Prevent People From Accessing Your Folders And Downloading Your Files

Hi Guys,

Today I wanted to draw your attention to a potential security breach with your sites.  Something that many webmasters do not think about, or are aware of.  This can result in people accessing your images, scripts, documents and files.

Watch my short video to see what this ‘problem’ is and also how to fix it….

Feel free to download this ZIP FILE to secure your files.

Simply, unzip and upload the contents to ANY sub folders on your website that do NOT have an index file.  You can of course create your own files if you wish.  All you need is an index file to prevent anyone accessing your files names within their browser.

News Regarding The Paged Rankings Launch On The Weekend…

Before I clock off I also wanted to mention a product that I recommended over the weekend.  There were a few issues when they launched which caused a lot of negativity in the sales thread.  The worst I have ever seen in fact… and a lot of the comments were pretty disgusting.

The product has been taken off sale for now whilst they resolve these issues for those that have already bought it (as well as make improvements).

If you did purchase this product (and if you’re experiencing any problems) then please have faith that any issues are getting ironed out and everything will be as it should be.  The vendor is a respectable marketer and he is doing everything he can to make the customers happy with their purchase.

To access your bonuses, simply mail my support email…   support <@> andyblackseo <dot> com

Launching Tomorrow…

Quick heads up… a cool SEO product is being launched tomorrow by Chris Munch (Creator of the most popular WSO of all time, Hook Pigeon).  This is going to be big.

The aim of this product:  To end the incredible confusion about Google after all the crazy updates, and lay it down straight what is working right now.

It’s going to cost less than $10 and will be worth grabbing tomorrow.  I’ll let my subscribers know as soon as it goes live.

To your success!

Andy Black


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