How To Create Stronger Backlinks By Writing Powerful Articles

I would like to show you a very powerful way to create stronger backlinks which will result in better rankings for your own websites.  Most of you will know that the value of a backlink will vary.  There are many factors involved here such as the authority of the linking website, the age of the link, how many links are pointing to the page that has your link on it, the number of outbound links on the linking page, the relevance of the page that is linking to you… and so on.  Well, today I wanted to share with you a very good technique for creating strong backlinks using ‘STRONG LSI CONTENT’.

Heres is an example.  Imagine you want to write an article about ‘viral marketing’ and the keyword phrase you are wanting to rank that article for is ‘viral marketing techniques’.  What you would do is write the article so that it is highly focused on ‘viral marketing techniques’ and then include an anchor text link using the phrase ‘viral marketing techniques’.  This means that when Google (and the other search engines) have crawled and indexed your article it will pass some level of link juice to your website.  Now if Google ranks that article at no. 850 in its search results for your keyword phrase ‘viral marketing techniques’, how powerful do you think that backlink will be? Chances are, not very!  BUT… if Google ranks your article on the first page, out of hundreds or even thousands of related articles, that backlink will be worth MORE.

Putting other ranking factors aside for one minute, Google ranks articles based on relevance.  Google regards the number one ranked article as being  more relevant than ALL the other articles beneath it, and certainly much more relevant than the one that ranks at 850 or lower!  Therefore your backlink will have much more power if your article ranks near the top for your keyword phrase.  Especially if you use the same keyword phrase in your anchor text, or a close variation of it.  Relevant content equals relevant backlink!  In my opinion, 10 backlinks from 1o powerful articles will provide more power and benefit than 100 backlinks from 100 ‘weaker’ and less relevant articles.

The screenshot below shows three of my articles ranking above ALL other articles for the keyword phrase “Keyword rich domain names” using Ezinearticles only.  This search is with quotes because I built my LSI library around that keyword phrase using quotes.  If I wanted to include backlinks in those three articles with the anchor the ‘keyword rich domain names’, they would have more power than they would if they were ranked much lower.

Top 3 places

The key here is to write strong articles that rank highly for your target keyword phrase, resulting in stronger backlinks and more traffic to your websites.  If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the FREE 7 day trial that I offer with my article writing / rewriting software, Easy Article Rewriting Pro, then you can use this time to write some powerful articles.

Easy Article Rewriter Pro allows you to build LSI libraries around specific keyword phrases and then helps you to strengthen your articles as you write them with its built in live statistics and strength gauges.  I have just uploaded v1.01 and with the download you also get a FREE copy of my 22 page report, ‘The LSI Code’ which shows you step by step, how to use the software to extract the RIGHT LSI keywords.  The keywords that Google regards as being ‘RELEVANT’!  I am hoping to add a feature in the software that will completely automate this process, making it quicker to build LSI libraries.

If you haven’t started your FREE 7 Day trial yet, you can download the software HERE.  You still have time to try out the software before the ‘special offer’ price ends this Wednesday, 4pm GMT.

As always, please feel free to add a comment! 🙂

To your success!

Andy Black


  1. Elysse says:

    I purchased the product and ready to take it for a spin. I have had it several weeks…now it’s time to put it to use.
    Will keep you updated.

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Elysse,

    Thanks… but which product are you referring to? as Easy Article Rewriter Pro has only just been released.



  2. ramiro sanz says:

    I want to sell yours products to my clients

    Have You some affiliate system

    Andy Reply:


    Article Writer Pro and All-In-One SEO Toolbox v2 currently uses Paydotcom although I am changing that over shortly to a better system. An affiliate system for Easy Article Rewriter Pro is being setup shortly and Index Checker and Profile Link Checker uses the 7 script so that you can promote and earn 100% instant commissions.

  3. Bill Davis says:

    Sounds too simple to work 🙂

  4. Thanks for the article, Andy.

    I am linking multiple pieces of software together to amplify my link building efforts, including the Index Checker and Profile Link Checker. BTW – Do you have a Support blog/forum for each product?

    Brian Johnson

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Brian,

    Yes, I will be be adding a support forum shortly for Easy Article Rewriter Pro…. and there is also one setup for Link Abyss when that launches next. I am also thinking of having a support forum for ALL my products so it keeps everything under one roof.

  5. Writing a good quality ezinearticle will not surely take it to the top of SERPs. There is one more aspect which you have not mentioned. Google also consider off-page factors for ranking articles too as it does for any other webpage.

    Andy Reply:

    Thanks for your comment but I think you are missing the point here. I did mention other factors that you need to consider, but the message behind this particular blog post is not about ranking your article at the top, but to write a powerful, relevant article that would generally rank highly ‘naturally’ SO that any backlinks included would be worth more.

    With regards to what you are saying… what would rank higher….. a weaker article with backlinks pointing to it? … or a strong article with backlinks pointing to it? The latter of course! Writing strong, relevant content is the first stage in giving Google what it wants. If you want to carry on by building backlinks to those articles then that is good, but by having strong content in the first place will give you a head start in comparison to your competition.

  6. Thank you Handy,

    Good thing you admitted that you are still working on automating the process a bit more… I am compelled to try out your new software but personally for Article writing task which is intended for long term one way link to my websites, I would be more compelled with a 30 Days trial or 14 days.

    Your article triggered a solution for building up the value of my existing back links to: – a new site I am about to launch.


  7. Hey Andy

    We’ve purchased quite a few products from you so I’m certain this one will be a home run as well 🙂 Will test some articles using this software and let you know the results…

    Always knew LSI is important and I’m sure it’s even getting more important as the search engines are getting smarter every day. Seems your software will help us keep ahead of the game.

    Thanks for creating such useful products!


  8. Francois says:

    Can I use Easy Article Rewriter Pro with the French language ?
    Thanks a lot

    Andy Reply:

    That shouldn’t be a problem. Why not download the free trial and test it out?

  9. Hi Andy,

    The only problem with ezinearticles is that they only let you anchor text two words now.

    That sucks when you have a long tail KW phrase you’re trying to target…any ideas?

    I like Articlebase much better.

    Thanks for the info!


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Scott,

    I haven’t had a problem adding links with more than two words in my resource box. However, there are many other good article directories. Goarticles and Articlesbase are good. Also, don’t forget about sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages and Wetpaint. There are a ton of web 2.0 sites out there where you can publish articles. Remember not to forget your own blogs too!

  10. Hi Andy,
    I’ve got the product, but never received a confirmation from you so I’ve has difficulty logging in. I’ve sent an email to you because I didn’t have a QWEcode to enter. Hoping you’ll respond soon if its as good as Article Writer Pro I can hardly wait to get started. You’re the best!

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Adrienne,

    I have emailed you 🙂