Get Article Research Bot FREE With WP What’s My Rank Plugin

Hi Guys,

I’ve developed a handy little software tool called “Article Research Bot” which will enable you to quickly collate relevant content based around your specific keyword or niche.

This software is hot off the press and this Sunday I’m going to be offering it FREE to those who purchase WP What’s My Rank (Plugin) through my link.

WP What’s My Rank is a cool new WordPress plugin that allows you to track your Google ranking for any keywords all from WITHIN WordPress. This would be particularly great for those that have just bought my Onsite Tycoon software, as you’ll be able to track your rankings automatically after running your content through Onsite Tycoon.

You can set the plugin to check your rankings periodically on full autopilot and then view changes visually. A very useful plugin!

Anyway, watch the video below to see what Article Research Bot can do for you. Then look out for Sundays email! WP What’s My Rank goes live at 1pm EST this sunday……


Get Article Research Bot FREE This Sunday 9th at 1pm EST

Please feel free to leave a comment below.  All questions will be answered there!

Look out for my email this Sunday.  Fast action takers will get in at the lowest price! … and it is low.

To your success!



  1. Griffin says:

    Looks like a great idea Andy!

    Can I get it now? How much?


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Griffin,

    WP What’s My Rank goes live this Sunday at 1pm EST. I’ll send a mail out then with a link. If you decided to purchase then my Article Research Bot software will be on your download / access page.



  2. Anders says:

    Hey Andy

    So does this just grab article content from ezinearticle and display it in your program? Or is there something i’ve missed?


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Anders,

    It id just a simple software tool so yes, essentially it will take your exact keyword and crawl through a fairly large number of articles (you can limit this) and look for paragrpahs that contain your keyword. This meansit will return only paragraphs that have information or facts relating to your keyword.

    Debi J has suggested that I include the source URLs so that she can use them for curration which I’ll hopefully be able to include.

    In it’s current form, it’s just a tool to quickly gather relevant information on a specific niche or keyword which you can then export into a document.



  3. Debi J says:

    Looks like a great tool for research! If it included the links to the original articles it would absolutely rock because we would have all the data necessary to write an original article AND curate a few out…I the mix as well!

    Debi J Reply:

    …. curate a few into the mix as well… must get coffee! 🙂

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Debi J,

    Thanks for your comment. Hmmm.. Some for for thought. I’ll see if I can add that in 🙂



  4. Len says:

    Hi Andy, I would like a copy of this software I’m a long standing member and have a few of your products. I will give it a review and put it back here for you.

  5. Clark Danielson says:

    Sept. 8, 2012,

    With all the trauma occuring with Panda and

    Peguin, “keyword stuffing” long tail keywords,

    and sending out 1,000’s of anchor text back-

    links that all match my keywords pointing back

    at my sites main landing pages is not going to

    work anymore. Can you assure me that your

    software will just allow me to stick to “core

    keywords, so i can build content around the

    specific question represented by those visitors

    who are searching for my site?

    Count me in then for your software.

    Clark Danielson