How To Drive Traffic From Youtube Comments and Build a List

I’ve seen lots of discussions recently about driving traffic from Youtube videos in order to gain sales and leads.  I myself have given instructions on how to do this and I’m a HUGE fan of Youtube.  However, it has dawned on me that lots of people are forgetting the basics and ignoring one of the simplest ways to drive traffic from Youtube, and that is from “Youtube comments”.

Since Google rolled out their Google Plus commenting system into Youtube late last year we are now able to include links in our comments (Although we do need a Google Plus account).

By driving traffic from your comments on other peoples videos you are…

  • Hi-Jacking their audience and targeted traffic (Borrowing sounds nicer 🙂 )
  • Able to tap into an already active video with lots of daily views
  • Drive traffic without having to create and publish your OWN videos

Don’t get me wrong, there is no substitute for creating your own channel, publishing your own videos and building your OWN subscriber base – But driving traffic and gaining exposure from other users published videos is easy work and can give almost instant results.

Are You Allowed To Include Links In Your Comments?

In recent month yes! Although like anything you need to do this in an “engaging” way and not a spammy way.

A Little Insight Into Leaving Good Comments

  • First of all, this is NOT about spamming or adding little to no value.  When leaving a comment you have to do some or all of the following…
  • Direct your comment at the video authors name if possible.  This shows you have at least watched the video or looked over their content and most importantly connects directly to the publisher.
  • Refer to the content within the video.  Again, this shows that you have actually watched some or part of their video and actually show an interest in it.
  • Only comment on videos that are completely RELEVANT to the link that you are going to share.

Hopefully that has given you an idea of how to go about writing and posting comments.  When you add value MORE people are likely to read your comment and follow through with your call to action.  If your comment includes a neat tip or a deeper insight into the video then they will trust you more and be inclined to click on your link.

Setting Up Your Traffic Bait

When I refer to “Traffic Bait” it basically means something that is FREE and that is easily accessible to anyone.  More importantly, something that is relevant to the video (as already mentioned above).

Traffic bait can be a REALLY good, valuable blog post.  A FREE PDF report.  A FREE software tool.  A video training series.  Anything that is worth someone following your URL and ideally opting in to your mailing list.

Tip:  Every serious marketer has a list or is building a list.  If you aren’t, then you NEED to be.  Whatever niche you are in.

Benefiting From Your FREE Youtube Traffic

There are a number of ways you can benefit from this daily Youtube traffic.  Here are JUST a few of them…

  • You can direct your traffic to a squeeze page where people optin with their email in exhange for FREE access to a report, software tool.. whatever!
  • You can direct them directly to a blog post and use a popup to catch their email in exchange for a free gift.
  • You can add retargeting pixles to your sites and pages so you can target “Ads” to these niche specific, interested people.
  • You can even direct them to a relevant sales page.

There is a ton of ways in which you can benefit from this free traffic.

Want to see some example comments?

Here is the message again in case you can’t read it…

Great video Mark.  However, in case you aren’t already aware Youtube tags are actually found in TWO different places within the source code.  The meta section only shows a certain amount of tags whilst further down the code it shows ALL of a videos tags.

I also have a FREE desktop software tool that will take a target keyword and will pull all the tags from the top ranked videos until your maximum tag count is reached.  It’s pretty cool and anyone can download it here for FREE…

You will see that I directed my comment at the actual publisher, elaborated on his technique and shared a tip and finally provided access to my FREE software tool.

Here is another example and in this one you will notice how I placed the LINK at the bottom so it is more visible…

How To Find The BEST Videos To Comment On

Views To Date Ratio

What you need to do is find videos that have got a good “Views to Date” ratio.  This means videos that have a ton of views in comparison to the date it was published.  So, for example if a video was posted 4 days ago yet has 2,000 views then that is a good video to target as it is currently averaging 500 views per day.  If a video has 2,000 views but was published 5 years ago then we know that this is a bad video to leave a comment on as it isn’t getting any exposure.

Views To Comments Ratio

First of all a video must have comments enabled.  What you can also do is look at the views to comments ratio.  If a video has 50,000 views and 300 comments then we know that on average every 166 person who watched that video is leaving a comment.  Granted, this can be skewed as some viewers will comment more than once and reply.  However, the more views and the less comments a video has, the more eyeballs are likely to land on YOUR comment.  Lots of comments are usually down to controversy and debate.  Not all videos attract that.  If you can find videos that are getting lots of views but few comments then those are good ones to comment on.

As the NEW commenting platform utilizes Google Plus the more you engage and respond to replies the higher up your comment will stay and the more exposure your comment will receive.  It uses a Social algorithm so the more you engage and be social, the better it will be for you.

Increasing Your Social Profile and Google Authorship

You may wonder why some “niche experts” always get their videos ranked near the top.  This is partly achieved by having an authority channel, lots of videos, tons of Youtube subscribers and an active SOCIAL circle.  This increases their Google Authorship and helps everything the author is connected to, to rank higher and get more exposure.  So, with that being said the more you engage with other users and leave comments, reply to comments and post niche related videos to your Google Plus account… The BETTER results you will get all around.  Once you understand this principle you will understand how to keep your comments near the top and in view.

Final Notes

Just a handful of comments per day on the right videos can generate a good number of daily visitors to your sites and page.  Remember to always be thoughtful, add value and make sure that the page you are re-directing them to is the “BEST” it can possibly be.  However, that is related to “conversion rates” and “visitor engagement” which is a topic for another day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and have find a golden nugget or two.

Quick News Update: Those who recently got a bonus copy of my latest Youtube ranking software – Tube Tycoon … I will be in touch shortly via personal email with a NEW version and some training videos and tips.  Lots of great developments happening right now with this software and I’m going to help you rank videos in no time at all 🙂

To your success!

Andy Black

P.s. – Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts, ideas, tips or anything else.

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  1. Tim says:

    These are really useful tips Andy, I waych loads of YT videos daily for various reason & it didn’t occur to me to use it the way you show here! I think it helps if you have some freebie to give away which I do in abundance on my blog. Cheers.

  2. Kim says:

    Some good value Andy! Thanks. I’m a new internet marketer, so all of these tips to pump up interaction and engagement are very useful to me.

  3. Nii Ahene-La says:

    Hey Andy,
    The above tips examples are quite excellent. even though I am aware of the technique, I have not attempted applying it to Youtube comments…thanks for sharing.