The Three Elements To Online Success

Today I wanted to talk about the basic priniciples of making money online.  A high percentage of people who try their hand at internet marketing fail.. but it really doesn’t need to be like this.  One of the reasons they fail is because they lose focus of the basics and “over complicate” things.  The truth is, it isn’t really that hard to make money on the internet.  In fact, considering the HUGE ongoing growth that we are seeing with the internet it should be one of the easiest ways of earning money in this modern “era”.

successRemember, It’s Just A Simple Process

When it comes to making money online it all comes down to a simple process.  No matter what course you follow, or what method / system you implement it should always revolve around the simple three step process that I’m going to tell you about in this post.

It’s common for marketers to move onto a new product or marketing method every other week or so without finding success with any of them.  The problem here is that people get too focused on the “method” and not the basis that all of these methods are based around.

Confused?  Ok, let me explain it a little better.

However you plan to make money online, it should be based around three core elements.  These are as follows…

1) Create something of value

2) Drive targeted traffic

3) Conversions

Seriously… that is it.  Everything in this world revolves around “want and need”.  If there is a need for a product or service then it will sell.  If there is a “problem” that exists which you have identified… then all you need to do is create a solution and sell it.  If a problem already has a solution but you can create a BETTER solution… then guess what.. you will make money.

Let’s Break Down These Three Steps

Create something of value

Identify a problem and create a solution.  All you need to do then is turn it into a product that people can consume.  This can be software, a service, or even packaged information such as an ebook or report.  People around the world have problems each and every day and are often willing to pay for the solution.  Literally every need or desire can result in a product that can be solved and “sold” online.

Drive targeted traffic

Like a high street shop requires passing trade… a product sales page or website needs visitors (traffic).  Your product and traffic go together like “beer and pizza”.  On their own they are useless… but together they are a recipe for success.  Without people seeing your product you will NEVER sell any.


Ok, now conversions are just as important as your product and traffic.  If your product is “poorly” presented then it’l likely you’ll sell very little.  If you get hundreds of people land on your website or sales page and the copy, video, graphics etc that you have on your page doesn’t trigger the right emotions you will get ZERO sales.  Understanding how to tweak your sales page in order to increase your conversions is the REAL key to online success.  It can make the difference to you having an online business or not.  Increasing your sales conversions can be as simple as hanging your sales page “headline” or moving your sales video or buy buttons further up the sales page.  Believe it or not.. even changing words like “Learn” to “Discover” can have an impact on your sales.

Every successful marketer keeps those three simple steps in mind whenever they implement a new strategy online.  Those three steps are like the universal rules of making money on the internet and if you remember that then you won’t go far wrong.

So, let’s quickly recap: Create something of value that people need… Drive targeted traffic to your product… Make sure that your sales page or website converts “some” of your visitors into buyers.

I know that sounds just like common sense… because that is all it is – common sense.  It’s just that when things are that “brain dead” simple, people often look beyond it believing that there has to be more to it.  The reality is though… there isn’t.

I always view the world as one large “pie” of income.  Anybody is capable of reaching in and taking a slice.  The question is.. how big will your slice be?  One thing is certain though – It is there for the taking.  Just don’t over complicate it.

Before You Go

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Keep an eye out for more emails from me this week.  I have much more to share with you.  Today was just about explaining the basic principles.

Until next time

Andy Black


  1. Paul says:

    Andy this is awesome. Please we need more of this

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Andy, Thank you for this post. I was wondering what that other blog was about. LOL!

    Anyway, I hear that it should be easy to make money on line, but I haven’t been able to get past the first step that you mentioned.

    That one alone is huge. What good is traffic without something special to give and share? To monetize?
    Such as, Special reports, audios and videos and powerpoints, They are all in this category. They seem to be impossible to learn.

    I have bought a lot of training and am told WHAT to do but not HoW to do it. Any affordable suggestions? Thanks, Mary

  3. sean breslin says:

    Hello Andy went to the other link and it confused me no end! Read it twice to see what I was missing 🙁 I enjoyed this post much more!