Tube Probe Software [REVIEW] Find Relevant Keywords Using Youtube

Hi Guys,

I have managed to get hold of a nifty little software tool called “Tube Probe”.  It is being launched tomorrow for a measly $7.  Super cheap but the price will creep up slightly with each sale once it goes live tomorrow.

I love recommeding software tools to you that are both LOW COST and USEFUL so I decided to create a short video for you that will show you the benefits of the software and the ease at which it can quickly find relevant keywords for you to use.

Not only does it allow you to dig deep into Youtubes keyword tool, it also allows you to quickly identify what keywords people are including in their tags etc in order to rank their videos for their main target keyword.

Make sure you watch the video and read below to find out what BONUS I’m offering to those who grab this tool tomorrow.

Watch my video below to see how simple (and powerful) this tool is:

This software is available from 10am EST tomorrow (Friday 2nd November).  I will send you an email tomorrow as soon as the doors open!  Remember, if you act quickly you can grab this software for just $7.

[SPECIAL BONUS] Mega Graphics Pack

Anyone who purchases Tube Probe via my link tomorrow will get access to a comprehensive graphics pack.  This pack includes ALL kinds of graphics that you can use within your own websites, sales pages, squeeze pages or anything else for that matter.  If you need icons, arrows, headers, video templates etc… they’re all included in this pack.

Keep an eye out for my email at 10am EST tomorrow.

To your success!

Andy Black

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