Is Fiverr Any Good For SEO?

seoToday I wanted to let you know about a little bit of “SEO” progress I have made by using… yes you better believe it… “Fiverr”.

Generally speaking you only have to view a number of SEO gigs on Fiverr to realise that most of them will either A) Offer zero benefits or B) Raise some red flags.  However, when you know what to look for and offer specific instructions some of those “budget” services can help with your rankings.

My Little “Fiverr” Experiment

About 2 weeks ago on November 6th I ordered a gig on Fiverr.  It didn’t take me too long to find what I was looking for, and that was a gig that manually built me a small amount of backlinks.  The problem with many SEO Fiverr gigs is that they go overboard with what they offer and as a result “offer no benefits”.  Getting 500 backlinks blasted to your site is backward thinking when you consider SEO in 2013.  So, what I did was find a gig where the seller built a small number of links.  In this case it was 15 links on sites where the domain is a PR9.

Before I placed my $5 order I contacted the seller and asked a couple of questions.  These were…

  1. Can I provide a list of anchor text for you to use for EACH link?
  2. Can I provide you with short, unique descriptions which would be posted with some of these links?

The seller promptly responded and confirmed so I wrote a few short descriptions, spun them manually using “The Best Spinner”… generated 15 unique versions and sent them to the seller along with a list of 15 anchor texts.

There were a few additional “options” for an extra fee.  I decided to take him up on one of these and this was to bookmark each of these new links / URLs to a decent number of popular bookmarking sites.  That was an additional $5 bringing the total spend up to $10.

The keyword I was targeting was consistantly ranked 20th place in Google throughout the last few weeks when I had periodically checked it.  The day after ordering my gig I had a notification from Fiverr saying that my links were built and the list of links were uploaded to Fiverr for me to see.

The following day I received another notification letting me know that the bookmarking process was also now complete.

Wait For Results

I waited about 4 days before checking my ranking again.  My site had moved from 20th place up to 17th place.  I put this slight increase in ranking down to these new links but decided to leave it a while longer.  I checked the ranking position yesterday and the site has risen up to 13th place.  That is a ranking increase of 7 places in 13 days and the ONLY “SEO work” or activity recently was these 15 links from Fiverr.


If you know what you are looking for you can find some beneficial “SEO” services on Fiverr.  This is outsourcing at it’s cheapest and if you want to grow your business and free up your time to actually “grow” your business rather than carrying out these little mundane tasks then at some point you need to start outsourcing… even if it isn’t Fiverr.  This was only used as a example.

Not everyone starting out with internet marketing has a budget to work with.  At the very beginning most people do everything themselves and that is what I would recommend.  The reason why I recommend it is because that way you will LEARN each and every step. This is what makes you an internet marketer.  Once you understand each step and know what works you can then outsource some of these tasks which then allows you to spend more time on the aspects of your business that will actually make a big difference.  You never see a managing director or “CEO” cleaning the toilets or washing dishes in the canteen.  That’s because his skill set is best servered somewhere else.  Don’t make the mistake of being the boss, secretary and janitor within your business!

What To Look Out For

If you haven’t yet dabbled with then here are a few simple tips to help set you on the right path.

With regards to SEO look for the smaller gigs.  Forget about the “I will blast 30,000 links at your site in 24hrs” type gigs.  When it comes to SEO sometimes “less is more”.  Look for gigs that are built manually and that offer only a FEW links… or a FEW shares.

Check a sellers rating.  What are other buyers saying about their gig?  Read the user comments and feedback.

How many orders does the seller have in the queue for the service you require? Don’t be put off if you see a high number.  A queue means that others also find the gig valuable.  Some of these could also be returning customers.  Here’s another way of thinking of it… Would you rather eat in a restaurant that was busy and vibrant, or eat in one that was empty?  If it’s busy it means they likely do “nice” food.  The same applies with Fiverr.

