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In the internet marketing world there are many aspects you need to consider in order to succeed.  For example, there is no point getting a ton of traffic to your site if your site isn’t converting.  As in making sales.  Increasing conversions is one of the most important parts of online success.  There are lots of ways to increase your conversions.  One of the methods used to turn up the volume on your sales and opt-ins is to create and upload decent looking ecovers to your sites.

The reason ecovers are reported to increase your sales and newsletter opt-ins etc is because it gives a tangible feel to what your offering.  For example, if you are selling an ebook, people are essentially buying an invisible product.  It’s purely data that will be readable using a reader on their pc.  It’s just a file.  By creating a nice ebook cover you are adding a sense of realism to the product.  You are giving it a physical presence the potential buyer can relate to.  They will feel that they are actually buying a book rather than a downloadable file.  eCovers are said to increase sales and sign ups by upto about 250 – 300%.  Not only does it create the illusion of a tangible product it also creates a professional image for you and your products.

“Increase your sales and opt-ins by upto 250%

A couple of months ago I discovered a fantastic piece of software that makes creating ecovers a breeze.  A kind of ebook cover maker so to speak.  After using the software to whip up some ebox designs for my own products I noticed an increase in sales and also my newsletter opt-ins.  For me, this software paid for itself almost immediately.  That’s a fact.

The great thing about this product apart from the fact that it’s very easy to use is the price.  You can currently purchase this software for $27.  You are still required to create some flat graphics so if you have a graphics package or something like Photoshop then you’re halfway there.  You don’t even need to be a graphics whizz kid.  Obviously, the better your designs, the better your ecovers will be but even the most basic of designs can look professional once the software has applied them to the ecover templates.  Honestly, why settle for bodged up ecovers made in a graphics package when you can get this low cost software to do it for you.

I’ve created a short video for you which shows you how easy the software is to use.  You basically add your flat graphics to the different elements of your ecover.  This is things like the front, side, top and disc etc.  You then choose a template (there are currently 28 to choose from) and then alter the dimensions and resolutions.  All that is required then is to alter the various slider settings such as reflection, shadow, density etc and save your eCover to your PC.  It’s that simple.

Watch the eCover software in action below…

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eBoxeBookeCase And DisceBound Book


  1. Johan says:

    Well look at this way if you have to have photoshop to make your flat file you might as well buy action scripts that offer you much better control. my 2c

    *** Note from Andy ***

    You don’t have to have Photshop. Just any graphics or illustration package. Anything will do. Photshop or something on that level is just a bonus. This software just makes it really easy to create ecovers for that that want a simple solution. Choose a template, tweak the sliders and save.

  2. Alexander says:

    Looks good. Do I need psd or jpeg is OK?
    Also it looks like I have to have all sides for box design in place, right?

    *** Note from Andy ***
    Jpeg is fine. I just created a flat template with guides in place. For a design I just create the full flat image and then copy and paste each section to a new graphic image and save them as something like front.jpg, side.jpg, top.jpg and cd.jpg etc. You can then apply them to any template with a single click.

  3. Guanhumora says:

    Nice! love this blog