Are You Utilizing Social Platforms?

social-iconsToday I wanted to stress the importance of utilizing the different social platforms that we have available today.  Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pintest and LinkedIN can connect you with thousands of “like minded” people… People who are interested in your niche and the products or services you sell.

In fact, right now is probably the easiest “era” for becoming a successful internet marketer.  The internet is booming and we have access to more tools now than we have ever had access too.  Many of which are FREE too.

Of course, some of these tools are social sites.  Sites where groups of people come together to connect, share content, videos, photos and stories.  Those are traffic “hotspots” right there!

The question I want to ask you today is… Are you utilising these sites the right way?  Sure you might have a Facebook account where you keep in touch with friends or a select few.  But, are you using it to create exposure for your sites, products and services?  If not then you seriously need to re-think your “social strategy” and start using these platforms to good effect.

The Social Platform Strategy

Other than the fact that social signals can help to increase your rankings in the search engines, social sites can also drive a ton of targeted traffic to your sites.. or in fact, any URL of your choice.

Building Your Audience

After entering a new niche and building a site one of the first steps you should be taking is “creating new accounts” on social sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.  Once you have created these accounts you need to find other users that are interested in your niche.

Let’s take Facebook for example.  In order to build an audience around your niche you can simply search for relevant “groups” and then send freinds requests to the members of those groups.  Facebook has a flagging system if you start sending too many friend requests in a short period of time so just simply send a handful of requests at a time and do this a couple of times per day.  Your friends list will soon increase and the people on that list will be targeted to your niche.

Repeat the same kind of process with any other social sites you join.

Creating Exposure For Your Sites

social-networkingOnce you have a substantial “audience” make sure you share your new blog posts and content on each of these social accounts.  This will not only create a social signal you will also be exposing your new content to hundreds or even thousands of “relevant”, interested people.  This is additional traffic you can gain for literally no effort.

The true power of social sites comes into play when those people ALSO share your content.  This can create a barrage of traffic for your sites and also increase your “natural” social signals which can again… help to increase your rankings.

You need to think of social networking sites as a source of quality traffic.  They can be utilized any time you wish simply by posting your URL and a brief comment.

This is also a great way to interact with your followers as you can ask for feedback regarding your content.


A great tip for getting lots more exposure to your posts in Facebook is to “promote” it.  This does require a little bit of monetaty investment… $7.. howver, it will mean that your post will reach FAR more of your friends or connections.  If you have hundreds or more people in your friends list then it would be a viable option to implement this option.

You will see in the screenshot below where you can action this feature…


That’s my dog by the way… gorgeous isn’t she! 🙂

If you haven’t been using these resources that we have readily availabe… set some time aside soon and join these site.  They are there to be used.

Until next time

Andy Black


  1. Joe says:

    This is very good advice for anyone starting out for using the different social sites for business purposes. The “promoted post” is also a good reminder for anyone using FB to generate more exposure for a given post.

  2. jd says:

    interesting tips, but at what point is it best to promote? by that how many ‘friends’ and followers would be the minimum to obtain decent results from the promotion.

  3. Jo says:

    Good tips – worth investing some time in making friends on social sites with interests in common with my niches.

  4. John says:

    Hi Andy, I am aware of the importance of utilizing the different social platforms. However I suspect I am not right sociable, it is not something I really enjoy but I do realise it is essential for successful marketing.
    My preference is to write and read a proper article. Not some truncated snippet.
    A push button system would suit me just fine. I note your recommendation about the face book $7 promote,must give that a try. I do like your ‘Interesting>It’s boring faces. First time I seen that-cool.
    Stay Well Stay Happy

  5. Andy says:

    Hi John, thanks for your commment. I think you have missed the point a little bit though. You don’t actually post a snippet of your article… you post a brief desctiption or title and the link to your original post. This attracts traffic from Facebook to your own site. Not only does it create social signals and drive traffic.. you can always install a popup plugin on your site and turn some of this traffic into “subscribers”.



  6. Tim Geiger says:

    Hi Andy- I have been a long time SEO client of yours and appreciate all the tips and great software you recommend as a online marketing expert.
    Your topic with Social Marketing is so important and true with the way marketing is moving to more Inbound Marketing over interruption based marketing. I have another new website being developed for lead generation and will be sure to use your advise.
    Best wishes,

  7. Tim Geiger says:

    Great feedback pop up I must have missed. Let me know were I can get it with the social share!

    SEO Googleman

  8. Ron says:

    That’s very good advice but what exactly is the difference between the promote button and facebook ads? Or is there any difference?

  9. Maros says:


  10. Len says:

    Hi Andy, great tips, been doing these for a while now, have quite a few Fanpages and Twitter, I use Web 2.0 sites as well. This is a great way to build your audience and I am having some good results from FB and a bit from Pinterest as well. I also have social sharing buttons on my sites to help build shares and likes etc.

  11. Steve Pots says:

    Agreed promoting a post on Facebook is a very good way to buy cheap traffic. I have found that posts with really good images get the best response. I often go hunting for a really good photo to share with my promotional post. Even if I have to pay for the image the return is still worth it.

  12. Steve Pots says:

    Love the plugin…can’t wait!

  13. Ron says:

    Andy, I just never find the time to take advantage of the social networks, perhaps because I have too many sites and am spread too thin. I know I should but it just doesn’t happen consistently.

  14. Ruputer says:

    Great tips Andy as usual your blog writing is intelligent and articulate.
    Social plugins and gateways or lockers are a nuisance so it is just as we;; to use social directly and be active on it.

    Rup the technology blogger

  15. Chani says:

    Thank for the tips!

  16. More great advice, Andy! Thanks so much!

  17. Gary E says:

    Yes Sir
    You got to Love Social Media!
    Good tip about PROMOTING…… this can make a huge difference.
    PS: Love your Software
    GDE Web Marketing