Social Signal Tracker Software Review [Plus Bonus]


Hi Guys,

It’s common knowledge that social signals and “social engagement” is starting to play a more prominent role in terms of rankings websites.  When people are talking about or linking to your content from their social accounts it puts your websites and pages on the “map”.  It draws attention to your content.

Google Authorship

Heard of Google Authorship?  Well, Google Authorship is where you “claim” content as yours using a short html tag that links back to your Google+account.  What this does is “associate” all your content and activity to you as “an author”.  Google are steering in this direction because they want to look closely at the authors who are “producing” content rather than just the content itself.  It allows them to see the bigger picture and find out more about the person behing the content.

So, GoogleAuthorship + Social Signals = Increased Rankings!

My New Keyword Analysis Tool [Bonus When You Buy Social Signal Tracker]

I have just developed a cool little software tool that allows you to quickly identify which of the top 10 results (for “ANY” keyword) have been claimed by an “author” and more imporantly, whether the site itself has been claimed by the author (ownership – linked to from their Google Plus account and verified).

This new software tool will enable you to see which keywords have little or no “competition” with regards to Google Authorship.  If none of the top 10 results have “Google Authorship” status then that keword will be wide open for you to jump in and target.

Watch my video below to learn a little about Google Authorship and to see the software tool in action….

How To Get A Copy Of  My “Authorship Keyword” Tool This Monday

A brand new keyword analysis software application called “Social Signal Tracker” is being launched this Monday 26th November at 3pm EST.  Unlike any other keyword tool this software extracts all the social signal data for the top 10 results (for any keyword).  It tells you the number of Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Tweets, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc each result has.  On top of that it gives you lots of data on backlinks, domain age, Pagerank and also calculates the level of social activity and tells you how “easy” it would be to rank for that specific keyword.

Anybody who purchases a copy of “Social Signal Tracker” this Monday will get a FREE copy of my “Authorship Keyword” software.  These two tools together will make it extremely easy to unpick keywords and identify whether they will be worth targeting or not.

Social Signal Tracker Software…

Watch My Short Review Video

Want To Learn More About Google Authorship?

About a week ago I recommended a video course by Alex Becker and Alex Cass called SEO Underdog.  This course is still available now and it will shed some light on Google Authorship and also show you how to set this up.  It also covers other link building tactics to re-enforce your author status in order to rank content highly and “quickly”.

If you bought this course on my recommendation or anybody elses then great!  If however you haven’t then you can still grab it for about $11 from HERE.  The main part of it consists of 4 videos and they is very easy to watch and follow.

Grab SEO Underdog Here

Watch the SEO Underdog videos, setup what you need to set up and then get ready to jump on these two software tools this Monday.


Act now and start ranking your sites before everyone else does!

If you have any questions about Google Authorship or my new software tool please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll reply asap.

Have a great weekend…

Andy Black




  1. Andy Young Man: I got to agree with you, I run a small business called Ads for local business that is an online directory and I run it from home.

    I do depend on SEO and have been working with online social platforms to help me get links back to the directory and my clients web pages.

    I’m also getting into WP websites for lients and again I can only see the social signals helpin me and my clients.

    As you know we sort of know each other from the warrior forum, and I back you and your products that you recommend.

    Looking forward to this coming out on monday.

    See you then

    Colin Jeffrey

  2. Phil says:

    Andy, how do you see this being applied to affiliate websites? Presumably it makes sense to link to sites in a similar niche but not all sites.

    What would you recommend? Different Google+ profiles?not.

    Andy Reply:

    Hi Phil, yes relevance is “key” here. If you are in different niches then I would create a seperate Google Plus account for each one. Not just that, but also a Facebook and Twitter account etc.

    You don’t need to go overboard if you have to spread yourself thinnly between a number of accounts or niches. However, each day or so add more “like minded” friends, follow like minded people and make relevant posts. Also, if you start to mix in relevant circles then you will likely pick up some knowledge from these social areas that you could implement into your own sites and content.

    The better “author” profile you have, the more Google can share your content with it’s users directly from the search results. ie – “More from YOUR NAME”. If you are active in your niche then Google will add more weight to your content, sites and web pages.



  3. Wouter says:

    Sounds like a great tool and also in combination with Market Samurai it will be easy to check out cometition.

    Andy Reply:

    Yes, both tools will be a great addition. Social Signal Tracker is great for seeing the social signals for any site along with other key ranking data including backlinks data…. whilst my Authority Keyword tool identifies whether a search result is associated with an author, in which case it might have a lot of weight behind it… depending of that authors “profile”.