More Experiments To Come

I have more “Fiverr” experiments lined up so watch this space.  I’ll be testing out some of these services to rank Youtube videos so I’ll be sharing these experiences shortly.

If you have a small budget to play with then do the same.  We get to where we want to be in life by testing, testing and testing some more.  If something doesn’t work, that time or money isn’t necessarily wasted.  It just means that you know it “doesn’t work” allowing you to tweak and move forward in a slightly different direction.

Final Word

Remember, Fiverr Gigs are similar to using automation software.  If you use it wrong it will yield little to no benefits whilst if applied correctly you can get some benefit from them.  I’m sure that if I gave the seller a bad list of anchor text then I wouldn’t have seen any increase whatsoever.  The key is in the data, information and instructions you provide them.  All they are doing is taking your mini strategy and doing the donkey work for you in building the links.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Until next time

Andy Black



  1. Nigel says:

    Hi Andy,
    Yep, how right you are – great survey and test there! I’m also very careful with Fiverr and used a 5$ gig to send some comments, views and subscribers to my YT channel video, 300 to be exact! Unfortunatly they made a mistake with the URL which I sent them. Anyway, after mails going back and forth the person noticed that the problem was on their side and appologised to me nicely, as a bonus they gave me 5000 views, comments and subscribers which on the one side was very considerate of them, but on the other I lost my ranking, got the video negatively flagged down and caused suspision with my real traffic! Thats life eh! 🙂 Gotta be careful mate 🙂

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Nigel,

    Exactly. Often, too many links, shares, views etc hinders rankings rather than helps it. It’s like having too much ice cream… it will make you feel sickly whilst a modest amount hits the sweet spot. I’m loving my analogies at the minute as you might have guessed 🙂

  2. Sascha says:

    So everyone is waiting for a link to the fiverr gig now… 😉

  3. Mark says:

    Really helpful info on Fiver. I have used it myself, sometimes not knowing how effective my purchased gigs have been, or which ones to buy in the future.

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Mark,

    It’s all about running little tests and isolating it. If the results are in anyway positive you know that you can include them as part of your SEO campaign. As I metioned in my blog post, buy modest gigs so your SEO efforts look organic. Building links needs to corrolate with the traffic your site gets. The more traffic your site gets, the more “links” you are safe to build.

  4. Jeff Gilden says:

    Great post! We use Fiverr sometimes for video links but will try smaller stuff for our websites!

  5. Valerie says:

    I found someone on fiverr last summer. We did a bunch of gigs to span the work over a few months and moved my site to position 6 on page one of a competitive web hosting keyword phrase.

    Overall I *love* fiverr. Logos, sketches, SEO reports, etc., thrilled with about 90% of it.

    When I find a new vendor with a great gig that does fabulous work I’m always torn with whether to share the wealth. I *do* want them to get more work, but no much that I have to wait week for my gigs. (my favorite logo designer, at my urging, offered a $10 addition to get the logo in 3 days… I’m more than happy to pay)

  6. Daryl says:

    Great post Andy. I have never used Fiverr before but will look into this more closely.

  7. Paul says:

    Hi Andy

    Interesting post, i have had some experience with fiverr seo gigs in the past, though the result of that gig has sent my video to the bottom less pit which is owned by google. At least now there is something to look out for when ordering for gigs on fiverr.


  8. kirt says:

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the tip.

    Do the pr9 sites have to relevant to your site to give your site a boost?


    Andy Reply:

    Hi Kirt, thanks for leaving a comment.

    No they don’t. Obviously a PR9 site that was themed around the same niche as yours would be so much better but the important aspect is that the content on the page needs to be the same niche. So for example, you wouldn’t have a “dog training” page linking to a “weight training” site.

    I’ve actually seen a “huge” overnight ranking improvement for my Fiverr case study so I’m going to write another blog post now.

  9. Thank you for your very informative professional service
    You are freely disseminating quality information that others charge for!