Fiverr Case Study – Part 2

success-royalty-freeThis morning I wanted to update you guys on my Fiverr case study that I started on 6th November, exactly 20 days ago.  I’ll quickly re-cap the case study here to refresh your memory…

At the start of my SEO Case Study my site ranked solidly in 20th place in Google for my chosen keyword.

6th November:  Ordered a Fiverr Gigg that built me 15 backlinks on PR9 sites.  I provided a list of 15 anchor text and also 15 unique snippets of content.  Literally about two sentences… so very thin content.  I paid an additional $5 to get those 15 links bookmarked at a number of bookmarking sites.

10th November:  I checked my ranking and my site had jumped from 20th place up to 17th place (an increase of 3 places).

20th November:  My site was ranked 13th place in Google with a total increase of 7 places in under 2 weeks due to these 15 links and 2nd tier bookmarks.

NEW UPDATE (27th November ’13)

A couple of days ago I checked the ranking again and noticed that my site had disappeared from the first few pages of Google.  I only checked the first 5 pages and didn’t see my site.  When this happens it is usually down to either on of two things.  It means my site has either been penalised in some way… or it means that Google is analyzing the activiy / backlinks for my site (which can be a good thing).  I waited a couple of days to see if the site was going to bounce back.

I checked this morning from different browsers / locations and had my support manager check from overseas and my site has now re-appeared and is ranked 5th place on page 1 of Google for my keyword.

There has been no other link building, SEO or social activity for this particular site other than those 15 links and 2nd tier bookmarks.  I put a large part of this ranking success with minimal effort down to choosing the right anchor text.  I cover this “anchor text” technique in my FREE report which you can grab HERE if you haven’t yet got a copy.

I would highly recommend using a UNIQUE peice of textual content to place with EACH backlink too.  I do this by writing three different snippet of content and then manually spinning each peice and then combining those three peices.  That takes me about 7-10 minutes at the most and all I do then is click a button to generate a unique version which I then add to a text document below a choice of anchor text.  Then repeat X number of times to coincide with the number of links you are ordering.

More Case Studies Underway Shortly

Unfortunately I couldn’t share screenshots for this case study as it is one of my sites that I need to protect.  However, I am going to be running more shortly including “Youtube” videos.  Some of these I will be able to document so you can see the whole process and the results over time.

Watch this space!

Tomorrows Blog Post: Writing Articles And Creating Content

I’m hoping to put together a cool post tomorrow about writing articles for your sites.  This is something that lots of marketers struggle with and an area that I have lots of experience in.

I’m going to be sharing some great tips that will help you with this so keep your eyes peeled for my next email tomorrow (or simply come back to my blog).

Until then

Andy Black



  1. sue says:

    care to share the fiverr gig 🙂

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Sue, I think it would defeat the object it I shared the gig with a large number of people. However, as I mentioned in a reply to another comment on this page… all you have to do is find gigs that don’t “appear” to over deliver. Look for a small number of links, bookmarks or shares. It’s a gradual process. For example you could order one gig of 5-15 links. Then get those links bookmarked with another gig. Then a week or two later choose another similar gig with different links and repeat.

    Remember, the key here is to use unique text (even if you can only include a little) and your anchor text. Read my report “Anchor Text Rankings” which I offer for FREE and that will explain my method of choosing the right anchor text to use.

  2. Paul says:

    Simply incredible….no more comments..if you want to learn seo stuffs then Andy is the way forward, this guy knows this thing.

    Andy Reply:

    Thanks Paul!

  3. Donna White says:

    I am glad that you are keeping us posted on how this is working for you.
    If you use Fiverr the right way, it can really help. But sometimes we aren’t sure of what is the right way. 🙂

    Thanks for clearing it up!

    Donna 🙂

    Andy Reply:

    Hey Donna, thanks for leaving a comment. I’ll keep an eye on this particular ranking and see how it holds out. Got more lined up.

    In this era of internet marketing and SEO it is all about testing. So much has changed and unless we isolate and test it’s hard to know what offers any real benefit and what doesn’t. I’ll do my best to share my findings with my readers and subscribers.

  4. dean says:

    So whats the keyword?

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Dean, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately with this particular I can’t share the keyword or site. It’s because it’s not a test site as such. I am normally transparent when I share case studies but some in the past have been sabotaged.

    However, I am lining others up and I will be recording progress as I go along. I’ll be able to share my results openly so you guys can see what is working and what isn’t for me. Then you can take from it what you wish.

  5. CJ Boston says:

    Just About To ask that

  6. CJ Boston says:

    Just about to ask about the gig myself

    Andy Reply:

    Hi CJ, thanks for commenting. I don’t really want to reveal the specific gig I have used as I don’t want it to be saturated with hundreds.. potentially thousands of people / orders (although I’m sure the vendor would love that). I’m lining up a number of tests and cases studiesusing this gig and some others which I will be documenting so by sharing the gig it will hinder that and also defeat the object of what this is all about.

    The gig I chose was simply an example. There are a ton of suitable gigs out there. Simply choose one that focuses on a smaller number of links or shares etc.

  7. david says:

    Please continue tracking, page 1 will not be the end.

    Andy Reply:

    Yes, I will do for sure. This morning it has moved up to 4th place.

  8. Paul says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for doing a case study on using Fiverr gigg. You mentioned you ordered a Fiverr Gigg that built 15 backlinks on PR9 sites. May I know what type of backlinking methods (blog commenting, private blog network, etc…) is implemented on those PR9 sites?

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Paul, yes of course. These believe it or not were all “profile” type pages. Each one setup with a peice of unique text that is relevant to my target keyword. I haven’t looked at all of the pages that were built but they are simple “thin” type pages but the links are working.

    Although I have isolated this test I would of course recommend mixng it up and building a diverse range of links (slowly). Create and submit videos, guest blog posts etc. The point of this case study was to see if these low cost links were effective and they were.

  9. Jillian P says:

    Thanks for the Free Report, no opt-in either! 🙂
    Interesting reading, what about the core keyword, for instance SEO software? Would you say that amount of anchor text means you are unlikely to ever rank for that specific keyword?
    But you can take on, and rank for, a few smaller searches this way?

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Jillian, thanks for your comment. To rank for that core keyword would be hard… or should I say that it would take quite a long time. However, to rank for slightly longer tailed versions of that keyword… which I like to refer to as an extended keyword, it is much easier. You just need to get the balance right.

  10. Soorya says:

    Andy thanks for the info. IF you ever need a quick editor….. Lot’s of misspellings above. We all need editors.

    Andy Reply:

    Thanks for your comment. To be honest, I was super rushed getting that blog post out. It was a case of rushing and posting an update on the case study.. or just leaving it. So I opted to just write and publish. I see your point though 🙂