that is super relevant to your topic.  If the video is highly rated and has good comments then you can bet that your visitors will like it too.  This is a “type” of content curation.  To add your personal twist simply add your comments below the video… even if you are correcting some information contained in the video, or offering your personal opinion.

Easy Video Creation Without Having To Speak

Lots of marketers do not like to create their own videos because they are not comfortable reading their own scripts and recording their own voice.  There is in fact a very good piece of software that has just re-opened that eliminates these problems allowing you to create these videos without having to record your own voice or putting yourself in front of the camera.  I have included details at the end of this blog post if you are interested in this sofware.

Updating Your Content

This is something that MOST marketers don’t bother doing.  How many times have you seen your NEW blog posts rank solidly for a few months and then slowly slip down the rankings a couple of pages.  This happens due to the “FRESH CONTENT” boost that Google applies to NEW or …. wait for it… UPDATED pages.  That is why new content rich posts always rank quite well to start off with because Google will view these as “current”.  Particularly if the time pent on those pages are above a specific threshold.

So, How Do You Update Your Pages?

The great thing here is you do not have to update much at all.  If Google see’s a minor change when it crawls your pages it will know that it is being “monitored” and updated.  Google can only assume that a webpage that is 2 years old and hasn’t been updated in 2 years is stale and possibly out of date.  Hence why these pages lose their rankings.

A quick and simple way is to add a couple more sentences to your blog post.  Maybe even change one of your header tags.  Change a photo or add a Youtube video.

By applying small, simple changes you will likely trigger Googles “Freshness” algorithm and will see a boost in rankings.  Particularly if you do this for all of your posts.  Doing this once every 2-3 months should yield good results.

Encourage Comments And Feedback

Encouraging feedback from your visitors can have a great impact on your rankings because this adds a huge “Social” element to your content.  There is nothing like a good debate or discussion on any topic.

So, How Will This Help?

Firstly, by having people engage with you (and each other) on your blog you are essentially getting them to A) Create content for your blog post … B) Getting them to help you keep your blog socially active.

Google is very good at determining low quality, spammy comments in comparison to REAL quality comments.  Never approve spam or “general” comments likes “Hey, love your site!”.  Those are automated spam.  Approving real engaging comments is “key” to achieving good rankings and also keeping your blog fresh in the eyes of Google.

A good way to encourage your vistors to comment and give you feedback on your post… is it just ask!  At the end of the post simple tell them that it would be great to hear their views and get their feedback.

If you apply the tips outlined above you should see an improvement with your rankings.

As Mentioned Above – Video Creation Software

Ok, I mentioned a little earlier about a new software tool that allows you to quickly create marketing videos without having to record your own voice or having to put yourself in front of a camera.  Not everyone can record good videos but now you don’t have to… as there is a pretty neat software tool available that can do this for you.  It was released a few months ago and has just re-opened again after having some improvements added.

This simple desktop software allows you to add slides, images and background music which it will then turn into HD quality video.  Better still you can add hidden text throughout which the software will convert into “spoken words” using the built in Microsoft speach engine.  You can convert any Powerpoint slides you have into video and get instant exposure on Youtube.

This is great for turning some of your blog post content into videos (benefits outlined above) or even for creating cool marketing videos that you can upload to Youtube in order to generate affiliate income.

I’m not sure how long the developer will be keeping this open for but right now the pricing is great so if you can see the benefits this software offers then go and grab a copy now.

Take Me To This Software

Happy SEO’ing!

Andy Black

P.s. – Oh.. it would be great to have your feedback and if you have any little “SEO” nuggets that you would like to share, please feel free! 🙂





  1. sid vicious says:

    unless you are a NEWS site, I don’t know how critical the freshness thing is, but it won’t hurt.

  2. Simon says:

    Thanks for the tips Andy. Doing a lot more video now and looking to ‘freshen up’ some old posts. I’m using your Social Traffic Ranker for link building, but getting traffic is still the big challenge.