Meme Crusher Tips – Maximize Your Viral Traffic

Hi Guys,

I have created a short video for you today in order to offer you some valid tips on using Meme Crusher and increasing your viral traffic.

If you have already grabbed a copy of Meme Crusher then watch this video and take from it what you can.

If you haven’t bought it then watch it anyway as you may be able to pick out some useful info from it and if you decide to buy Meme Crusher (and get my two software bonuses) then you can do so below the video.

Why not check out Meme Crusher HERE?

To your success!

Andy Black


  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Andy, great tips.

    One question – is it best to use a different name when opening another FB account? Or is there no penalty for 2nd a/cs?

    Andy Reply:

    It’s really up to you. I have two accounts. One for personal, ie – friends and family.. and one for business which is purely for other internet marketers.

  2. Jeremy says:


    I have an awesome tip and results just from MemeCrusher already. I bought constant content the google gift a while back and one of the tips although geared to article/blog writing (one of the best ebooks I bought yet) helped me set 98 pictures, didn’t even take me an hour.
    The result is 7,882 shares on 1 of them via FB, 231 re-pins on it, and 71 other pictures have between 250 likes and 50 repins. I’ve also had 930,887 visitors in 3 days since starting it.
    You guys NEED to buy it! And constant content the google gift helps amazingly.

    Andy Reply:

    Thanks for the share Jeremy. I will look into it.