Why All Traffic Isn’t The Same

Today I wanted to talk about the different types of traffic.  As an internet marketer you hear about having to generate traffic all the time (website visitors).  It’s a vital component if you are wanting to make money online.  What many marketers don’t understant though is that there are different types of traffic.

Have you heard or seen other marketers refer to things such as “poor quality traffic” or “good quality traffic”?

So, What Makes Traffic Poor Quality?

Poor quality traffic is usually untargeted traffic… sometimes loosly referred to as “cold” traffic.  However, there is a difference between untargeted traffic and cold traffic.  Untargeted traffic are websitewebsite-traffic visitors that may have landed on your site via a popup or pop-under ad or suchlike.  Usually from a site that isn’t related to the topic of your own site or product.  If that site gets a ton of traffic there is a good chance that some of those visitors will click through the “forced ad” and take a look at your site.  The people who click through are usually just curious.  This type of traffic isn’t just untargeted… it is also COLD.

What Is Targeted Traffic?

Targeted traffic are website visitors that are interesting in your niche or topic.  For example if people found your site after searching in Google those visitors would be targeted as they were searching specifically for content related to your site, product or service.  The same applies to visitors who click through a link or banner on a website that is of the same topic as your own site.

What Is The Difference Between Cold And Warm Traffic?

Warm traffic are website visitors that are “emotionally ready” for your content, product or service.  Then when they land on your site or sales page they may already be pre-sold and ready to take action.

Let me give you a couple of examples.  If a website visitor is watching a review video on Youtube about your product and the review is favourable and contains lots of mouth watering information then if that viewer decides to click through a link to your sales page they are much more likely to by as they have been warmed up.  They have already learned about some of the uses and benefits your product can offer so need less persuasion to buy or take an actionable step.

Another example would be a visitor that has received an email from a marketer they follow, know and trust.  The marketer may be essentially promoting your product and sharing “favourable” information about the product you are selling.  This warms up the visitor before they land on your site.

Traffic Tip

Typically speaking around 1% of your cold (but targeted) traffic will make a purchasing decision the first time they visit your site.  A great way to NOT lose the other 99% of that traffic is to collect their email address and connect further with them.  You can do this by offering a FREE (Lite) version of your product.. or a relevant FREE report or something.  You can place an opt-in box on your site and also use a lightbox popup that appears and presents your offer to them.  Once you collect their email address you can further highlight the benefits of your product(s) via email.

Just remember, that not all traffic is the same.  It all boils down to… is your visitor REALLY interested in your niche or what you have to offer… and have they been warmed up prior to landing on your site.

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I hope you enjoyed this post.  If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment below please do 🙂

To your success

Andy Black

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