Are You Over Optimizing Your Websites And Pages?

Today I wanted to highlight the importance of not “over optimizing” your websites and webpages.  Long gone are the days when you could just include your main keyword in your page title, meta keywords, header tags, alt text and article content in order to rank highly.  In the last 12 months such tactics will lead to dropped rankings and your websites traffic being “throttled”.

The Truth Is.. Things Have Changed

In many cases you do not even need to include your target keyword in order to rank for that keyword.  Sound odd?  Well it is true.  In fact, in many cases if you even include your target keyword in your page title you will not RANK anywhere near the top in Google.

Let Me Show You An Example

If you search in Google for the keyword phrase lose weight quickly you will notice that none of the top results include that keyword within the page title…

lose weight quickly search

Instead you will see that Google has favoured the word “fast” rather than “quickly”.  If you were trying to rank for the keyword “lose weight quickly” you would rank higher for that keyword if you optimized your page for “lose weight fast”.

This is because Google regards “lose weight fast” to be more relevant than “lose weight quickly” and therefore shows results for the former rather than the searched keyword itself.

I have included a screenshot below that proves there are a TON of pages in Googles index that are optimized for the keyword “lose weight quickly”.


You can see above that there are approx. 34,900 pages indexed in Google that have “lose weight quickly” within the actual page title.  Yet NONE of these rank near the top.

What is even more interesting is the fact that the no.1 result on page 1 of Google only has one instance of the word “quickly” within the entire page.


So, The Question Is: How Are YOU Optimizing Your Pages?

Here’s what to do when targeting a specific keyword.

1) First check that there are a decent number of pages that include your entire keyword within the page title.  To do this simply use this search query in Google search:  intitle:”target keyword”  Obviously replace target keyword with your real target keyword.

2) Once you have seen that there are pages out there that include your keyword within the title perform another search but this time just enter your keyword as normal.  For example: lose weight quickly

All you need to do then is write down notes relating to the following questions:

A) Is your target keyword in any of the page titles of the top 10 results?

B) If not, then what words are showing in the top 10 results.  Take note of synonyms and related words.

C) Is your keyword or parts of your keyword found within the body of the webpages?

D) Is you keyword found in H tags, alt image tags etc.

This will paint a picture and give you an idea of how to best go about optimizing your webpage to give you the best chance of ranking it in Google.

To Recap: Don’t over optimize your pages and instead focus on words that appear frequently within the top results.


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I hope you have enjoyed todays blog post and have found it beneficial to your online business and goals.

Please feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

To your success

Andy Black


  1. Jim says:

    Interesting topic. I was checking out my competition on majesticseo for a competitive keyword and found that the keyword was 80% of the anchor text listed. Now I would think that Google would penalize or at least not rank the site for this keyword but to my surprise the site is #9 in the serps. Now it could be that Majestic has not found all the backlinks to the site, but I surmise the keyword is still a high percentage of the total. I’ve also seen, as you’ve detailed in your post that sites are ranking for keywords with no backlinks for a specific keyword. Not quite sure what is going on in Googleland.

  2. Paul says:

    Interesting blog post, i totally agree with you seo, has changed in recent years, infact this days if google sees you as an authority in a paticular niche, it tends to give you better rankings, it’s not really about the keyword per say, but the content of what is been delivered.

  3. Well presented and logical. Thanks for the easy to implement and inexpensive tip!