Clean Up Your Backlink Profile And Then Go After The BEST Links Possible

Google Panda and Penguin

2012 has been a year of turnoil for many webmasters.  First Google Panda, and then Google Penguin… followed by the EMD (exact match domain) update.  The goal posts seem to be forever moving and we as “internet marketers” have to adapt.  We can’t pull the wool over Googles eyes anymore.  It’s all about quality and looking closely at what the “current” successful sites are doing.  The sites that are ranking at the top are doing something right and those are the ones we need to mimick.

You will probably be aware that my latest software tool “SEO Resurrection” was released yesterday.  This new software is so far proving VERY popular and that is because it is the first software tool that helps webmasters recover from Google Panda and Penguin.

Google Disavow Tool

A few weeks ago Google announced it’s Google Disavow Tool.  This new tool allows webmasters (and marketers) to essential REMOVE specific backlinks… or at least make Google IGNORE them.  After the Penguin update was rolled out Google suggested to internet marketers that “we” contact sites that we may have obtained “poor quality” links from andask them to remove them.  Are they “kidding” us right?  I don’t know about you but that is like an impossible mission.  I didn’t even attempt it.

After a “strong” demand by webmasters and complaints of “irrelevant” search results Google recently released their Disavow tool.  This finally gave some power back to us marketers and allowed us to clean up our backlink profile which should… help us revive our websites.  Websites that we thought were dead and buried but once flourished and brought in traffic.

Well, now we have the chance to do something about it and get all those visitors back.

SEO Resurrection

I have included the demonstration video below that explains how the software works and why it is a HUGE time saver when using Googles new Disavow tool.  Before leaving this page though make sure you watch the 2nd video as that reveals a pretty neat tool that can help you replicate the success of the top ranked sites.

SEO Resurrection can help you to clean up your backlinks profile by pinpointing bad backlinks and then “disavowing” those links effectively getting Google to ignore those links and not count them to your backlink profile.

This means you can get rid of:

  • De-indexed backlinks!
  • Spammy blog comments from un-moderated blogs!
  • Weak profile page links!
  • Links from bad neighbourhoods!
  • Links from “questionable” content and sites!
  • Links from unrelevant pages with thin content!

These are the types of links that are getting your sites penalized by Google.  Remove these links and you have a good chance of getting back to where you were.  Google are reaching out with a solution.  All you have to do is take action.  I am wanting to make my software available to everyone and have therefore priced it at under ten dollars.  The software is a Windows application.  Some Mac users have ran it on a Mac using VMFusion or Parallels.

Don’t JUST Clean Up Your Link Profile

For real rankings and online success, cleaning up your backlink profile is just the first step.  Ideally you then want to follow that up with building more links… but this time “quality links”.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been developing a new software tool that would allow me to find my competitors best backlinks.  Backlinks that are helping them rank at the top.  I also wanted to make it super easy to identify their top traffic keywords.  The keywords that are bringing them the most traffic so that I could also decide whether I should be targeting those keywords also.

I’m in the process of adding even more functionality into this software that will make it a ton better.  All buyers will get the newly added features for FREE.

Everyone who purchases SEO Resurrection gets the opportunity to purchase SEO Sleuth.  It was released yesterday (13th December) and has never been released before.  It’s “HOT” property literally!

See How SEO Sleuth Can Expose Your Competitors Secrets

Both of these software tools will be taken off sale on Friday 21st December ’12 and the offer will end.  At this stage I do not know when they will be made available again.

If you want to take advantage of Googles Disavow Tool and SEO Resurrection then act quickly before it is too late.

Grab SEO Resurrection Here


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