Digi Traffic Generator Software [Review And Bonus]

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Hi Guys,

I mentioned in some of my recent emails and blog posts about a new link building software tool that is being launched tomorrow (10am Tuesday 13th November ’12).

It’s called Digi Traffic Generator and it is by Andy Fletcher.  It is one of the simplest tools I’ve seen for creating accounts, posting content and building links.

I have managed to get hold of a copy so that I can give you a sneak peak inside before it goes live tomorrow.

Watch My Video Review Below

Exclusive Bonuses

Anyone who buys Digi Traffic Generator via my link tomorrow will get the following software / training package from me…

Deep Link Extractor

I sell this software on my site fo $17.  This tool will crawl your money site and extract all the inner page URLs enabling you to use Digi Traffic Generator to build lots of inner page links.

Syntax Generator

A simple but useful software tool that I have just developed this morning.  It allows you to import your a list of URLs and then automatically create the required spin syntax with a single click of your mouse.  A huge time saver.

PDF Report

A short, simple PDF report that will illustrate a simple but effective way in which to use Digi Traffic Generator along with my bonus software tools in order to buil Google friendly backlinks.

If I get chance I will maybe add one or two short videos too.

How Much Does Digi Traffic Generator Cost?

Ok, generally speaking the software is a subscription based software tool… However, if you’re quick tomorrow you will be able to download the software and grab a 30 day trial license for just $5.  That’s just 16 cents per day and in return you can use the software to build as many links as you want to as many sites or URLs as you want.

If within this 30 days you feel that the software isn’t for you then you can simple cancel your subscription.  In the meantime though you can use it to distribute content and backlinks for a few dollars so it’s a win win deal.

Keep and eye out for my email tomorrow when this new software goes live… Be quick though to get your trial at the lowest possible price!

To your success!

Andy Black


  1. Colin Jeffrey says:

    Andy this looks and sounds a clever bit if kit. This bonus your offering sounds good too. Colin Jeffrey

  2. Geelong websites says:

    $5 for 30 day trial, how much is it after the 30 day trial?

    Andy Reply:

    After the 30 days it will be $19.95 per month. You have a full 30 days use though before deciding.

  3. Simon says:

    Thanks for letting my subscribers share your awesome bonus mate

    Andy Reply:

    You’re welcome Simon 🙂

  4. Len says:

    Sounds ok, but I don’t think I can afford the monthly fee. I always love what you offer us Andy.

    Andy Reply:

    I appreciate what you are saying Len. The ood thing is that for around $5 you are able to use the software for a full month to implement a link building strategy. If it doesn’t work out then mark your calendar and cancel the subscription if it isn’t for you. No risk risk apart from the small trial fee.

  5. Peter says:

    Hi Andy,

    I have to say that this looks interesting! It seems like a much simpler and cheaper version of senukex.

    Do you use your own email address or does the software provide these? Does it auto confirm accounts?

    Great bonuses too!


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Peter, you just enter an email address and the password. The software does the rest!

    I’ve just finished putting the bonus package together. Two software tools, 8 page PDF report and 3 videos.


  6. Tim Parker says:

    Andy bought using your link. Do you need a copy of the receipt for the bonuses?

    Andy Reply:

    Thanks Tim. If you can send it to info {a} andyblackseo com

    I’m just sorting the bonuses out now and uploading them to my server so will be sending out an access page URL shortly.

  7. Steve Smith says:

    Hi Andy,

    I just purchased. May I have the bonus please. Transaction ID: 7TE34799R2572220X

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Steve, thanks. Please see my reply to Tim. I’ll have the bonuses ready in a jiffy.