How To Leverage Your Article Submissions

You will probably be aware that article directories are a good place in which to get relevant backlinks from and also to obtain free traffic.  There is however a simple concept which you can follow which will help you to multiply the amount of valid backlinks you get from your articles.

You see, when you submit decent articles to article directories (especially the top directories), you’ll find that other webmasters publish your articles on their websites.  Most of the time they will leave your resource box in tact which is what they are supposed to do.  This may seem like a good thing as it’s likely you will obtain a little more traffic to your site as these other websites act as a kind of traffic funnel, sending their visitors to your website.

The problem with this though is that the article which they copied from the directory and published on their own website is exactly the same article.  This is basically duplicate content so your backlinks which are present on their website have little value.  Read on to find out how you can turn these de-valued backlinks into golden backlinks.

When you submit an article to an article directory, set up a Google Alert for the article.  Alternatively a few weeks after you have submitted your article, copy and paste the first sentence of your article surrounded in quotes into the Google search field and click search.  If any results are displayed, click to show ALL results included those in the supplemental index.

What this will do is show you which websites or blogs have published your article.  Narrow the list down to those sites that have kept your backlinks in tact and ALSO have a ‘Contact Us’ page or email address.  Then send them a message thanking them for publishing your article but offering to send a re-written UNIQUE version of that article for FREE.  Tell them that the content will be exactly the same but structured differently and that the new unique version will not be classed as duplicate content.  This will mean that the article on their site will probably rank in the search engines and will bring them additional traffic.  So what will this mean for you?  It will mean that the backlink within your new article will be MUCH stronger as the page will no longer be duplicate content, but instead completely unique.

If you hear back from them, take the existing article on their site and paste it into my Easy Article Rewriter Tool and re-write it.  It should take you no longer than 20 minutes.  The video on my site shows you how to use it properly.  Then simply email the new unique version over to them and repeat the fact that this new version will not be classed as duplicate content and has been re-written specifically for them.

This means that if you submit an article to a directory such as Ezinearticles and ten other webmasters publish that article, instead of essentially having one valid backlink from a directory, you can potentially have another ten valid backlinks.

Have you ever tried emailing websites and asking for a backlink?  99.9% of the time you will NOT hear back from them.  The technique mentioned above is a surefire way of get real valid backlinks on other related websites.  Yes, each re-write will take a little time and effort but for the backlinks you’ll get, the time spent is well worth it.

Just remember to include your resource box or backlinks within your new re-writes before sending them back to these webmasters.

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Andy Black


  1. thanks for sharing this useful information… although i hear so much about duplicate content this… and duplicate content that… i still haven’t found anything that is actual fact that duplicate content hurts in any way… although i guess it doesn’t hurt being pre-cautious

  2. David says:

    What a very cool technique!!


  3. aswad says:

    very valuable information, even though I do not quite understand much about this problem, I still have a lot to learn to master this.

  4. This is something I had not given a thought. It may appear cumbersome in operation but the backlinks you get from will be worth it.

    Thanks for another cool tip.

  5. Greg says:


    Simple yet powerful!



  6. Thanks very much for sharing this information, great tips!

  7. Thanks for the info Andy. I too dont see much difference from an original article and a spin article, but i do enjoy your rewriter.

  8. All I can say is thanks for teaching an SEO dog new tricks. Can’t wait for your Link ABYSS system to launch.

    Your Online Friend- Star

  9. Scott says:

    It appears that this “duplicate content” controversy is never going to die. I’ve decided to take what the big G says about it and leave it at that. My understanding is that it is only an issue if it is on the same domain.

    *** Note from Andy ***

    There isn’t a penalty as such. You won’t get penalised for using duplicate content, but it will generally get filtered out and essentially there will only be one or two that will get the benefits of fresh content. If you submit the same article to 10 directories and then search for one of the sentences in that article it will only yield a couple of results. The others can only be seen by clicking the ‘Repeat the search with the omitted results included’ link. Those backlinks on those supplemental results will hold little or no value.

  10. Vijendra says:

    Backlinks are always useful and these type of strategies multiply the effect of back links dramatically. A very useful article indeed

  11. markez linda says:

    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  12. Great tip Andy!

    I’ve taken this one step further in that I have written the article to be submitted into the article directories and submitted it to your Article Writer Pro program.

    After I have spun a unique article for each of the directories, I make a note of which directories I submitted to, the date I submitted and the article I submitted. This way, when the time comes to send out the e-mails I have some reference. And when I get replies from these other sites, but simply spin off a new version and give it to them, saving me a lot of time later.

    As always thanks for all the great information.