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Whilst playing around with my latest software tool (still in development) I’ve noticed one website that was appearing frequently within the results when analyzing backlinks for “top ranking” sites.  This was for all kinds of keywords so not niche specific.

I noticed a trend and realised that this particular website could not only give you a DOFOLLOW link from a PR7 domain, but it could also rank your content near the top of the search engines.

The website is called ‘’ and claims to be the #1 press release site on the internet. So, you have probably already heard about it.

Create Massive Exposure For Your Products And Services

The site is FREE to join but also have a range of “paid” options too.  They allow you to submit a press release (news about your product, website or anything else you have going on).  They distribute your Press Release far and wide and as a result these “press releases” hold a lot of power and end up ranking at the top of Google.

I have done a little digging and have noticed that many new products that have been released recently have a press release on and those press releases are ranking at the top of Google for the product name.  Even when there are hundreds or thousands of results.

This shows how much “authority” they have in the eyes of Google.  Then take into account that you can get a DOFOLLOW anchor text backlink from these… it’s a win win scenario!

Many sites and pages that are ranking on the first page of Google for their “keyword” have press releases from pointing to their sites.  I’m not saying that this is a golden ticket to top rankings post Penguin, but it has to be worth doing.

Go and give it a whirl and see what results you get.

Whilst I have your attention I just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know that Sean Donahoes Syndication Rockstar is closing tomorrow so if you haven’t yet jumped onboard this mega content syndication WordPress plugin yet then you only have a very short window in which to snatch a copy.

What Does Syndication Rockstar Do?

It’s a really neat plugin that allows you to automatically syndicate unque versions of your blog posts to OTHER web 2.0 blogs that you set up.  This automatically gives you backlinks to your website.  It is really flexible and you can choose which sites to syndicate your content too EACH time you publish a new post.  It’s like having your OWN private network for your use only.  It is closing tomorrow though so if you want to check this out then you need to do so now [Take Me To Syndication Rockstar].

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To your success!

Andy Black


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