Ideas On How To Use Rocket Video Maker

In my last blog post I told you about a new video creation software tool called “Rocket Video Maker”.  Well, today I wanted to share a couple of ideas on how you can use the software to drive traffic, generate affiliate sales and even increase the ranking of your websites.

Example Video: Weigh Loss Product

The video above literally took two minutes to create from scratch.  The images were collated from within the software making it a breeze to create and render.

The example above was just a very brief video to illustrate the kind of video you can produce for affiliate products.  Whether you sell your own products, via Amazon or any other website or platform.. videos like the one above can attract attention and generate sales.

For example, you can include:

  • Facts about a product
  • Benefits that a product offers
  • Pricing information

After creating each video you can publish them to your blog posts and upload them to Youtube.  Youtube is the worlds 2nd largest search engine so by properly optimizing each video you are almost guaranteed traffic via your affiliate links.

Example Video: Website Introduction

If you own a number of sites then adding a short, snappy “welcome” video to the homepage (or other pages) can have a number of benefits.

Firstly, you can share snippets of information about what your site offers and tell your visitors a little bit about yourself.  Another benefit to embedding a “welcome” video is you can emphazize your opt-in forms to enable you to build your mailing list.  It’s all down to how creative you can get.


One of the best advantages to including short welcome or intro videos to your sites homepage or inner pages is to reduce the bounce rate and keep your visitors on your site for longer.  If you upload to Youtube, embed the video on your site and set it to autoplay the video will automatically play as each visitor lands on your site.  If the video is only 30 seconds long your visitors are likely to engage and see the video through to the end.  The longer that you can keep your visitors on your site the more likely your Google rankings will increase.

With the Rocket Video Maker software you can also provide information on services that you offer.  There is no limit to the number of messages and images you can include in your videos so you can share lots of information to your audience.


One of the best features of Rocket Video Maker is that is canfind images for you in seconds.  Simply enter a keyword and the software will present you with an almost limitless selection of images to choose from.  One of the questions I have been asked a number of times is “how to find royalty free / creativ commons” images to safeguard from any potential legal issues.  Well, there is a solution!

The software allows you to enter ANY website which is then stored for future use.  Simply enter in a royalty free stock photo website and the software will then scour that site for images based on your keyword.  It really is a neat feature.

If you haven’t yet got a copy of Rocket Video Maker then you can get one by clicking the button below…

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Exclusive Bonus

Those that grab a copy via the button above will also get an exclusive custom theme for the software that is only available through me… and also a pack of high quality royalty free background music tracks (MP3).  They have been uploaded and are ready for you instantly upon purchase.

Rocket Video Maker is a desktop software tool you will find yourself using again and again.  If used efficiently you will see an increase in traffic and sales in no time.

If you want to watchmy FULL software demo and overview then you can do that HERE.


Andy Black

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