Increasing Engagement On Facebook and Reaching a BIGGER Audience

Most of my blog posts and content recently has been related to SEO or Youtube.  Today I have decided to steer my attention to Facebook and explain how you can increase engagement and reach a bigger audience each time you publish a new post on your timeline.

How Facebook’s Algorithm Works

facebook engagementJust like Google and other search engines, Facebook also uses an algorithm to determine WHO sees your posts in their “Newsfeed”.  In simple terms, the more that people engage with you the MORE frequently they will see your posts at the top of their Newsfeed.  Particularly if they engage with your posts such as “Like” or leave a “Comment”.

This algorithm used to be referred to as EdgeRank although I just think of it as an engagement algorithm.

Here’s some food for thought for you.  I have TWO Facebook accounts.  One for personal use which has family and “local” friends who I went to school with etc… and then I have an account that I use to connect with business and fellow marketing friends.  Here’s the thing – I rarely log into my personal account but use my business account EVERY day.  If I publish a post on my rarely used personal account I get few likes and comments.  This isn’t necessarily because my posts suck (well they might do 🙂 ) but rather down to my lack of engagement with my friends list.  These friends will mostly see posts from other friends who post regularly and engage with them.  I’ve literally been pushed down to the bottom of the pile.

On the account I use for business I get a TON of likes and comments.  This is because I am regularly publishing posts and engaging with my audience.  The more that people “Like” or “Comment” on my posts the more they will see my posts appear in the Newsfeed.  It’s a really simple concept.

Have you ever noticed that most of the posts you see in your Newsfeed are by those that you engage with the most? ie – like and comment on theirs posts?  That’s the Facebook algorithm at play.

Building Your Audience

First of all let’s talk about building up your ideal audience.  At the end of the day, Facebook is just another means to reaching a target audience but first we need to build that audience.

I’m not going into great detail here as todays post is more about “increasing engagement”.  However, here are a couple of simple ways to build up your Facebook Friends List…

  • Find known people in your industry and each day “Friend Request” a handful of their friends.
  • Search for active “Groups” that are relevant to your niche and each day send a friend request to a handful of active people from those groups.

The Types Of Posts That Encourage Engagement

Now let’s take a closer look at the type of posts that encourage “Likes” and “Comments”.  This is what I have found works very well…

To Get Likes

  • Funny Memes (Photo and text)
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Inspirational Photos
  • Words of wisdom

To Get Comments

  • Publish a post related to a HOT news debate
  • Post a comparison and ask people to state their choice – A or B

Remember that a “Like” is a little bit like a “Yes vote” or a thumbs up.  It can be viewed in different ways and therefore you can get a better response depending on what you post.

Anything related to a debate or a question will attract comments.

Below is an example of an inspirational quote photo that would likely attract plenty of “Likes”…

Inspirational quotes to increase facebook engagement

People will resonate with the above and likely click “Like” to agree with the quote.

Below is an example of an image that would create engagement in terms of comments…

image that will likely generate comments

As this is a question you would be inviting an “answer” from everyone who sees it.  As the question is themed around TWO famous well known actors people will likely comment with their choice as MOST people will have an opinion on this.

With Facebook it is about causing a debate, being inspirational or being humorous.  Each of those hit trigger points and get people to take some form of action.

Build Engagement and Maximize Your Audience

So let’s quickly recap.  First we build our audience so that we have people on our friends list who are interested in what we offer and provide.  We then quickly build engagement and get onto their radar (Newsfeed).  The more they like or comment on our posts the more of our posts they will see in their Newsfeed.  Facebook will only show them posts that they are likely to interact with.  Make sense?

Once we have an active audience we can reach those people more easily when we have something to promote, sell or create exposure too.  This could be a blog, a video an affiliate offer.  Literally anything!

To increase engagement even further “Like” all of the comments on your new posts and reply to them by leaving your OWN comments.  This creates a really active BUZZ around your Facebook presence and will give your posts extra “Oomph” in your audiences Newsfeeds 😀

I hope that you have found this post beneficial and that it has opened your eyes to the power of Facebook.

Interested In a Software Tool That Can Increase Your Likes, Comments and Shares?

If you would like help with increasing engagement on Facebook then I highly recommend a brand new software tool called “QuoteMaster” which allows you to create inspirational or quirky memes (images with text) and then publishes them directly to your Facebook timeline or even pages and groups.  It’s ery simple to use but highly effective.  If you want to grab a copy then just click on the button below.

Thanks again for stopping by today and reading this post!  Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Until next time

Andy Black


  1. BV Swagath says:

    Thank you Andy Black. I have seriously learnt something new here. Hope I can implement what you said successfully.

    Andy Reply:

    Hey thanks for the feedback. I’m sure you will do. It’s just a case of getting people to like and comment on your posts. If you take notes from my examples you’ll soon understand what gets peoples interest. Once people engage your future posts will start to show in their newsfeeds. It’s a snowball effect. Plus when people notice a post in their newsfeed that has a lot of likes and comments it draws their attention and peaks their curiosity. People like to follow people.

  2. jody says:

    I needed this Andy, thanks big bro

    Andy Reply:

    You’re welcome! Glad you liked it.

  3. Len says:

    Hey Andy, great as always, picked up some good points here.

  4. Don says:

    That was a very usefull article. I am just beginning to understand the great value in engaging with Facebook to stimulte business. Your ‘How to Tips’ are really useful in getting things moving. More, More Please.

    Andy Reply:

    Thanks Don! More are on the way soon 🙂