Article Writing Tips – Struggle To Write Content?

High-Quality-Article-Writing-TipsToday I wanted to talk about one of the biggest problems that face internet marketers, and that is “article writing”.  Writing high quality unique content for your niche blogs isn’t as easy as you think.  That is at least until you sit down at your computer and realise that your mind is blank and you just can’t seem to get these words out of your brain and onto your screen

It’s a problem most marketers face so today I want to explain a technique that I have used over and over again to churn out high quality content that Google will view as unique.

First, Let’s Look At The Root Of The Problem

There are TWO main stumbling blocks when it comes to writing content for your blogs.  The first stumbling block is thefact that it is hard to write about subjects that you know relatively little about… and for niche marketers that can pose a problem.  I mean, we can’t all become experts in every niche we enter.  It’s impossible.

The second stumbling block we face when sitting down to create written content is “it is HARD to paint a picture of your complete article and then put that into words.  Let’s say we have gathered some relevant articles and taken various parts from each one and now want to create a new article using that research.  We have to read through all that content, digest and understand that content and then finally put fingers to keyboard and try and produce our OWN masterpeice.  It’s not easy and can suck up lots of time.

My Tried And Tested Solution

A few years ago I saw that article writing was a huge problem for marketers.  I only had to read posts made on marketing forums to see that.  This led me to come up with a very simple technique that allowed me to write or rewrite articles very quickly and more impressively… with very little thinking.

It dawned on me that by removing the headache of reading, digesting and writing a WHOLE article, it was far quicker and easier to break this process down into baby steps.  Although people struggle to write complete articles and can often waste hours on one article, it was far easier and quicker to break an article down into individual sentences and then rewrite each sentence in your own words.

The Result…

A complete article that reads perfectly and is 100% unique to the search engines.  Better still, it only took me 15-20 minutes to complete this process.

The Baby Steps Technique

I found that an average 500 word article contained roughly 22 sentences… so all I had to do was rewrite those 22 sentences in my own words and then put them together to make a unique article.  No spinning involved.  Just a new article that was structured differently to the original content whether that was an existing article of your or PLR etc.

Let’s Look At A few Examples

Original Sentence…

There are thousands of internet marketers all over the world that run full time businesses online.

An example rewrite of this might be…

You will find a huge number of online marketers around the globe that manage and run successful businesses on the internet.


In just about every country you will find a ton of internet marketers that earn a full time living online.

You will notice that those sentences basically mean the same thing.. they are just written in a different way and each have a unique “structure”.

Let’s Look At A Sentence That May Follow That

Original Sentence…

It is because there is so much earning potential online due to the growth of wordwide web users.

An example rewrite of this might be…

This is down to the growing number of internet users around the world which makes it much easier for internet marketers to make money.


It is because the web is growing at an incredible rate creating more opportunities to earn an income.

Focusing On ONE Sentence At A Time

Using this article writing technique you only need to focus on one sentence at a time.  You don’t need to think about the bigger picture or overal theme of the article.

Simplifying The Process With Software

I soon realised this process of producing quality unique written content was effective so I decided to have some software developed that made this technique even easier… and much quicker.

Introducing Easy Article Rewriter Pro

The primary purpose of this Windows desktop software was to make it simple to implement my “Baby Steps” rewriting technique.  The software literally walks you through the whole process… taking you through each sentence and then at the end collates your rewritten sentences and presents you with your article.  You can then save you article and do with it what you wish.

The software even let’s you know how “Similar” your rewritten sentence is to the original as you are typing (LIVE).  It’s as simple as “write” and “click / tab”.

It Gets Better

I decided it would be awesome to integrate some LSI features enabling users to track the useage of words and keywords.  This helps to produce articles and posts that RANK higher in Google.  In my own biased oppinion I believe my Easy Article Rewriter Pro software offers the best LSI tracking functionality offered in any article writing software.

48hr Special Discount On Easy Article Rewriter Pro

If you struggle to write content yourself and find yourself staring at the screen then I would like to give you an opportunity to get a copy of my article rewriting software for a super low discounted price.  The truth is, this concept works and it works well.  It can turn non-writers into writers overnight… and with the built-in LSI features you can quickly “strengthen” your articles and get them ranking above your competitors content.

No matter what the subject or niche is, Easy Article Rewriter Pro will allow you to quickly create high quality articles that you can publish on any site.

If you want to take advantage of this offer or simply want to check out the software, click on the button below…

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I hope you have enjoyed my blog post and that it has given you a few ideas on how to make your article writing an easier and more enjoyable process.

Until next time

Andy Black


  1. SeoLogico says:

    Very good advice. I’ll test the way you suggest as soon as possible to write a new and original article for may seo blog. Thank You very much.

    Andy Reply:

    Great! Let me know how you get on 🙂

  2. Hi there… is $47 the discounted price, or did I miss it? Thanks 🙂

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Sharolyn, $47 is the full price. the offer ended after the timer hit zero.